Top Rated Place to Visit in Thessaloniki


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The second biggest city of Greece is Thessaloniki in central Macedonia. It provides a large town with a warm atmosphere, charming little village, global culture, and liveliness. It is a beautiful place to see true Greece and the hustle and bustle of Athens. Explore the Best Place to Visit in Thessaloniki.

This pleasant town has an effect on different cultures, which has an impact on many civilizations. The excellent food is also an attraction; top-class restaurants, lovely dining places with the great food in the region.

Due to the nice climate and festivals occurring, the ideal time to visit Thessaloniki is from June to mid-October. In Thessaloniki, the maximum temperature in July is 32°C, and in January, 8°C. During this period tourists enjoy themselves a lot!

Get to Thessaloniki with Alaska airlines booking and explore this dynamic city. Thessaloniki has many activities for its guests, from visits to historical places to the nightlife in trendy restaurants. See here all of Thessaloniki’s key attractions in Thessaloniki.

List of Top Rated Place to Visit in Thessaloniki

Roman Rotunda

The Roman Rotundo is the largest historical structure in Thessaloniki. It leaves a wonderful effect on this glorious life. The Rotunda is much better in comparison to Rome’s circular dome design. A Sculpture Museum is housed in the Rotonda and is available to visitors every day.

The White Tower

The White Tower may be reached along with the beautiful views along the promenade. It is the most iconic place in Thessaloniki. This big tower was built by the Ottomans around 1530 and was mostly used as a jail. Travelers may visit the building and climb up the viewing platform, with stunning city and port views.

The White Tower contains the Museum of Byzantine Culture’s permanent collection. In addition, the White Tower frequently holds temporary exhibitions, including displays of religious Byzantine art.

Arch of Galerius

This arch which was once the main gate of the old town is now a historical piece. Visitors can come across the Arch of Galerius when walking from Egnatia Street towards the heart of Thessaloniki. Three pillars of this gate remain on the west side of the original building.

These decorated reliefs belong to the greatest of their kind. Tourists can enjoy the lively activities occurring there. Although the arc has been extremely demolished, reliefs on the Arch of Constantine in Rome are significantly better maintained than contemporaneous reliefs.

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Church of Saint Demetrius

The church of Saint Demetrius (Ayios Dimítrios) is a must-see spiritual view in Thessaloniki and the principal church in the town. It was transformed into a Kasimiye Cami mosque during the Turkish period.

The church was named after St. Demetrius, Patron Saint of the village, imprisoned and killed in 306. Spiritual pilgrims, as well as visitors, are impressed when they enter the inside of the church. Fine sculpture on the different colored marble columns, a bright shine on the center side, and little mosaics on the pillars of the apse are included in adornments.

Archaeology Museum

A remarkable collection of antiquities discovered in Thessaloniki and throughout ancient Macedonia is presented at this famous museum. From prehistory through late antiquity, the collection contains various masterpieces.

In addition, the museum lobby has an exhibit with information on the progress of the excavation processes accompanied by findings on a Neolithic site. There are also temporary exhibits in the Archeological Museum on other subjects, such as the Coins of Macedonia.

Byzantine Walls

The Evangelistria Cemetery, located north of the University campus, is a suitable place to start a tour of the Byzantine Walls. Tourists can walk westward from the Citadel, either inside or outside the walls, to the Letaia Gate at the Church of the Holy Apostles and then down to Democracy Square (Plata Dimokratas). The walls continue down into the harbor until they reach the Vardar Fort. Then proceed outside the fortifications to the Trigonion, a magnificent 15th-century circular tower.


Behind the ferry port, the ancient Ladadik area, whose colorfully painted homes, factories, and warehouses stand on a paved street with restaurant tables, is a short walking distance from Aristoteles Square.

Ladadika, a lively area established by several Sephardic Jews in town, was one of the greatest sites for Thessaloniki. Ladadika has once again emerged as a nightlife zone, Greek restaurants, various international dining options, and several pubs in excess.

Thessaloniki Science Center Technology Museum

Greece’s leading science and technology museum is located not far south-east of the center of the city. There are 40 interactive stations on the ground level in the main exhibition rooms, which enable children to deal fun and unexpectedly with themes such as optics, magnetism, telecommunications, electricity, and mechanics. Also available is a digital planetarium, a three-platform movement simulator theatre, and a 200-seat amphitheater. But the “cosmotheater” is a hidden weapon that shows high-quality 3D videos.

Alexander the Great Monument

Next to the Nea Parelia fountain is a horseback monument honoring Macedonia’s most famous son, which was constructed to rebuild the riverfront. The six-meter-high statue portrays him riding one of ancient Greece’s most famous horses.

Along this promenade close to the Alexander River are the vast hiking paths built by Philip II of Macedonia and used by Alexander to win the battles of Issus, Granicus, and Gaugamela.


On the north-east side of Thessaloniki’s acropolis region, a historic structure, the city’s biggest fort, is located. Despite the name “Heptagyrion,” the castle features ten towers instead of seven. The work is still underway, but one reason is the landscape, which is beautiful at sunset from this point, with Thessaloniki and the Thermaic Gulf.

Tourists adore Thessaloniki’s small road streets, different architecture, and stunning city views. Numerous hamams have also been built during the Turkish rule, which also draws visitors’ attention. The most appealing ones are Yahudi Hamam and Bey Hamam.

These have always remained one of the popular attractions, attracting many visitors in Greece to these bathhouses. Book your flight to Thessaloniki with Spirit airlines reservations option if you also wish to visit the hamams to insight into Ottoman architecture and cultural exchanges in the city from the past.


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