7 Ways to Overcome “Unfortunately Gallery Has Stopped” on Android


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The most telling solution. How to Overcome “Unfortunately Gallery Has Stopped” on Android or “Unfortunately Gallery Has Stopped” can be done this easy way. As one of the most used applications, the gallery application aims to open many types of entertainment media files such as gif images, photos, and videos

. But not infrequently, some users face the problem that the Android gallery application is suddenly unable to open and of course it will make us feel annoyed.

You may be asking why often appears gallery information freezes on Android. When the gallery application crashes, it will usually show notifications like

 “Unfortunately, Gallery Has Stopped”, “Gallery Hasn’t Responded”, “Force Stop” and many other things. When this error appears, the application will close itself, even our Android smartphone cannot be moved for a while. Then how do you solve this gallery that can’t be opened?

Cause, Unfortunately, the Gallery Has Stopped

Android gallery app not responding can actually be caused by several problems. Among them are the size of the photo that you want to view is too large, the video format is not supported, the use of too much RAM to accumulate cache files on the smartphone.

How To Fix Unfortunately Gallery Has Stopped On Android

Every Android smartphone whether it’s from Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, Sony Xperia, ASUS, Smarfren Andromax, Lenovo, Vivo, LG, Advan, Xiaomi, and others, has been equipped with a built-in gallery application to open stored media files.

The gallery application will scan both files stored in the internal memory and microSD. To solve the gallery application that cannot be opened or an error appears, Unfortunately, Gallery Has Stopped, you can follow the following tips.

1. Clear Cache and Smartphone History.

The first thing you can do to fix an error Android gallery is to clear the cache and history on the smartphone. Use a junk cleaner application like Clean Master or the Cleaner application that you usually use.

2. Force Stop and Delete Gallery App Data.

The solution to overcoming the gallery freezes suddenly is to force it to stop and delete the application data. The goal is to reset the gallery application so that the data is empty again. The trick is to tap Settings »Manager Applications» All »Gallery then tap the Force Stop and Clear Data buttons.

3. Turn off the Smartphone and Reboot.

If the error Unfortunately Gallery Has Stopped after you get an image from another smartphone or a photo transferred from a DSLR camera, turn off the smartphone then remove the battery, SIM, and microSD card. Leave the smartphone uncharged for a few seconds then plug it back in and reboot.

4. Move Media Files to MicroSD.

So that the smartphone’s internal memory capacity is not full, which causes the gallery application to be unable to open, move lots of photo and video files to external memory, namely microSD. To do this, open the file manager/file explorer application then use the ” Move / Move ” feature to a folder on the microSD.

5. Use Third-Party Gallery Applications.

The default gallery application usually lacks many features or has many shortcomings when carrying out scans so that photos are difficult to appear

. For that, use a third-party gallery application that you can get in the 5 Lightest Best Android Gallery Applications

6. Update the Android OS.

To get the best performance and performance, you should use the latest version of Android when one is available for your device. This also usually shows the latest features and bug fixing against the occurrence of any errors or errors. Including the frequent appearance of messages, unfortunately, the gallery has stopped. To do this, tap Settings »About device» Software Updates »Update now.

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7. Perform a Factory Reset.
I don’t recommend this but it is a last resort if your gallery app still closes itself frequently. Do a factory reset to fix a system error so that your smartphone will return to its original settings and look new. Make sure to back up your account before doing it. The trick is to tap Settings »Backup and reset» Factory data reset.

In conclusion, when the gallery application does not respond and often closes itself, there is usually an error only in that application. By implementing the “Unfortunately Gallery Has Stopped” on Android, you can open photos and videos again and view them.


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