9 Vegan Hotels in Goa to visit in 2023


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Goa is a beautiful tourist destination and perhaps the most popular in India for vacations. Its pleasant weather, laidback culture, and resplendent beaches make it an irresistible place to visit.

Goa is also famous for its delicious cuisine. But can Goa cater to Vegetarians? – is probably the question on your mind. Rest assured, the answer is a resounding yes! Goa isn’t just a place for non-veg foods like seafood, pork, and beef, as you might have heard, but it’s also an oasis for the best non-veg options.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the best vegetarian restaurants and the delicious meals they serve.

Navtara Restaurants

Starting with the best is Navtara, one of the most famous and reputable restaurant chains in Goa. These restaurants are household names, visited and cherished by everybody.

Navtara serves a wide range of foods that are vegetarian and vegan-friendly. They can be found all over Goa, in cities like Panaji, Margao, and Mapusa, or villages like Siolim, Calangute, and Sangolda. If you’re roaming around Goa’s best locations, there’s a high probability that you’ll find a Navtara close by.

Navtara is renowned for its savory dishes like puri, dosa, idli, and sambar, served fresh and steaming hot to their customers. Any Navtara is a perfect restaurant for a wholesome meal with your family. They have a charming ambiance, and the cleanliness is immaculate.

Their prices are affordable as well. Having a meal in Navtara after a stressful or tiring afternoon is a refreshing experience. It’s hard to describe, but this restaurant has a relaxing vibe.

Cafe Bhonsle’s Panjim

Cafe Bhonsle is another distinguished vegetarian restaurant in Goa. They have a well-known outlet in Panjim and a pure veg outlet in Porvorim. They are very closely located near the stunning Immaculate Conception Church, a tourist hotspot you can visit after a hearty meal here.

Their Goan veg breakfast options include delicious bhajis like Allsana Bhaji, a coconut bhaji made with red beans. Their Usal Bhaji, Sukhi Bhaji, Spicy Mirchi, and Soft Steamy Puri are otherworldly in taste, giving you a very local experience. They open early in the morning, so early birds can indulge in a wholesome Goan breakfast here. Prices here are very decently set as well, and the quality of service is excellent.

Mum’s Kitchen – An Elevated Goan Cuisine

If you’re looking for traditional premium Goan delicacies, you can also try Mum’s Kitchen in Miramar. Mum’s kitchen is a fine dining restaurant specializing in traditional Goan cuisine. They have some good vegetarian options as well. The first thing you will notice is its opulent garden, its refined design, and its sophisticated ambiance. The food quality of this restaurant has won accolades for being the best in Goan cuisine. 

They have elusive rare vegetarian options like Malachi Kodi – coconut milk and kokum fusion juice drink, sanna – a local sweet dish made of rice and toddy, and lambda bhaji. Another fantastic dish is their Alasande Kaju Bii Tonak, a coconut gravy with kidney beans and cashew. Their curries served with traditional Goan Pav(bread) must be indulged in.

For dessert, they also serve traditional bebinca alongside ice cream. Bebinca is a traditional Goan sweet with soft and tender layers made of butter, egg, sugar, and coconut milk. It is dense, rich, and thick in texture and will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Paladar and Yazu at Marquis Beach Resort

Whether you’re in the mood for Pan Asian cuisines or multi-cuisine vegetarian options. Paladar and Yazu offer a luxurious dining experience for vegetarians while staying at one of the most popular beach resorts in Goa.

Sher- E- Punjab

If you’re craving North Indian and Punjabi vegetarian cuisine in the bustling Panjim city, you should check out Sher- E- Punjab. They say that this restaurant is one of the oldest Punjabi restaurants in the city. Their sumptuous paneer tikka, cheese garlic naan, and dal makhani are delectable. Another restaurant to check out is Moti mahal which serves a range of North Indian foods like Paneer Kadai, Paneer Butter Masala, Veg Kadai, and more.

Cafe Tato

If you’re craving an exquisite veg thali, you must check out Cafe Tato in Panjim. Tato’s is one of the oldest thriving Cafes in Panjim. They have a history and legacy that dates back more than 100 years. They are known for their signature foods like Mushroom Bhaji, Sukhi Bhaji, Puri, and Veg Thali.

Kefi Cafe and Bistro – Unique Lebanese/Arabian Veg Cuisine

Venturing away from the city and towards the sublime coastlines, traveling to the deeper north, we have Kefi in Assagao. Kefir is a charming cafe that serves authentic Lebanese and middle eastern cuisine. Kevin has a solid social media presence – and its overall decor is warm, inviting, and serene. Their talented cooks have no parallel; they have a dazzling range of unique vegetarian and vegan-friendly foods on their menu.

Foods that you have to try to include a veg pilaf, which is a delectable vibrant looking Lebanese dish made of rice, tofu or paneer, and carrots. For dessert, the staff recommends their mud pie – a luscious thick chocolate cake that’s sinful and indulgent. They also make some splendid coffee here, in case you are a caffeine-holic.

Other vegetarian foods they have include apple cinnamon pancakes, khabsa, and key lime pie. Vegans can indulge in foods like vegan eggs, pancakes, brownies, and baba ganoush. Kefi is the ultimate, hidden gem vegetarian-friendly cafe worth visiting if you’re valiant enough to experiment with new cuisine.

Bean Me Up – Best for Vegans

Nestled in one of those scenic, meandering routes of Vagator is a cozy little restaurant called Bean me up. They have this minimalistic earthy, plant-based decor that invokes the beauty and equanimity of nature. It’s an open-air restaurant with lush greenery – plants, trees, and creepers burgeoning all around- untethered but well-maintained.

Bean me up is renowned for being an exclusively vegan restaurant. Their staff recommends their best-selling items – their bean burger, wild burrito, chili basil stir fry – and, for dessert, their chocolate mousse.

Zest Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant – Vegan Oasis in the South

Traveling to the mesmerizing and solaceful South Goa Agonda will reveal another beautiful cafe called Zest Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant. Zest, like bean me up, has a delightful ambiance with its abundance of greenery, palm trees, and plush, comfortable furniture. They have a very ardent, bohemian, and artistic vibe you should experience if that’s your thing.

Zest has amazingly positive reviews online and shows up first when you search for vegetarian restaurants in Goa. They have exciting options like miso ramen soup, burrito wrap, zest burger, mushroom and spinach lasagne, vegan ice cream, and a splendid range of vegan pizzas you can choose from.

Highly Rated Restaurants on Google Worth Mentioning

These restaurants rank highest on google searches and have very high ratings and reviews. Perhaps you’d like to try them out. Gratitude Cafe Anjuna, Pet Pooja Pure Veg Kitchen Vagator,  Vedanta Pure Veg Family Restaurant Calangute, Navratna Pure Veg Udupi Calangute, Okapi Vegan Kitchen Mapusa, and Saraya Restaurant -Ecostay, Art Cafe and Art Gallery Mapusa.

Restaurants in Hotels

Most hotels at Candolim Beach, Baga Beach, Calangute, and around Goa have restaurants and kitchens that offer various vegetarian options for all-day dining. A few premium hotels have tied up with restaurants with vegetarian options from Goa or other metropolitan cities and have opened outlets at their property.


Now, this list is not comprehensive – these are just the most renowned restaurants serving vegetarian meals. There are hordes of other restaurants you can find in Goa at any corner for your vegetarian needs, and new vegetarian/vegan restaurants seem to be popping up every day. 

So is Goa a great destination for vegan food? – Yes, it’s pretty decent. Rest assured that you’ll have all your cravings met here. Even vegans can enjoy it immensely, but for pure vegan options, you might have to travel to the deeper north or south and ask your restaurants for help. Regular vegetarians can pretty much find good vegetarian restaurants anywhere.


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