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Do you dread essay writing?

Do you require some tips to write an outstanding essay and have fun doing it? Essay writing is a daunting assignment that demands a lot of research, structuring, and time.

Essay writing might come naturally to some, but most people must learn the skills. It would be better to practice for you to perfect the skills.

Essay thesis

There are various essay types, including argumentative, persuasive, expository, comparative, among others. The main aspects to consider in essay writing are thesis, essay type, and audience. By far, the crucial one is writing a thesis statement, which is the crux of your essay.

Your thesis forms the central point of your essay. Although an article can stray and get into related refractions, it always ends with the core concept in the paper.

The best approach is to include your thesis in the introduction and reiterate it throughout your paper. The body of your essay should support your idea using empirical evidence, rational presumptions, and testimonials.

The purpose of essay writing

Before writing an outstanding essay, it is essential to understand what dissertations are intended to test. When you comprehend the purpose of essay writing, you will know important points to include in your paper.

Regardless of academic level, essays are meant to test the following things:

  • Knowledge – essays help you consolidate what you have learned and read, making them an essential part of your learning process
  • Understanding – thesis writing tests your ability to explain and make sense of concepts and issues. Your capacity to understand a question and give a considered response
  • Research skills – dissertations evaluate your skills to absorb and summarize information from different sources. You cover a lot of material within a short period, knowing which materials are relevant.
  • Essays are meant to showcase your time management and written English skills.

 Tips for writing an excellent essay

Essays offer you a chance to showcase your academic flair and demonstrate your original thinking. The following are some tips to help you write an outstanding essay:

Understand the question 

Your essay is a response to a specific question. You must understand the question to know what is expected of you.

Start by highlighting the keywords. Are you being asked to evaluate, explain, compare or contrast a concept? Such are common terms used in essay questions, and each keyword has a different set of expectations.

It would help to point out the subject’s scope and key concepts specific to the task. The wording of an essay question will help you know how to title an essay and how it should be written. It will determine the focus of your article as you research and write.

Proper planning and schedule

In essay writing, it is essential to make use of available time. Never underestimate the workload involved in writing a good essay. Failure to plan will result in spending late nights as you try to catch up with deadlines and might lead to disappointing grades.

Plan your time the moment you receive the task. You can set your deadline and be committed to sticking to it. This way, you will avoid being left with much work at the last minute.

Your schedule should include the main aspects of essay writing. Remember to leave some period between concluding your first draft and proofreading your thesis. The reason being, you might need to make some corrections on your draft before handing in your final paper.

Conduct an extensive research

Researching your essay topic is as essential as writing it. Before beginning to write your dissertation, you should conduct extensive research for relevant literature. One of the academic skills essay writing tests is your ability to sieve through many data.

You should know which information is relevant to your essay topic. Use several essay titles examples to search for data related to your subject. When you find an article that seems promising, peruse through its abstract to make sure it is appropriate.

If you do not get convincing information in the abstract, skip to the conclusion since it summarizes the paper. It will help you not waste time reading entire articles only to find that they do not contain pertinent information.

You should not heavily rely on one or a few articles. It will show that you have not engaged in the wider literature. Where possible, avoid using coursebooks since they are sum-ups of other people’s work.

Create an outline 

An essay outline helps you to include all your ideas and thoughts in the paper. Outlining helps you to organize and define your topics and subtopics. It also helps with the flow of your essay as you get to put your ideas in a logical order.

A typical descriptive essay outline consists of three main aspects: introduction, body, and conclusion. The main part of the introduction is the first sentence and thesis statement.

Your essay body carries the ideas. When outlining, these ideas form subtopics, and you should leave spaces under each subtopic to list smaller thoughts to support the main idea. A skeleton outline will allow you to organize your essay.

Use clear structure

When writing an outstanding essay, you need to provide an articulate debate of both sides of the story. You should develop a balanced argument with a conclusion that considers the evidence in your essay.

How you present your argument is crucial, reason as to why your essay should follow a logical structure. A clear layout ensures that your thesis stays focused and does not divert from the essay question.

Different parts of your essay should fit together as a cohesive whole with a smooth transition from one idea to the next. The essence is to tell your reader how every argument contributes to the main concept you are discussing.

Be critical

There are no perfect academic approaches or theories. The majority of studies and theories have flaws. Your role in essay writing is to show that you can leverage critical thinking. You can argue out a limitation of philosophies, and they have been handled in the literature.

Critical reasoning will make it easy to stand out since you are not repeating what you have been taught but engaging with concepts academically. You can approach a topic from another angle, making it feel original.

Another way of being critical is to develop a different supposition other than what you have been debating in class. When you offer a critique of other works, your essay becomes more interesting.

Proofread your work

Proofreading is more than a spell check. It involves checking your essay structure and ensuring that you have used the correct format. Read and reread your essay to make sure that sentences are practical and paragraphs flow smoothly.

You should edit your paper in terms of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. You can change some vocabulary to improve expressions and remove irrelevant sections. It is advisable to have another person read through your paper.

Ensure that you use a font that is easy to read. You do not want to make your reader struggle to read through your paper.

Cite sources in your essay

Use full academic in-text citations and provide a bibliography at the end of your essay. It will make your work look scholarly and shows you conducted intensive research.

It is essential to provide evidence when you make a statement of work presented by others. In turn, you avoid plagiarism. It is advisable only to quote when necessary; otherwise, paraphrasing makes your essay have a good flow.

Wrapping up

An academic essay presents you an opportunity to develop an idea and argue it out using evidence and analysis of information from your research. When you understand what essays are meant to test, you will have it easy to formulate your thesis.

You must write an outstanding essay for you to get good grades. Honing your essay writing with these tips in mind can help you relay your concepts to your reader.




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