A Guide to Finding an Excellent Used Car


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The time has come for your teen to get a car, no matter what your heart feels like. It’s a time when you feel excited to see your kid grow up but also terrified. The following should make it easier to find the perfect used car for your teen.

Think of Size

The size of the vehicle you choose is important. It can’t be too large because those are harder to handle, especially for inexperienced drivers. The car shouldn’t be too small because you want something that can take a hit.

The sweet spot is somewhere in the middle. A mid-sized vehicle is what you want, but it can be anything your kid wants, from a mid-size sedan to a mid-sized crossover.

Let your kid know why they have to choose this sort of vehicle. He or she may put up a fuss about this, but if you give them reasons why this is important, it can help.

Expand the Search

It’s important to expand your search for used cars. When you’re thinking of buying something new, you’ve got all the choices available to you. When you buy used, your choices are reduced. Many people get something nearby.

The good thing is you’ve got the internet. You’ll probably want to buy used cars online in Canada if you want to expand your search because you get to see everything around you. You will also see better pricing if you find the right company that has what you are looking for.

Limitations Matter

The next thing to do is set limitations on the type of vehicle your kid will get. Teenagers like to test their limits, and you don’t want them to have a car that encourages them to do that.

This is the reason you don’t want to get a vehicle with too much horsepower. You want to research any car you look at, especially sport-like cars, to make sure they can’t go too fast. You might hear some protest, but you’re going to have to stay firm to keep your teen as safe as possible.

Double Test Drives

It’s important to take two test drives. Your kid should take one, and you should take one, too. The reason you’re taking two test drives is that inexperienced drivers may not know what you know as an experienced driver.

Your kid is looking for something cool and visually appealing. They aren’t always looking for what’s important, such as a safe car, but you will be doing that. Take that test drive, and look for any red flags you can point out to your teen. Be sure to check the state of all oils.

Check for Maintenance

While this isn’t always possible with used cars, try to check maintenance records. Some people are good at keeping these records so that you can see what’s going on with the vehicle.

If you notice the vehicle has to be repaired often, then the vehicle may be too old or faulty. If you notice that the owner had to fix the same thing more than once, then that should concern you. Some folks like to teach their kids about car maintenance, so if this is you, then repairing a few things here isn’t too bad.

Look at the Mileage

The average driver puts about 13,500 miles on a car each year. When you do your inspection, try to look at the number of miles the vehicle has. Take the age of the vehicle into account as well.

If the number of miles matches the age, then you’re doing okay. If they don’t match, then the car may have been driven too much. That could lead to issues down the line that’ll end up costing you and your teen more than the car is worth.

This may reduce your options, but if you want to get the best-used car for your teen, then you’ll need to do this.


Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, be sure to have the used car inspected by someone you trust, a third party that’ll tell you everything there is to know about the car.

As experienced as you might be, you don’t know everything so even if it costs a little bit more to inspect a potential car it’s worth it.


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