Top 6 Qualities of Safe Shop for Mobile Repair


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Some people are likely to be offended if you ask them, “Do you own a mobile phone?” Almost everyone uses it these days – whether it is a smartphone or a feature phone. A life minus it might be difficult to imagine.


But you might end up facing such a life for a day or a few days if your phone gets accidentally damaged or does not turn on, and it has to be handed over to a shop known for mobile repair. And in case the shop does a sloppy repair job, you might have to immediately invest in a new device so that your life does not turn chaotic.


The best smartphones, featuring advanced technology, are not cheap. They have a high price tag. Most of us might not be able to afford one of them if some money has not been set aside for it in advance. So you might find yourself in a fix when there is a need to suddenly buy a new one because a repair shop killed your old phone.  

Demands of smartphone

It is the smartphone era and almost all of us are heavily dependent on our phones. We use it to communicate with others, watch videos, listen to songs, play games, read books, pay our bills, capture pictures, and we even use it to run our business.

When it does not turn on due to accidental damages or hardware malfunction, you might feel like a major disaster has hit your life. And you would like to get it working again within a few hours, and hence it is likely that you would immediately dash out and visit the nearest mobile repair shop. 


The shop will not take one look at your broken smartphone, chant some mantras, and say, “fixed it.” It will follow a proper repair process. You should also follow certain steps before taking out your vehicle or calling a cab to reach a shop for mobile repair.


You would not have to think of arranging money for a new device if you had given your phone to a reliable and safe shop for mobile repair. It is not an arduous task to find the right one. You just have to consider these six qualities when looking for it.

Well-established Mobile Repair shop           


In your city, a new repair shop for mobile phones likely gets inaugurated almost every day. And it might be offering discounts on its fixing jobs, to attract customers. Should you visit it with your damaged device? It is a big no. Establishing the credibility and trustworthiness of a newly opened shop can be difficult. It is also not likely to have all the resources needed to do an effective repair job. So it is best not to be one of its first customers.


The experienced and trained technician team   


Mobile phone technology is changing fast, and all major brands release a series of new models every year. Regular training keeps repair technicians updated about the new models, their components, specs, and functionalities. It also enables them to learn about the latest techniques and equipment used to fix them.

And technicians who have the experience of handling a whole range of issues and different models can solve a problem correctly and at lightning speed. So you should look for a repair shop that has a team of experienced and trained technicians.


Only uses genuine parts for Mobile Repair


The old battery and cracked screen are the two most common mobile phone issues. They can be easily solved by replacing the damaged component. But the original part has to be replaced by a genuine one if you do not want to experience more issues following the replacement job.

It cannot be stressed enough that genuine parts are crucial for perfect mobile phone repairs. Never let a shop convince you that the installation of a duplicate part will make no difference. You must choose a shop that only uses genuine parts during the replacement process.                        


Positive online reviews


Online reviews have made it easier to determine the veracity of a shop’s claims. Written by customers, they provide a true picture of a mobile phone repair service. Reviews also enable you to make a list of shops that you need to avoid and the ones that you can trust. You must contact the one that has received high ratings and a maximum number of positive reviews.


Warranty of Mobile Repair


A warranty offers assurance that the repair job will be done right. Most reputable mobile repair shops, which have gained a positive reputation over the years, offer it on almost all its repairs. They do that because of the confidence in their fixing jobs.

You are most likely to have no reason to complain if you hand over your damaged phone to such a shop. In case you encounter the same issue later – technicians are also humans after all – the shop, offering the warranty, will again fix it for free.  


Reasonable repair cost     


Some people continue to use their damaged phones because of the high repair cost. Instead of doing that, you should look for an independent shop that repairs handsets at a reasonable fee. Also, it should not be notorious for adding hidden costs in the final bill.      


Finding the right mobile repair shop


Not all mobile repair shops can do an excellent job. Some might cause further damage to your device and make you invest in a new phone. To ensure that your beloved device does not meet its annihilator, you should do some research and find the right mobile repair shop in your city.


Take the help of search engines such as Google and local search engines such as Just Dial and Sulekha to find repair shops that are focused on your smartphone brand. After that, check what other customers are saying about their repairs.


Choose the shop that has received mostly positive reviews and is nearest to your office or house. Also, you need to make sure that it uses genuine parts, offers a warranty, and is known for its quality repairs in the shortest possible


Final words       


Do not be in a hurry to get your damaged device fixed. First, you need to look for a shop that can do the mobile repair right the first time. Unlike in the past, it is now easier to find it because of social media and online reviews.


If a reliable and safe shop is far from your house, call it and ask whether it offers pickup and drop-off service. Such a service provides you the advantage of top-quality repair while sitting inside your house.


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