The Universe of Social Media And Its Celestial Objects


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We have been reading about the Universe since our early childhood days. Whether it is looking at the textbooks or in the television, the Universe and its celestial objects never failed to amuse us.

Since we are talking about Universe, we can never forget the Celestial Objects that have their own importance. The same is the case with social media applications.

Social Media applications are undoubtedly the best creation of technology and have been helping users all over the world for many years. Social Media is not just software that has some features. Rather it is a whole universe of different celestial objects (features) and each of them has its importance. The platform that social media applications offer to the world is beyond anything.

If you have an account on single or multiple social media applications like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Connected India, etc., you might already know that these applications enjoy millions of users all around the world. Isn’t that astonishing? There is not a single country where people do not use social media applications.

The best example of the most famous social media application is that of Facebook. Having an account on Facebook gives you access to an endless number of features that are available for the users all the time.

Not just Facebook, applications like Instagram, Connected India, etc., and others are such examples of social media applications that have made a huge impact in people’s lives by offering them different activities under one roof.

Since we referred to Social Media applications as Universe, you might be curious to know as to what is the major reason behind the hype of these applications. In this article, we have mentioned some of the most popular reasons that contribute to the hype of these social media applications.

Why Social Media Is Popular?

Mental Health:

If you would ask any doctor or mental expert, he would explain to you that mental health is more important than physical health. If you are mentally strong, then there are chances you will be physically strong too. However, it has been observed that many people suffer from depression and anxiety.

The root cause of this problem is that these people either do not socialize much with people or are stuck in some problem for years. Social Media applications offer complete support in both these cases.

Since the same applications are used by millions of users all over the world, they give people an amazing platform to communicate with each other share their opinions or express their emotions on any matter.

When it comes to finding the solution to a certain problem, social media applications help in that matter as well. Since any person or business can create a free account on social media platforms, you would come across thousands of people or influencers who have their accounts on different social media platforms.

These people are always ready to lend support in any kind of matter. Whther you are a student looking for the right answer to a question or a professional looking for a job, social media applications do all these things for the users. Now that people can get any kind of solution from these platforms, it makes them relaxed and free from mental issues like depression and anxiety.


Social Media applications are widely used all across the world for entertainment reasons. It has been observed that people create accounts on social media just to watch entertaining content that can keep them happy. There is hardly any person on this planet who does not suffer from one or the other problem.

Social Media applications work as a source of positive energy and vibes that can make people happy in a matter of seconds. These applications are designed in a way that they allow all the users to share an unlimited number of photos, videos, and other precious moments of their personal or professional life.

Particularly, during this pandemic of Covid-19, these social media applications became a source of entertainment and motivation for people stuck in their homes because of isolation.

Through these applications, various artists and other talented people organized online love events wherein anyone could join and feel relaxed.

It gave new hope to people who went into depression or were about to find themselves in a similar situation. It won’t be right to ignore the contribution of social media applications in providing people with a platform that gave a positive mindset and energy to fight off this evil.

Digital Marketing:

Since Universe is made of different galaxies, let us term one of the galaxies of Social Media as Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing is by far the best this Social Media offers to all companies.

It does not matter whether you run a small-scale business or a multinational company, social media applications are meant for all. These applications have come out as the best marketing platform for companies that want to promote their products or services.

As mentioned above, Social Media applications are home to millions of consumers, these applications thus offer a global consumer market to all the companies and give them the opportunity to take their products to the global audience in a few clicks.

By using relevant Social Media Marketing techniques, companies not just attract more and more new customers, but also retain their old customers by uploading regular and engaging content. This is the reason why would witness so many companies promoting their products and services on different social media applications.

These were some of the major key points that contribute to the success of social media applications. Social Media has become an important part of our lives.

Whether is finding an appropriate job, searching for new clients, or doing business, social media applications are designed and created to perform thousands of different activities all at once. These applications not just make companies famous, but could also add value to an individual’s image in front of society.


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