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What Should You Choose: DIY Move or Moving With Packers

What Should You Choose DIY Move or Moving With Packers

Many new movers are not aware of the right process of moving. They are excited to move to their new home or new office. So, they forget to take much care about choosing the best method to move.

People can move to their new destination in two ways. They can move on their own or they can hire packers and movers.

Generally, people prefer hiring professional movers over choosing a DIY method. They rely on moving professionals. The moving people possess the best knowledge of relocating customers’ goods to their new destination.

But some people are of the view that a DIY move is better than the movers and packers. They have their own set of reasons to support their point. These people think that it is possible to save a few bucks if you go for a DIY move.

Being a new mover, you might not have the right knowledge of both methods. Here are the pros and cons of both these methods. This will help you judge which one is better among the two.

Pros of DIY Move

Following are the advantages of choosing a DIY move:-


People who want affordable moving services choose the DIY method. They have the option of choosing the right truck themselves.

Apart from that, they can pay separate charges for separate services. Even if they happen to find an affordable moving company, their moving costs will be high.

Pack Your Items Your Way

When you are moving, you can pack in any way. You can use any packing material you want to pack your articles. Obviously, you would like to buy affordable and qualitative packing material for yourself.

Also, you need not pack the odd-sized boxes when you are moving.

Perfect Control on Your Shifting

In the DIY move, you will have good control over the moving process. You can easily choose your packing supplies and moving truck. Also, you will handle your box efficiently.

You can check the boxes yourself for any kind of damage to your boxes. Also, you can start and end the move as per your needs. If the weather is bad, you have the option of postponing your move for some time. People can also control their loading process if they opt for a DIY move.

Cons of DIY Move

Here are the disadvantages of a DIY move:-

Improper Planning

It is impossible to go for perfect planning if you have chosen the DIY move. There are endless things you need to manage. Right from the packing services to loading and unloading, each process needs to be managed perfectly. And it is not possible in the DIY move.

Unexpected Occurrences

There can be many unexpected occurrences in the DIY move. You might get injured or your products might be damaged.

Heavy Lifting

In a DIY move, you will have to lift the heavy items on your own. It is not possible for everyone.

Now, let’s see the pros and cons of hiring packers and movers

Pros of Packers and Movers


The professional movers are licensed and certified. They have a great domain experience that helps them offer the best moving services from their side. You can get efficient and result-oriented services from them.

They are able to face any challenge during the relocation. Plus, they know the best routes and have the best tools with them. Their rich knowledge in this domain is useful for offering the best moving services to you. They offer their services after recognizing your moving needs.

Won’t Need To Handle the Move

If you opt for the packers and movers, you won’t need to manage your relocation process. Also, you shouldn’t be much concerned about handling your relocation.

So, you have spare time to take care of other important tasks.

More Peaceful

Hiring the packers and movers will be extremely beneficial. The reason is that you don’t need to take any stress of your relocation. The packers and movers people are well-versed in their work.

So, they know how to move their goods to other places without any damage. Also, there is minimum risk in moving your boxes to a new destination.

The reason behind it is that these professionals are trained people. They aim to offer you a peaceful relocation in any case. So, they handle your products in the best way.

Cons of Hiring Movers

Like the positives, there are some negatives of hiring the packing and moving people. A few disadvantages of hiring the movers are as follows:-


The packers and movers people are strangers to you. So, it may happen that they might misplace your items. But that only happens when you choose the wrong movers.

The fraud movers befool their customers in one way or the other. They are not concerned about the safety of your goods.

But if you choose reputed movers, you will get a good service.

Less Freedom

You have less freedom to manage your move while choosing the packers and movers. They are the persons who are assigned to do all the work.

If you have chosen the wrong movers, they offer late delivery to your products. Also, they damage the products.

A Costly Affair

Availing of the moving services of packers and movers in Mumbai to Chandigarh would be expensive to you. So, these services can spoil your moving budget.

There are separate charges for each service. Sometimes, the wrong movers quote hidden prices for their services. And you are required to pay these prices. These movers quote their charges randomly. So, these prices are different from other companies.

The wrong movers do not take care of your products. So, these goods are damaged during the move.


Now you know about the benefits of choosing a DIY move or movers and packers. So, you need to decide which one would be more beneficial for you.

Well, if you are on a tight budget, go for self-moving. But if you have a good budget then you should choose a moving agency. After opting for a moving company, you’ll be free from any stress during your move.



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