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There are times when a site isn’t maintained well or clean, which could create a negative image and could be a security risk and, more importantly when tiles are being installed, the floor should be cleaned.

In our discussion, we’ll be discussing the requirements for concrete flooring. The following extracts from American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards clearly define the following requirements:

A108.01 – Surfaces must be free of dirt free of wax, curing compounds, as well as other coatings.

A108.5 – 2.2 Cleanse the surface thoroughly. If the surface is very dry, wash it with water but don’t overdo it.

Similar to the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) Handbook Requirements for concrete slab reads, Slab to be well cured, dimensionally stable without cracks or fractures oily or waxy films, or curing compounds.

These guidelines and procedures clearly stipulate that the surface should be spotless; however, the majority of job sites have a variety of items that can hinder a strong bond for the commonly used dry-set mortar.

The construction dirt is able to, a majority of times, be easily eliminated by using a HEPA-filtered vacuum and damp mopping. The order, vacuum first, and then washing, is vital to achieving successful results.

4 Details Why It’s Significant To Keep The Tiled Areas Of Your Home

You’ve taken on the task of tiling specific areas of your house and you’re awed at how they appear. The shower is clean and elegant while your kitchen’s floor is elegant and sturdy. You’ve paid a good price for the flooring and don’t forget about their maintenance.

Maintenance of grout and tiles stores in London is an essential part of maintaining your business or home and for many significant reasons. Let’s examine four of them here.

1. You Extend The Life Of Tiled Surfaces

We all know how taking care of something can prolong its lifespan and this is certainly not truer for tiled surfaces. Maintenance of grout and tiles is vital to add years of enjoyment to the tiled areas in your home.

Regularly assessing the tiles for damage and keeping them clean and contacting experts should any problems occur, are all vital actions to follow to ensure that your tiles are beautiful and practical.

Our entire range of services that range from cleaning and sealing, to repair and replacement will tackle any issue you face with the tiled surfaces in your home. Therefore, it’s crucial to speak with experts when you spot an issue. In the absence of doing this, it could create a bigger problem.

2. You Protect Your Investment

You’ve spent a lot of money on the tiled floors within your home. Why waste it by not maintaining the areas? Regular maintenance of grout and tile ensures that you’ve invested in improving the appearance of your business or home.

In the event that tiles are damaged or chipped and letting grout turn dirty and not taking steps to prevent problems later on, all of these can compromise your goal initially to make your house appealing to live in.

Therefore, don’t delay the attention your investment is due! This is your hard-earned money and we’ll make sure that it is well-invested.

3. Maintaining Tiles And Grouts Adds Value To Your Home

Your home is likely to be the most significant investment you’ve made. Everything you do to make it better will increase the value of your home. This is certainly true for tiles on surfaces.

Tile warehouse London is a favorite among homebuyers because they are beautiful, they’re also durable, and also functional. However, no prospective buyer would like to see these surfaces stained or damaged.

Therefore, by making sure you keep up-to-date with grout and tile maintenance, it is also important to keep up or enhance the value that tiled surfaces will add to the value of your property.

4. You Protect Against Health Hazards

It’s true that one of the primary reasons to keep up-to-date with the care and maintenance of the tiles you have installed is the fact that failing to do it can result in an unhealthy home to live in.

If water accumulates behind tiles because of the damage that was not addressed the tile can become an ideal habitat for mildew and mold, and these growths can lead to breathing issues for those in the household, particularly the elderly and children.

Repairing water damage is perhaps the single most crucial step you can do to prolong the life of your tiled surfaces since it can also safeguard the overall health of your home.

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4 Things To Think About Before Putting In Tiles

Before beginning your home improvement project it is crucial to think about every point when choosing to put tiles in your home.

This is not just advantageous for you, but it will also benefit the contractor performing the work since it will provide them with an idea of how to begin the work.

It’s crucial to ensure you’re aware of every stage of the process to ensure that everything goes as smoothly and efficiently as you can. If you’re unsure of how to proceed with your home remodel here are the top 5 things you need to think about prior to installing your tiles.

Have You Experienced Any Issues In The Past With Your Walls/Floors?

If the reason you’re selecting tiles for your remodeling is that you’ve faced issues with your floors or walls previously, there may be more serious issues beneath the surface, most likely, foundation issues.

The installation of material without adequate foundation inspection can cause issues later on, such as cracking and shifting tiles.

If you have this check prior to the installation this will allow the time needed to level the structure and eliminate the stress of doing the installation later on.

What Room Do You Plan To Renovate?

In essence, each space in your home differs in dimensions and shape. A good way to plan your space using measurements will save time when selecting the right tile.

Consider the dimensions of the tile so that it is proportional to the space you plan to remodel.

Are You Selecting The Right Tile?

Tile installation comes in a variety of options for tiles, including glass, ceramic, and many more. Certain rooms are suggested to be tiled with specific tiles because of the unbalanced humidity and moisture levels within the home.

This is the reason speaking with an expert prior to setting up your tiles is an excellent method of determining the best alternatives for your home.

Do You Have Children Or Pets?

If you have kids or pets, or both, they’ll most likely be running around your home, and could end up producing an obnoxious mess.

In the end, you need to select a tile that can be able to withstand the rigors of these challenges. One of the best options is granite. Granite tiles feature a tough surface that is not damaged easily.

They are a great option if you require durable tiles that are easy to maintain and robust.


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