Things to do with toddlers in dubai 2021


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Dubai is a city designed to cater to all ages. It can be enjoyed as a solo traveler, in a group, and even with kids. If you’re planning a visit with your kids, Dubai will amaze you with its offerings for the little ones.

After deep contemplation and research, we have chalked down the best kids activities in Dubai that can make them giggle, jump and scream with excitement as well as have an unlimited fun time.

Get Wet at Wild Wadi Water Park

Dubai’s temperature is so hot that locals and tourists are always looking out for a place to get wet and beat the heat. That’s why the city has countless water parks for people to have splashing fun. And the best place among the many is Wild Wadi Water Park.

This huge water park has amazing rides and slides designed for an entire family. Your little ones can enjoy floating on a lazy river and the stunning view of the magnificent Burj Al Arab. The water park also features a child play area where kids can have fun in a safe environment.

Adults can enjoy a dizzying water roller coaster, serpentine slides, and gravity-defying slides. For the grown-up children, the park has an area where it creates waves with the help of technology to give a real feel of surfing in the ocean.

Enjoy at Legoland Dubai

Legoland Dubai offers double the fun for an entire family as the facility has a separate waterpark and theme park. This is one of the waterparks in Dubai, where kids under 3 -years old are also welcomed.

For the young guests, it also offers 2-free swim diapers as a complimentary. There are several awesome slides and attractions the entire family can engage in.

Kids can engage in several interactive play structures and build their own raft with the legendary Lego toys. If you want to give your family special treatment, rent your own Cabana.

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Visit Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

This huge facility is immensely popular with locals and tourists. A trip to this place will allow your family to watch thousands of sea animals. The aquarium is home to over 140 species of aquatic animals roaming freely inside a humongous 10-million-liter tank.

It is the only aquarium in the world that houses 400 sharks and Rays. Other aquatic residents of the aquarium include Sand Tiger Sharks, Giant Groupers, and numerous other species. There are many activities designed for the entire family by the management of this facility that includes snorkeling, shark dives, Ray encounter, specialty dives, etc.

Visit Burj Khalifa

This is one must activity in Dubai to do with kids. Your little ones will love visiting this tallest building in the world. Give them the best view of their lifetime by taking them to the observation deck of the tower on the 124th floor by riding the fastest elevator in the world.

The unobstructed view of Dubai city will mesmerize them, and they can boast to their friends about their experience in style.

Have them play and learn at Kidzania

If you’ve planned what your kids will become in the future, then introduce your choice of occupation to them at Kidzania. This facility offers the best kids activities in Dubai that can help them in the future. It is built with a unique concept of allowing children in a fun way by delivering them a taste of real-life occupation.

Your children can don the dress of any occupation of their choice and learn the job playing with specially-made equipment. From being a fireman, to doctor, pilot, chef, construction worker, etc. they can have the real taste of anything they want to be when grown up.

Visit Dolphin Bay                                

Dolphins are loved by adults and kids. They are the most friendly ocean animals that can be trained for interacting with humans. Watching them do all sorts of acrobatic movements is a delight to watch.

Take your children to Dolphin Bay in Atlantis and give them a lifetime experience. Your kids will also enjoy and learn how these lovey mammals are taken care of at the facility. Children can get close with resident dolphins and receive a printed photo as a complimentary.

Visit Bounce Dubai

Children are full of energy eager to explode. Take them to Bounce Dubai and let them jump and enjoy to their hearts. This indoor facility has over 100 interconnected trampolines where kids can jump and bounce without getting hurt. Grown-up kids can enjoy basket hoops and also try acrobatic skills bouncing off the wall. A few hours of exercise at this facility will also give them sound sleep.

Have a blast at Mattel Play Town

If you’re vacationing in Dubai with toddlers, then a visit to the Mattel Play Town is a must. This entertaining concept for kids is built by the popular toy brand of the namesake. The games and shows this facility offers are perfect for your kids to enjoy as well as learn a few valuable skills. You kids will be get so lost in the activities offer at the Mattel Play Town, that you will have a hard time taking them out.

These are the few best kids’ activities in Dubai for your little ones. There are hundreds of other activities for an entire family in Dubai. If this is your first visit to Dubai with kids, then do try all the listed activities above.


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