Top 10 Best Virtual Credit Card (VCC) Providers


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A virtual credit card or say VCC is a randomly-generated card number that is associated with your actual credit card. Depending on the issuer of your card you may be able to set a maximum charge for the virtual numbers which further secure your transactions. And typically you can set its expiry date anywhere anytime within a year from its manufacturing date.

virtual credit card (VCC) is an add-on issued on your primary credit card. Vcc does not have any plastic existence, all the relevant details viz. the card number, the “valid from” date, the expiry date, and the CVV number are all visible online.

In other words, VCC or Virtual Credit card is also called a prepaid credit card. A virtual credit card helps you to load funds from your bank account to your VCC account for secure and safe online transactions. In general, it could be very helpful for those people who do not use credit cards or who do not have credit cards. Well! Most online transactions require a credit card and if you don’t have a Credit Card, you cannot purchase something from International online shopping sites or you can not perform e-commerce. This is the main reason, why VCC is created.

You may need a credit card to buy hosting space, pay advertising fees, etc from any international website. VCC is one of the safest ways to pay money online. In this article I have written about some popular & Free Virtual Credit Card Providers, you can try any of these for secure online transactions.

Top 10 VCC Providers

1. Payoneer


Payoneer enables millions of businessmen and professionals from over 200 countries to help people, worldwide. Its main Motto is to grow globally by facilitating seamless and cross-border payments. Additionally, thousands of leading corporations and marketplaces rely on Payoneer’s mass payout services to send funds to their beneficiaries or colleagues, or business partners, worldwide. With Payoneer’s fast, secure, flexible, and low-cost solution Businessmen and professionals, in both developed and emerging markets can now pay and get paid globally, as easily as they do locally.

With Payoneer’s fast, secure, flexible, and low-cost solution Businessmen and professionals, in both developed and emerging markets can now pay and get paid globally, as easily as they do locally.


Payoneer offers prepaid MasterCard that can be used as a Virtual credit card to pay money to thousands of websites. Payoneer charges a small fee to users. Payoneer allows users to create a free account to receive and send money to global sites.

2. Free Charge


Freecharge is perhaps the only mobile wallet from all top mobile wallets in India, to have a prepaid virtual card service attached to it. Thus, the Virtual credit card of free charge extends its functionality and makes it easier to use anywhere on any website.


The VCC or Virtual Card of Freecharge is powered by Master Card-Yes Bank. Thus, it can also be used to get any kind of cashback offers that are running for master cards or Yes bank cardholders.

3. Udio


Udio, just like Freecharge is another mobile wallet provider which has its personal virtual card service. The best part of adio is “offers”. Yes! you hear me correct, audio always gives some cashback or discount offer, every day.


Udio Prepaid virtual card VCC is powered by RBL Bank (Ratnakar Bank limited) and can be used to avail all offers for Ratnakar Bank limited.

4. Entropay

Entropay introduced its first prepaid virtual card in Europe. With 13 years of experience and 2 million users, Entropay continues to build more secure processing by rethinking and improving their already improved functioning.


Entropay is one of the best Vcc providers that not only helps you in creating your own Virtual card but also costs nothing for it. You can create this card simply by verifying your address and card info. Entropay, unlike others, costs a very little fee for the making. You can load funds from your bank account to your Entropay VCC.

5. Payzapp by HDFC Bank

HDFC is one of the banks which always s up with great offers by a tie-up with e-commerce stores and online business etc.

Maintaining an HDFC account might be a difficult task but getting an HDFC Virtual card/VCC isn’t. So, if you don’t have an HDFC card, no problem, you can always VCC card easily


You can easily get a prepaid virtual card from HDFC Bank just by downloading and installing the payzapp.

The very single second you download and register the app with your mobile number, it will automatically create an HDFC account for you thus you can now enjoy any cashback offer which was running for HDFC Bank customers.


6. Neteller

It’s been a decade when Neteller started. since then, Neteller has provided businesses and individuals or professionals with a fast, secure and simple way to move their money online or to transfer their money online, or receive their money online. Neteller has never proved itself right as being one of the largest money transfer businesses. Neteller transfers billions of dollars every single year without any fraud or delay or disturbance.


Neteller is trusted by every Merchant and customers and businessmen. Neteller’s Financial Service spans more than 200 countries across a broad spectrum of industries and businesses.

Neteller undoubtedly is one of the best alternatives to Paypal and it also offers prepaid MasterCard that can be used as VCC for secure online transactions with a small number of fees for these transactions. You can create Neteller prepaid, free of cost by joining the site, as simple as that!

7. NetSpend

The Netspend Visa® Prepaid Card is issued by Bancorp Bank, which is Bofl Federal Bank, MetaBank, and by Republic bank and trust company, according to a license from Visa USA Inc.


NetSpend is one of the best-prepaid card providers for US residents. NetSpend provides processing and marketing services for prepaid MasterCard and Visa debit cards.

8. WallMart Money Card


Walmart money card helps you to create your prepaid card very easily but unfortunately, this service is only available for US users. Walmart money card offers prepaid credit card and prepaid visa debit cards. You can also use this card for different purposes like online shopping, online money transfer, or e-commerce.

This Walmart money card MasterCard is issued by Green Dot Bank according to a license from MasterCard International Incorporated.

9. Kotak


Kotak Net card is one of the best options for any Indian to open a prepaid credit card for online transactions that is online shopping, online money transfer, online receiving money, or e-commerce. All you have to do is create an account in Kotak Mahindra Bank before you apply for the Net card.

With Kotak [email protected] you can enjoy shopping on any website that accepts VISA cards, without the worry of compromising your card security. It is a one-time use, a limited validity virtual card that can be created from your bank account at the time of online shopping.

10. American Express

One of the most popular banking services that can also help you to create your prepaid and virtual credit cards easily. You can use American Express cards to pay money to host websites, online shopping companies, and other international websites.


American Express is a global services company that provides customers with access to products, insights, and experiences that enrich lives and build business success.

Top 10 best VCC Providers

  • Payoneer 
  • Free Charge 
  • Udio
  • Entropay
  • Payzapp by HDFC Bank
  • Neteller 
  • Netspend 
  • Wallmart money card 
  • Kotak
  • American Express

As you can see hundreds of virtual credit card service providers are available on the web. And it’s more likely that you’ll get lost in this diversity. To solve your problem we brought you the best 10 VCC providers. The above-given list is a more popular and instant virtual credit card generator to make a purchase very securely. You can use the list to get virtual credit cards and use them anywhere around the world and some are services are restricted in some countries only.


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