Truck Maintenance Tips- How to maintain your truck


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In a business, where on-time delivery has been considered important to make your business successful. Customers are more likely to wait for shipment on time. However, some factors can cause delays in deliveries which are not in our hands like weather or accidents. 

While considering all uncontrollable factors, there are some factors that you can control like trucks. Trucks are constructed by parts of the machine and their efficiency degrades over time.

To prevent them from out of service or in need of repair, it is required to take TLC and maintenance. Through this, you can have more loads and haul moving so you should take your truck to maintenance. 

These are some tips that will help you in taking care of your trucks.

Draw a plan to combat brake failure

The failure of a break is a common and normal cause of having an accident and due to that vehicle getting damaged. To reduce this type of results be shot to draw a plan With professional export and advice to reduce damage and injury.

The distance a truck can cover totally depends upon the driving habits of a driver so making sure about break condition is an important task while going on a long drive. So it is safe to have them inspected and make sure that your brakes are fine. 

Truck parts are required to change in a certain period as brake indicators which are built by pads that will tell you when to replace. When you go to change your pads or break your maintenance provider should also install brake Spring and bushings.

When the shoes are changed out it is the time when drums should be replaced as well as it can wear down and can generate heat cracks. 

Brakes have so many components that require maintenance and need to be changed regularly So make sure that your maintenance provider will grease the slack adjuster and monitor the lining and hoses.

Do a regular test to reduce engine problems

If it talks about engine problems,  they can take your truck off-road faster than if you ever can believe it at the time of downtime. So be more aware when you see an excessive level of smoking, loss of oil, and decrease in power.

Whenever you find any symptom of an unhealthy engine then you have to fix it as soon as possible. You should go to the maintenance service where professional experts are available and they can handle these problems. 

At first, you can arrange maintenance tests by periodic compression tests which will provide you with guidance on how long this engine will last.

Monitoring engine coolant is another way of checking and checking the temperature with keeping eyes on oil pressure Will allow you to take care of your engine and reduce the engine problem feasibility. Wheel Alignment is required to check daily. 

Preventing from body problems

Body corrosion is a major issue that is responsible for the lesser performance of a truck than other trucks. Rust is caused by various chemicals and salt. If you are driving your truck in an area where there is ice and snow, there is a lot of chance that your body will degrade over time. You can embrace your truck by following these maintenance tips.

  • Paint chips are the perfect places where rust can begin and it is required to be handled immediately. If your maintenance provider is not providing the service then you can go to a local paint shop that will provide the warranty to it.
  • It is required to wash your truck every 10 days. Washing it frequently will allow your truck to free from containment and paint and bare metal issues. 
  • Use lubricant to spray the door lock before taking your truck out for the drive in the evening. 
  • When you take your truck in snow and cold weather then you are required to wash your truck immediately. As rain collects pollutants which will convert into acid rain that will damage the protective finish. 
  • This is surely a tough tape but it is required to avoid large puddles as they contain abrasive dirt and It can impact heavy corrosion of your truck body. 

Replace parts that required continuous replacement in a while-

We know that parts wear out and we replace them. What if a situation comes when there is no availability of such parts in the market as truck manufacturers do not construct older parts of the truck. For this uncertainty, you are required to stockpile such parts you think you will be needing in the future.

However  Mahindra truck needs significantly less maintenance and every part of them are easily available in the market. 

Therefore you are required to maintain your truck so that it will have a longer period of life and it will give higher performance and on-time delivery to your customer.


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