A Quick Guide for Selecting A Right Vape Battery


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A vape battery is a critical element of any vaporizer as it stores and provides the power needed to heat the coil, changing the herb, liquid, or wax to vapor form.

However, if you lack an understanding of vape batteries, you can damage your batteries or even cause an explosion, and this is why you need to be keen when you purchase your vape batteries.

To begin with, gather knowledge of the two types of vape batteries are the internal and external batteries. Here is all you need to know.

Types Of Batteries

You cannot remove the internal battery from the vape mod, and you charge them using a USB port. If you choose the internal batteries, be careful as you charge as they use lithium polymer, which is not safe chemically.

Equally, the internal batteries don’t allow you to use your vape as it charges, which is a disadvantage for the user. On the other hand, the external batteries are interchangeable, and you can use them to the maximum, then load up an external charger with the vape mod as you use the vape with another battery. You can buy both internal and external batteries and all vaping-related devices like Deadpool glass pipe for bong online.


Secondly, there are protected and unprotected types of batteries. The protected batteries have a small built-in circuit that prevents the batteries from overcharging, over-discharge and overheating. At the same time, unprotected batteries have no circuit to protect the batteries. Besides checking the above parameters, take note of your mod to know if it’s regulated or not, as this will influence the voltage of your batteries.

Regulated mods draw power directly from your battery and will suit you if you are an advanced vaper. The mods also have a regulating board that regulates power drawn from the battery. This kind of mod depends majorly on setting your battery watts and not requiring high voltage batteries.

There are other things to consider as you select your vape battery like


Voltage is the strength of the battery. A vape has coils that are resistant to current flow, and only a battery with a high voltage capacity can push the amperage that heats the vapor cartridge. The battery voltage will be on the battery; hence you will know the voltage of that particular battery.

A high voltage produces big and flavored clouds as the current goes through the coil hence better performance. The best battery should deliver a voltage of 3.3 to 4.8 volts of electricity. However, remember that if you run your batteries always on high volts, you will shorten the battery life, and explosions can occur because the voltage is too high for the coil’s resistance.

Battery Capacity


Battery capacity is the energy that a vape battery holds when complete, and it determines how long your vape will run before you use up your battery. A battery that lasts long ensures you vape for long before it runs out.

However, batteries with a high capacity have a lower discharge rate, which will work for you if you want a high discharge. One with a low capacity will be good for you if you prefer a low discharge.

The best battery has a capacity of 3000mAh, and it will run at 3 Mph per hour before the total charge. The length of your battery run also depends on your usage, and the more frequent you use it, the faster it drains.

If you want your vape to heat, faster get a battery with a high capacity as it will allow you to make long draws. Equally, a high capacity affects liquid vaporization.


Purchase a battery that will allow you to vape at a low temperature, and this will require a battery that provides 3 to 4.2 volts. However, you can purchase batteries that enable shutdown when the temperature is too high if you are a high-temperature vapor.

IMR batteries have a battery chemical process that runs at a cooler temperature, but majorly the composition of a battery does not impact your vape; it all depends on how you draw your battery.

The composition and size of your battery are equally crucial as you select your battery. Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) batteries have high density, and you can use them for a long. The 18650 battery is one of the batteries with Lithium composition, and its widely used because of its good balance and capacity. You will have a long and incredible vaping experience if you use this external replaceable battery.


Another type of battery is the 26650, which is bulky and is best used if you want high power and is appropriate for large devices. If you want to know the size variation, look at the battery name. For example, the “18650” are initials for the size and shape ’18’ stands for the diameter, ’65’ height, and the ‘0’ stands for the cylindrical shape. So, to determine the diameter, height, and shape of a battery, focus on the initials.


There are many counterfeit batteries in the market that have been rewrapped and sold cheaply. You can only avoid being a victim of this if you purchase batteries from trusted brands with a warranty. Battery plays a crucial role in the overall vaping experience ensure to check all these details before picking one.


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