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Banking services can be more fascinating and understandable for your customers when it includes some understanding videos and explains every assistance through which the journey of a customer can become more exciting and positive. Using an explainer video, especially animation video can be an incredible experience for communication between your financial services and customers.

Animation explainer videos can help people to understand essential and complex information handily without putting much extra effort and time into it. It’s high time to use explainer videos for explaining banking terms and introducing them to connect with your consumers.

Instead of mailing bank offer details and policies, you can instead provide a simple one-minute explainer video to clear all the doubts and queries about financial policies and procedures.

In this article, we are going to talk about all the financial advantages you can take from an explainer video to prioritize your best service and creating some beneficial content for your customers.

Customer engagement

No doubt explainer videos, especially animated explainer videos drive customer’s attention as it reminds us our younger selves. Lovely and colorful backgrounds and funny characters of animated videos help the bank to make a cheerful environment through which you can take your bank to stand out from the competition. It allows banks to transfer information in a very creative manner that makes people know about financial and commercial services.

Simply amazing!

Explainer video flows through different scenes and hence makes remarkable interaction with the audience. Your customers will be able to understand the key concepts of banking if you present everything in a funny way.

Banks can also try to go with storytelling through which you can get closer and friendly to your customer. It would be a great idea if you add motion graphics in your explainer video to focus upon the key points of your message.

The art of gamification

You can use animation to gamify your customers by adding some fun and entertainment to their financial experience. It is the art of completing all the complex processes of banking just like a game that eventually turns it into a game-like experience. Many financial services use this technique to reach their desired results. Your organization can also try the same for the best outcomes.

To market a financial product

Do you also want to advertise your financial products in a distinctive manner? If yes, then a short animated explainer video is the most accurate answer to this question. Even within 60 seconds, you can picture the main idea behind your product through an animated explainer video. You can demonstrate the features and benefits of your product through it. Apart from this, a working process can be picturized through an animated explainer video. 

No need to send newsletters, you can simply embed your animated explainer video on your bank’s website and mobile app to show your audience how your branch works.

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It acts as a helpdesk

People have so many questions regarding bank facilities and services. They want to know about their account, how they have to fill in major details, how to do KYC, and many more. Most of them take so much time when people go to read a pack of papers having big terminologies regarding them.

Here an explainer video can play a very vital role to answer each and every frequently asked question they wanted to know. In simple words, a FAQ video will work best to save time and money.

It builds a trust

Explainer videos build trust in your customer’s minds about the company. When you explain your policies and services through explainer videos in a crystal clear explanation leaving no doubts, people would surely try to take services from you as you’ve build trust and have gained loyalty in their senses.

It explains your bank’s mission

Explainer videos let people know about your mission, objectives, and ideas. Your Bank can be presented through a short animated video to tell people about where it stands and what are its achievements. You can share that explanatory video on your social media handles and embed it somewhere on your website.

BFSI fundamentals

BFSI explainer video clips can assistance discuss fundamental BFSI offerings such as ways to open up an account, production withdrawals, production insurance coverage declares, and so on. For example, in this BFSI explainer video clip for ICICI Prudential, we plainly communicated the ‘Immediate payment on diagnosis’ message in a crisp and remove design.

We dealt with the understanding that many people really felt that obtaining files with each other to obtain an insurance claim authorized was time taking in and difficult. So, we just revealed to people that the declared payment would certainly occur after medical diagnosis – no comprehensive documents required!

Item explainer video clip

Item explainer video clips can likewise communicate essential advantages and important info of new monetary offerings in an easy, and efficient way! This BFSI explainer video clip for ICICI Lombard utilizes humor and an appealing story to plainly display the advantages of their ‘Garage Cash’ item.

We produced a collection of video clips for a number of the company’s items utilizing the exact same household of characters while preserving a funny storyline. These BFSI explainer video clips were utilized on touchdown web pages, on the site, in email projects, and throughout social networks.

The distributor’s direct

Guaranteeing a precise and standard stream of info with a network of suppliers is incredibly essential for each BFSI business. Producing educating explainer video clips can make your sales groups and suppliers more efficient since they can currently keep essential info more quickly and can accessibility these video clips when they have to revitalize their memories.

This BFSI explainer video clip for Franklin Templeton plainly discusses the essential functions of the new and enhanced SIP item to suppliers. How? By just contrasting a vehicle trip to the nature of the monetary providing!

Application explainer video clips

BFSI companies can effectively enhance application use with BFSI explainer video clips that assist clients to know the advantages and display the benefit of these applications. For example, this application explainer video clip assists clients to know the essential functions of the Zambala Supplies Application and programs them why they ought to download and install it.

The Last words

Explainer videos do save both your time and money to prioritize your goal. Using an explainer video for banking and financial services is an excellent idea as we discussed above.

It gives you a chance to stand apart from all of your competitors by providing you an excellent opportunity for engagement and interaction with your customers. Explainer videos can be a key to success if you follow every guideline attentively. 


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