How to Wash Fancy Clothes?


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Spending too much money on fancy clothes and what if after the first wash you can’t re-wear them? That is a great loss of your money. Fancy clothes are those clothes you can wear to some special events, and these clothes are expensive, so you need to take special care for washing. So, if you are looking for ways to wash your fancy clothes or want to prevent your costly clothes from damage with washing, you can opt for some safe ways.

The one way is to clean your clothes is dry cleaning. Also, read the instructions because it depends on whether thread or glue is used to connect the sequins. Any glues in dry cleaning solutions can melt, or it can affect your clothes’ beauty. Here are some instructions to wash fancy clothes. Have a look!

Instructions to Wash Fancy Clothes

Here are some ways to wash fancy clothes; you can follow these instructions to wash your clothes.

Spot Stain cleaning

You can only clean that spot where a stain shows. You can make a mixture for cleaning by yourself. Add dishwashing liquid and cold water as you need to mix both of them well. Now take the cotton swab and dip in the liquid, then clean the stain with a swab. It is the easiest way to clean your fancy clothes without any loss. If there is an oil stain, then you can dry clean your clothes.

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Freshen Sequined Items

To freshen your pearl or sequined garment, use a fabric freshener spray only inside the garment. You don’t spray the sequined areas because the spray can remove the shine of the sequins.

Hand Wash Sequined Clothes

Hand washing is the best way to clean your expensive clothes. For this type of washing, you can fill water in a tub add gentle detergent in the cold water. After this, mix water and detergent well and soak your clothes in that. Mixture for some time. After soaking, risen all the suds gently, and then dry your clothes.

Machine Wash Sequined Items

  • Choose the moderate cycle and cold water temperature for washing. Fix the spin cycle at the lowest speed; this helps to prevent the damage of sequins.
  • Now add a gentle detergent, which has no bleaching compounds. Also, avoid using fabric softener.
  • Cover the garment completely. Turn the garment inside out while cleaning because it protects the sequins.

Air-Dry Sequined Items

In this washing process, don’t use the dryer, or you never put washed sequined garments or home accessories in an automatic dryer because the sequins or glue could melt.

Tackle Wrinkles

When you iron the clothes from the wrong side, this can cause the sequins or glue to melt. If you want to remove wrinkles, carefully use a cloth steamer, which is better than iron for that type of clothes. Steam on the wrong side can affect the beads glue or keeps the steam at a distance of at least twelve inches away from the fabric.

You may remove wrinkles from sequined clothes by hanging them in a steamy place; it may be your bathroom for 30 minutes before wearing them. Allow the garment to dry completely. Avoid wearing wet clothes if you wear wet clothes that can cause more wrinkles.

Wind Up

You may wash your fancy clothes by yourself or may prefer dry cleaning. If you are not comfortable enough washing clothes by yourself, you can ask for dry cleaning services. Also, you can use many other ways to wash special garments and some methods following the mentioned above instructions.




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