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What are the Top Things to Do in Philipsburg?

Things to Do in Philipsburg

Why waste time in Philipsburg debating what to do? As you explore this new location, let your opportunities wash away. Go ahead and get to know the area a little better.

Look for museums and stores in the city center… or that fantastic restaurant nearby. What makes you so special? Have you heard about the restaurant’s wonderful five-course dinner? Or perhaps you’d like to read the newspaper while sipping steaming coffee at one of the city’s many cafés. Take in a play at the theatre or stroll down the main street and observe passers-by.

When you plan your vacation with Hawaiian airlines reservations, you’ll never be far from Philipsburg attractions. After all, when you book a trip with us, the money you save is put to the best use. Whether you like the hustle and bustle of the city or the quiet solitude of a more relaxed stay, it’s all right here to get started.

Philipsburg has a savanna-like tropical climate. From January through December, when the temperature is pleasant or warm, and the rainfall is mild, it is excellent for Philipsburg.  

Top Things to do in Philipsburg:

Divi Little Bay Beach Resort

Beach resort Divi Little Bay is a peaceful beach in St. Martin’s Greek Bay’s west peninsula, just outside Philipsburg. With smooth, white sand and a tranquil blue sea, the beach is popular for snorkeling and other watersports such as jet skiing, paddle boats, and parasailing.

Enjoy the tranquil ambiance of St. Maarten’s quiet beach and swim in its beautiful, serene waves. Take advantage of the excellent visibility by renting snorkeling equipment or trying your hand at jet skiing or parasailing. Take a stroll along the sliver of the sandbank, relax at a bar or restaurant, and take in the view of the sea framed by hills.

Maho Beach

It’s one of the world’s most serene beaches, but Maho Beach is exceptionally well-known, especially for those who like flying. Maho Shore is close to an airport, and planes fly so low over the beach that they may fly over you.

Travel every day to ensure you don’t miss a trip to Maho Beach’s Sunset Bar to see large commercial planes take off. The aircraft above Maho Beach is particularly popular with the kids, who see it several times throughout the day. You may also watch the Sunset Bar planes while sipping a drink.

Great Bay Beach

Great Bay Beach runs the length of Philipsburg and is one of St. Maarten’s longest and broadest beaches. Over a 2-kilometer (3.2-kilometer) stretch, you’ll discover lively beach bars, rum shacks, and road carts selling cold beer, as well as some of the city’s best dining and duty-free shopping.

Maho & Mullet Bay

This is the tropical paradise you’ve always imagined, complete with white sands, swaying palms, and crystal clear water. This island’s surfers may encounter unusually big waves, making them attracted to this beach. Mullet Bay is the name of the island’s only 18-hole golf course.

Philipsburg Courthouse

The Philipsburg Courthouse, a sentry atop the palm-lined Watney Square on Front Street, is the focal point of the Dutch capital of the island. The white wooden structure with a distinct green border was built in 1793 and contained a bell tower topped with an apple; the traditional Caribbean welcome sign.

Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit

In the Philipsburg Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit, you may step into the Star Wars universe—and into the mind of Hollywood-born director Nick Maley. He helped create many of the franchise’s most memorable films. This museum and gift shop showcases film memorabilia, figurines, props, and holographs among the many duty-free stores along Front Street.

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Cole Bay Hill

The Cole Bay Hill provides a panoramic view over Philipsburg, the Dutch capital, and the St Eustatius Islands, Saba Islands, and Anguilla. The Cole Bay Hill is a fantastic place to visit. Simpson Bay Lagoon, the Caribbean’s biggest inland body of water, bathes the area in the sunshine in the mornings, while people flock here at night for sunset photos.

Front Street

Front Street (Voorstraat) runs along the bay. Front Thoroughfare is the main roadway and activity center for Philipsburg, the Dutch-side capital of St. Maarten. It is home to some of the island’s greatest restaurants and stores, including electronics, duty-free jewelry, and cigars, as well as old wooden structures.

Simpson Bay

The longest of St. Maarten’s beaches is a paradise with all the ingredients: pristine white sand, calm blue water, and slightly waving hands. It is the longest beach on St. Maarten. Simpson Bay is eerily quiet and unpopulated, despite its proximity to Princess Juliana Airport.

Fort Amsterdam

The Dutch built the first colonial fortress in 1631, and it was a pivotal moment in the battle between the Dutch, French, and British over the island. Although travelers may still find the remnants and cannons from the 19th century on the peninsula on the Great Bay’s west side, the fort is now decommissioned. It also serves as a nesting site for pelicans.


Take a stroll down the Boardwalk and take in the sights of this bustling neighborhood. The Boardwalk is the ideal place to meet people from all over the world as they sunbathe or watch the dazzling ocean from afar, and it serves as a vein that connects the beach to the country’s restaurants, bars, hotels, and shops. Hire a sailing shop to watch or just watch people and pick up a keepsake or two in the many stores.

The Bottom Line

Philipsburg, the city of Sint Maarten, offers a vibrant nightlife and great shopping. A few main streets in the port town are lined with palm, casinos, and resorts. There are also several eateries and vibrant duty-free shops scattered among them. If you get tired of hopping from store to shop, slumping on the beach, and visiting pubs and casinos, you may always explore the lovely coves surrounding the little island.



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