Top 10 Best WhatsApp Tricks Tips & Hidden Features


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WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the world. It’s like, Every 8 out of 10 smartphone users use WhatsApp on daily basis. However, many of you are unaware of some secret tricks of WhatsApp.

Here is a list of the top 10 WhatsApp tips & tricks you must start using in 2018.

10 Best WhatsApp Tricks & Tips

  • Read messages without letting the sender know.
  • WhatsApp Quote Feature
  • Mark any message as starred and find it later.
  • Save mobile data usage.
  • Lock your WhatsApp with a pin.
  • Use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same phone.
  • Creating shortcuts
  • Change your phone number keeping the account the same.
  • Large red heart icon.
  • Stop your contacts from knowing you read their messages by default.

These 10 features & tricks are mentioned below in detail. Make sure you try them all.

Top 10 WhatsApp Tricks

So let’s find out, what WhatsApp tricks, are actually hidden but are of great use.

1. Read messages without letting the sender know.

Yes, you can read messages from your friends without letting them know about it. This WhatsApp trick is quite handy at times and here are the steps to use this trick:

  • Turn on Airplane mode on your phone
  • Read the messages you want to read.
  • Turn the Airplane mode off.
  • No blue ticks would be shown to the sender.

And you’ll be free from unwanted or disturbing or useless chattings. Isn’t this a great trick to utilize your time, by not wasting it on useless conversations?

2. WhatsApp Quote Feature

Well, now you can quote a message. This method is quite known to many but it still has to be on this list due to the effectiveness of it.

  • With the WhatsApp Quote Feature, you can reply to respective messages.
  • To use this feature you have to press and hold a message.
  • Many options will appear at the top, the corner left arrow is the key to the trick.
  • After pressing it, you can reply to a respective message.

Sometimes, we send 2-3 messages back to back, and each one with a different topic. Which, creates a lot of confusion, for readers. Well, not anymore! You can select the respective message and reply to it with the above feature mentioned.

3. Mark any message as starred and find it later.

This is still a secret WhatsApp trick for many !!!

  • Press and hold the message you want to mark as starred.
  • Among the options listed, press the star option.
  • You can, now find this message by clicking the three vertical dots on the home screen present at the top right corner and then pressing the Starred messages option.

We can’t deny, some messages are too lovely to leave behind. “Star option” gives you, the opportunity to save them, until you want. So, why lose something special. Star it, with the feature above.

 4. Save mobile data usage

Start saving your mobile data with this awesome WhatsApp trick. Using this, you can turn-off auto download images and videos.

  • Most of our data get used, unknowingly through WhatsApp.
  • This happens when people send us a lot of pictures and videos in groups and Inboxes.
  • We can simply stop this by turning off, media auto-download.

Finally, free from unwanted “good morning images” (haha!) Go ahead, save your data.

5. Lock your WhatsApp with a pin

Now don’t let anyone access your Whatsapp messages by adding a lock to them.

  • There are many messages which may be unsuitable to our friends, family, and colleagues.
  • In such a case, we can lock our WhatsApp by using the Lock for WhatsApp app.

The privacy should always be a matter of concern. 😉 moving on….

 6. Use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same phone

A very useful WhatsApp trick is to use 2 or more WhatsApp account on one phone. This way you can make a Whatsapp account for both the SIM on your mobile phone.

This trick is used by many people to keep their family and business WhatsApp account different.

  •  Did you know, that you can keep two different WhatsApp accounts on the same phone?
  •  Yes, you can! Simply by, downloading the parallel space app from the google play store.
  •  You can also make accounts of different apps through parallel space

Multiple accounts, multiple tasking.

7. Creating WhatsApp shortcuts

This is one hidden WhatsApp feature that many of you might never have tried.

  • You can create shortcuts of frequently contacted friends.
  • You just need to press and hold the conversation, you want to make, shortcut.
  • And then select the “Add conversation” shortcut.
  • Your shortcut will be created.

And you, no more, will have to find your favorite chats on WhatsApp, just make the shortcut, and you can find your special chats on your home screen.

 8. Change your phone number keeping the Same Whatsapp account

Are you planning to change your mobile number?? Well, go ahead and don’t worry about losing your WhatsApp account.

Using the following Whatsapp trick you can change the mobile number of your account.

  • If you lost or changed your sim. You need not worry.
  • You can easily change your number in the settings without changing your account.
  • Just right your lost/old number in the first column and your new number in the second one
  • And it’s done, just like that.

9. Large red heart icon on WhatsApp

haha, most of you know this, But many people are not into using such smileys, so this one’s for them.

  • You can use the red heart emoji more effectively by its Expansion.
  • An expanded red heart only appears when you text a single red heart to your friend.
  • Try it with your special people.

Special expressions, for special people. 😉

10. Stop your contacts from knowing you read their messages by default

A simple method to not show your BLUE TICK is to use the following WhatsApp trick.

  • Open your WhatsApp and tap the three vertical dots on the top right of your screen.
  • Now move to Settings < Account < Privacy.
  • Untick Read receipts 

Hope you enjoyed these WhatsApp tricks. We will be coming up with many WhatsApp dare games, riddles and puzzles very soon.


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