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Top 10 Dating Tips to Elevate Your Love Life

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Dating can feel like a high-pressure game, but nobody knows the rules, the target, or how to rack up extra points to make it to the finishing line!

The reality is that dating looks different for everyone, and your idea of romantic heaven might be somewhat different from the next person’s.

However, some great tips can make a profound difference to all of your dating interactions and help you date confidently, sure that you’re headed in the right direction.

This guide showcases ten of the best dating tips to elevate your love life, compiled by the experts in all things romance at the best online dating website.

1. Chuck Out Your Preconceptions Of Love

First – stop replaying that daydream about the super-hot bartender who can’t stop thinking about you!

There are so many assumptions we make about love:

  • You have to love clubbing to meet new people.
  • Singles bars or speed dating are the only options.
  • An ideal boyfriend always makes the first move.

Rubbish – people meet at work, in the library, women start a conversation first, and a good chunk of the population loathes the concept of an awkward, toe-curling speed dating event!

Here’s the only rule; there aren’t any.

You need to form your path and decide what feels like a relationship that’ll work for you, so start from scratch and don’t feel like there’s only one way to find love.

2. Never Disregard An Opportunity

We’ve all been there – your Mum is convinced the neighbor’s daughter would be your perfect wife, or your friends are desperately trying to set you up with some random guy who’s just joined their football league.

Let them.

Friends and family know you better than you know yourself.

If you meet through friends, there’s also the bonus that they’re less likely to be a little creepy since people you trust will not set you up for failure!

Be open to the potential for a new romance to blossom in the most unlikely places, and you’ll stop seeing brick walls when you’re standing in front of an open window.

3. Friends First, Dating Second

Another area where there are so many pre-set ideas.

  • Dating will ruin your friendship – or will it mean you finally real realize you find it so easy to spend time together?

You don’t need to decide outright that you are either friends or romantically interested in someone. If you’re friends already and find that mutual spark of attraction, it’s a way easier transition than getting to know somebody new.

4. Trust Your Gut Instinct

Here’s an easy one – we all know that first impressions count, and it’s because our subconscious is seriously smart at noticing things that pass us by the first time around!

It takes about 12 minutes to know whether you’re genuinely interested in someone, so pay attention to the butterflies, whether they’re fluttering or not.

Of course, that isn’t always so easy online, but you can still tap into your first impressions and make a sound judgment about whether a fledgling relationship will likely go somewhere. 

5. Don’t Be The Cool Date

How many times have you thought about a date over and over because your anxiety has convinced you that you said the wrong thing?

Honestly, don’t sweat it!

Trying to be aloof, hard to get, chilled, a little uninterested is a lot less sexy than most people think. It’s pretty off-putting.

Always be true to how you’re feeling, and don’t be that person who refuses to respond to a text for at least two hours because you think that’s a standard for coolness.

6. Keep Your Privacy Close

It’s tempting, we know.

You’ve met someone incredible, and it feels like you can pour out all your innermost feelings and emotional investment in this first date turning into marriage and 2.4 kids.

Whoa, hold steady there!

Just as first impressions matter to you, they do to your date too. Talking repeatedly about your ex’s shortcomings or asking personal questions about every image this person has ever posted on social media is way too much.

Try to retain an even keel; talk about stuff that matters, but don’t spill your deepest darkest secrets or exact level of student debt on date one. Apply the first date filter!

7. Focus On Self-Awareness

It’s easy to feel stressed and nervous about a date, but it’s also essential to be mindful about your body language as much as what you say. Try:

  • Make eye contact when you’re listening.
  • Speaking slowly to avoid rushing and mumbling.
  • Saying you’re not sure if you want time to think about something.

Taking it easy on yourself and evaluating how you’re behaving in an excited state means you keep your words controlled and don’t rush into anything out of nerves or a panic to fill the silence.

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8. Cut Your Losses Early

Here’s the thing – not all dates will work out. That’s just how it is.

If you feel like you’re trying too hard to make it into a thing, then you probably are.

When you’re not feeling it, or know in your heart of hearts that a date is a waste of your time and energy, never be afraid to walk away.

While so many people feel pressure to get coupled up, it’s so much better to be free and single when that ideal person comes knocking than to commit to a relationship that doesn’t make you happy for the sake of being with someone.

9. Don’t Follow A Set Path

We’ve said that you don’t need to follow a set pattern, but it’s super important.

Follow what feels right to you, the things you enjoy, and you’re much more likely to meet someone with whom you have a genuine rapport.

Think about it like this:

  1. You hate crowded places, but go to bars with your friends because you can’t think of another way to meet people, OR
  2. You do the things that bring you joy and might bump into someone who’s equally passionate about dogs, or surfing, or reading, or anything else!

Always do what you relish doing, and don’t try to modify your personality on the off chance it’ll end in a date.

10. Relax Into The Dating Experience

Finally – don’t take every date as a big deal, that’s the only factor in your happiness.

So you messed up on a date. So what?

If that person were right for you, they wouldn’t have cared.

Try to enjoy the experience of meeting new, exploring new places, falling in love online and, understanding the things most important to you in a relationship – remember, it’s all about the journey, not just a final destination!



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