Best 11 tools for IT Technicians -That help them achieve perfection


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Being an IT technician is no joke. The amount of hard work and intelligence for filing technical issues is exhausting.

Therefore, to make things easier, there are pretty handy tools that aid in solving complex problems in an instant.

Hence, if you’re looking to get into this profession, it’s essential to note down valuable tools and stuff beforehand. Here’s a list of the Best tools for IT Technicians that help them achieve perfection in every task they overtake. 

Fluke multimeter

It hurts us to start expensive, but this list wouldn’t be complete without a fluke multimeter. A fluke multimeter gives an audible signal to detect that test leads connected to a circuit with less resistance.

Therefore, technicians can find out that the course is closed. However, this tool is expensive compared to a no-name meter. It’s better to invest in something that can last a long time. 

Crimping pliers

Ideal for beading wires, crimping pliers are necessary for technicians to crimp beads and tubes in the correct form. However, this tool is more prevalent in jewelry making, and technicians know how important they are for proper wiring. 


One of the most common and widely known tools for IT technicians and others in general, a cutter is used in various ways. As the name suggests, a blade can easily cut through thick wires and materials and give a precise result.

The wire could be a part of anything from computers to TV, underground electric wiring, etc. The use area is vast; therefore, having one of these cutters around in your toolkit will save the day anytime. 

LAN Tester 

In the case of professional installations, the best investment depends on a good quality LAN tester. A PRO LAN is an IN-Line tester that determines issues in both active and passive networks.

One of PRO LAN tester’s best capabilities includes identifying errors in copper cable networks Ethernet connectivity troubleshooting. 

Moreover, it also detects Poe/Poe+ with current, power, and voltage. Therefore, investing in something as practical as this can prove beneficial for an extended period.

Pro-Tech Toolkit

If individual buying is not your style, then purchasing a fully installed toolkit with everything an IT technician needs is a bonus. However, you need to keep an eye out for toolkits that have accessories that mean business.

While most kits consist of tools that are perfect for professionals and amateurs alike, there there’s still a few bits and pieces that make all the difference. Here are a few things you should see before purchasing a toolkit. 

  • Screwdriver kits (bits and pieces) 
  • Anti-static wrist strap
  • Angle, Blunt, and Reversed Tweezers
  • Small Suction Cup
  • Magnetic Pad
  • Pliers 
  • Testers 
  • Cutters 
  • Tape 

If your toolkit consists of all these things, then you’re pretty much ready to fix any technical issue that comes your way. So, keep an eye out for these items, and you’re good to go. 

Voltage detector

No one likes to get an electric shock, especially with a wet, open, or plugged-in wire. Therefore, we suggest having a voltage detector all the time to determine whether the power is off or not. Don’t blindly trust anyone until you make sure of yourself. 

Broken/chewed up screw remover.

Plenty of times, we come across lousy wiring and sockets previously dealt with by other technicians.

The most common mistakes make the job more challenging to handle for the newbies. There could be a list of factors that contribute to wrong screws, and however, we only need to focus on how to fix them.

Firstly, you would need a screw remover to help take out any faulty nuts, bolts, and wiring so you can twist, turn, and pull out even the most damaged ones. 

Insulated screwdrivers

There’sThere’s no one in the world who loves screwdrivers more than a technician. Also, a screwdriver is probably the essential tool in this list. No work ever gets done without using a screwdriver.

Because of its versatility and usefulness, you can open up any device instantly. However, using the wrong screw with an uneven head can sour your mood. Hence, it’s essential to opt for a screwdriver kit that has all the essential bits and pieces fit for any job. 

Liquid Insulator tape

A liquid insulator tape is an excellent solution for people looking for no residue after. Moreover, it’s a fantastic help for automotive workers with low voltage wiring.

However, refrain from using it on primary voltages because their elasticity is not efficient enough to cover up the masses. 

Tweezers/magnetic pick-up tools

While working on PCs, many of us go through the hurdle of losing small nails, bits, and pieces inside the system.

It may sound weird, but it happens. Losing a specific pin inside a system can turn your world upside down; therefore, to prevent something like this from happening, we suggest having a pair of good tweezers by your side or magnetic pick-up tools.

A tweezer can easily reach out in small places where a hand cannot. On the other hand, a magnetic pick-up tool can instantly pull out screws and nuts that may have rolled off somewhere apart from the PC system. 


Lastly, as a technician, there’s nothing more critical than one’s skill and knowledge at the end of the day. As an IT technician, tools may help ease the load off complex issues but it’s essential to know what tools to use for what job.

Also, for homeowners looking to get their hands on beneficial products to make the best DIY home tool kit UK, this list is perfect for understanding what you need. 

Although DIYers can use these tools without any harm, everyone needs to be careful while tending to wires and cables, as they can result in an electric shock.

We have many DIY tools, Home Improvement, and other wholesale products, with an affordable price range and excellent quality. Moreover, our customer service never disappoints.

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