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Initially, when launching a new website, business owners have a limited budget and little understanding of different types of web hosting. Therefore, most online businesses in Singapore opt for Shared Hosting in the first stage, since it is very popular and the cheapest. However, the configurations you receive with it, soon outgrow the limitations resulting in slow website performance. 

So, despite Shared Hosting, the best alternative for Growing Online Businesses is VPS Singapore. A growing business needs superfast speed, high security, 24/7 support, and most importantly scalable resources. The VPS Singapore from Serverwala comes with all these features to ensure smooth website performance. Additionally, VPS Hosting is affordable, so you can accomplish your business goals without burning a hole in your pocket.

Learn more about VPS in Singapore, its benefits and, how it’s better than other web hosting alternatives. 

Know why VPS Singapore is better than other Hosting Alternatives

With tons of web hosting companies offering different plans and prices, it’s difficult to pick one. Rather than changing your plan now and then, it’s better if you choose a scalable hosting plan which could be easily operated for the long term. Below we have explained different types of web hosting in detail. It’ll help you understand why VPS Singapore is a better choice for Growing Businesses. 

Shared Hosting

In Shared Hosting a physical server is accorded to multiple users who share the server resources and space. Each user gets access to a limited share of resources with its performance being influenced by other server users. When one of the neighboring websites experiences heavy traffic, the other websites on the server are slowed down as well. Further, with so many websites, the security risk of the server is also increased. 

This type of hosting is suitable for new websites or entry-level blogs that have limited requirements of resources.  

Dedicated Server

In Dedicated Server, the web host rents out a separate physical server to an individual user. Dedicated Server Hosting provides a wide range of features and diverse server configurations but it comes at a highly expensive price. It is best for big business houses having a huge budget and the need for an independent physical server. 

VPS Singapore

VPS Hosting is ahead of a Shared Server and somewhat similar to a Dedicated Server. Here each user gets an independent virtual server. It is created using virtualization technology where a physical server is divided into several VPS Servers. Each Singapore VPS user gets an individual set of server resources such as RAM, CPU Cores, Disk Drives, etc. 

Further with Cheap VPS Singapore, you get top-grade security, high scalability, and other features of a Dedicated Server without paying the high cost. 

Benefits you will get with VPS Hosting Singapore

Many beginners pick Shared Hosting for their business, however, the benefits you get with VPS Singapore can’t be ignored. Businesses that encounter good traffic or are at the growing stage need a powerful web server. VPS hosting ensures the optimum performance of your website and provides the below-given benefits. 

Complete Control

In Shared Hosting there are tons of users located over a server, so the web host cannot grant the server control to any one of the users. It will risk the server’s security. 

However, similar to a Dedicated Server, Singapore VPS Hosting works independently and has no influence of the neighboring websites. Therefore with VPS Hosting, you can customize the server resources as per your requirements. 

Additionally, you also get the Root Level Access of the server through which you can install additional tools or software for better business management. 

Scalable Resources

Usually, when you host your website over a Shared Server, its performance slows down when the server resources reach their limitations. But with Singapore VPS Hosting you can easily upgrade your server plan when the existing plan reaches the bottom line. Your VPS Host will increase your current RAM, Bandwidth, and Storage Space to ensure your website runs smoothly. For growing businesses, easy scalability is a big advantage and leads to faster growth. 

Improved Performance

If you are using Shared Hosting then your performance will be slowed down if some of the high traffic websites on the server clog up a large share of resources. In Shared Hosting there are hundreds of users so the website performance is affected every now and then. Nevertheless, in VPS Singapore you don’t have to face such issues. You can easily maintain a consistent website performance with your independent virtual server and super fast speed. 

Better Security

When your website is separated from other websites over the server the risk of data security from neighboring accounts is highly minimized. This is a big issue with Shared Hosting, where multiple users share a common IP address. However, with Singapore VPS you will get a separate virtual server with a unique IP address. Further, if you choose a reliable VPS Host like Serverwala you will also get DDoS Attack Prevention, Firewalls, Server Monitoring Tools, etc to protect your confidential data from hackers and spammers. 

Technical Support

While choosing your Singapore VPS Host technical support is one of the most crucial aspects which should never be overlooked. Most popular web hosting companies provide 24/7 Support with VPS Singapore. Technical issues with the server can arise at any time, so if you have effective customer support the problem can be easily reported and resolved. 

Serverwala: The Best Web Host for VPS Singapore

Till now you learned about VPS Hosting and the numerous benefits it offers. Now it’s time to know about the Best Web Host for VPS Singapore, i.e, Serverwala. Though there are multiple web hosting companies in Singapore we have referred to Serverwala as the best because of their excellent support, unbeatable uptime, 24/7 support, and instant server deployment. 

Additionally, Serverwala is a renowned Global Web Host with more than 56 data centers located in different countries. They have handled more than 1 million client requests to date and have won the most prestigious web hosting awards. 

Here are the key components of Serverwala’s Cheap VPS Singapore Plan: 

  • Root Control
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Large RAM
  • SSD Disk Drives
  • Superfast Network Bandwidth
  • Root Control
  • DDoS Protection
  • Customizable Configurations
  • Choice of Linux and Windows Operating System
  • Instant Server Deployment
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Summing Up

If your business is growing or you expect it to grow at a significant pace in the near future you must choose VPS Singapore as your web hosting. Its independent server features and exclusive benefits will ensure the best user experience for your customers. Further, if you do not possess the technical skills you manage your server you can easily opt for Serverwala’s Managed Linux or Windows VPS Singapore. 

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