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Third-Party API Integration In Mobile Apps

We live in a digital era. Everybody is moving towards mobile phones. We use different types of mobile applications to finish our work in our personal and professional life. Developers use various programming languages to make apps fully functional and feature-packed.

Scratch is one of them. But using scratch is challenging, it is costly and time-consuming as well. So developers nowadays use efficient third-party service integration to create a smooth user experience so that the ever-growing demands and expectations of consumers across all types of mobile apps can be met.

Mobile app developers earn profits by capturing millions of users’ attention and interest. When the apps retain customer attention to the fullest they can survive in the market easily. To make your app good you need to integrate third-party services in your mobile app.

But do you know about 3rd party API integration? If the answer is ‘no’ then keep reading this article as I will discuss what is a third-party API integration and also important considerations to be kept in mind while integrating them.


Programming interface infers Application Programming Interface. It has a lot of significance for developing a software project. We use different mobile applications to meet our daily needs. Have you ever questioned how this works?

The suitable reaction is only the Application Programming Interface. In simple language API works as a door that helps product X to talk to product Y. Today API is used in every application to make them updated. We navigate our GPS, get information from social media sites, and book tickets online using the API.

Suppose you want to enrich your latest app MVP with extra functionality like social login, Geolocation. Can you create all these features from scratch? Not exactly. You can simply do it by using the radius API offered by varied services.

Let’s understand this by assuming a scenario. Suppose you have gone to our restaurant. You will sit at your table and decide the food that you want. Then you will communicate it to the waiter. Now he will communicate it to the kitchen chef.

Once the food is prepared, the waiter will come back with your order on your table. Now compare this scenario with API development. The waiter in the restaurant is the “API” that collects orders(requests) from your application and fetches the order from the chef(API service provider) to complete your command.

Application Programming Interface allows communication between different software. It has some set of tools, subroutine definitions, and protocols that permit your app to use data and functionality from other services or apps.

A third-party API has two important features.

Clients:- Client is a system that acts as a waiter. It sends your request to the server.

Server:- Server is a database or computer that responds to the request and comes back to you.


If developers get access to use API, they will bring functionalities and data into the equation. They help you to strengthen your application.


Business owners always want to strengthen their application by making it fully functional. They use an API of a third party to integrate with another business app or web service. This is called third-party API integration.

For example, if you want to power up a Google ads integration with a website you can use Google’s API.


APIs are only protocols, not programs for fully functioning tools. They can transmit data for command. Different APIs have different usages. Use API integration because of the following reasons:-

More Value:- If you integrate with API services, your customers will be able to use the advanced features of your app. Thus, you can fulfill their needs.

They will also be engaged. API integration will act as your USP(Unique Selling Proposition). It will help you stand uniquely in the market.

Business standards:-

API provides standard business services. It helps to make better data-driven decisions for your App functionality through analytics components. If you have launched an MVP app and are looking for better ideas on app usability, such insights are really helpful.

Convenient app:-

your users will try to interact with your App through different channels. API will help your app to access those channels quickly and easily. You can use Google Maps API to determine geolocation, Facebook APIs for social login, or dating APIs for login to make your app more convenient.

Fewer costs:- API development is cost-effective. Developers build this app within a very short period. API uses the functions of other apps. If your App is convenient, customers will be engaged more easily.

When you are ready to use all these important features, select which type of action API your app should perform, i.e., use case.

Three main API use cases:– Integrated API performs the following cases:-

Using other services features:- API allows using other features and services with ease. API allowing users to listen to music while doing other services. Some apps use PayPal’s Braintree API as the payment gateway or our project Spot news.

Receiving other’s services information:-

You can provide your app users with real-time travel data, like the schedule of trains, arrival, and departure by integrating the New York Subway system.

Getting access to mobile app device functions:-

Instagram and Snapchat use the phone’s camera API to click pictures. These are some great examples of API integration. Another example is, Google Maps can define the user’s location by using the phone’s geolocation API.

You can add new features to your app, get access to other services’ data or mobile data features without spending a fortune on developing those features from scratch.

THIRD-PARTY API EXAMPLES:- I will give here a list of the best API apps that you can integrate with.

Google Maps API:- this is an important third-party API program. Google Maps API helps in navigation and searching jio location in mobile apps. Users or we can say drivers can easily see the directions so that they don’t get lost.

Facebook API:- Now almost everybody uses Facebook. The company uses Facebook API to make its interface much better. It is a social network API integration that is used to finish projects. It also helps in the login process into other apps using Facebook profiles.

Skyscanner API:- if you are planning to create a travel App you can use the Skyscanner API. It provides users with flight search live quotes, ticket prices, ticket status, and other services of ticketing agencies.

Booking API:– mobile applications relating to hotel agencies use booking API. It helps in answering queries providing facilities, prices, and other information from hotels around the world.

Spoonacular API:-

diet and fitness apps used mostly spectacular API. It provides relevant information regarding the recipes, food, and nutrition. Your customers can also calculate the number of calories in each meal, convert them into ingredients and find recipes to meet diets, and so on.

Movie Database API:-

if you want to develop an on-demand video streaming platform you can use the movie database API. It provides several services like IMDB rating runtime awards, plots, actors and actresses, and lots of other data from each title.

Uber API:- Uber services use this API to hail an Uber taxi via your app, pay for a drive-in app, and leave reviews.

Sendbird API:- Sendbird is a great app for dating apps. It connects users through text messages and video calls.

Now I will discuss how you can integrate the API into your mobile application.

Different species have different functions, actions, and information. Their integration methods are also different. You can integrate an API with your mobile app using the points I have discussed below:-


If you are from a technical background, you can easily integrate an API with your mobile application. But if you are not then you have to hire an API integration expert who will assist you in the integrating process.

They use a Software Development Kit that includes a bunch of different software development tools in a single package. Thus the developer integrates the API accurately.

BUILT THE PROJECT WITHIN THE API PROVIDER SYSTEM:- In the second step, the developer registers in the API provider system. He then completes the authentication and authorization processes.

GET API KEY AND AUTHORISATION TOKEN:- Once the registration process is completed the developer receives an API key. The key helps the API provider to identify the authentication token.

INTEGRATE API FRAMEWORK FOR THE APP:- after the authorization process the developer installs the chosen software development kit. He then builds the environment using the dependency managers.

USE API REQUEST INSTANCES AND METHODS:- At last the developer uses new functionality by taking the help of dependencies added during the previous step. It allows them to integrate new fishes with the mobile application through API.



Third-party API holds requirements and regulations. So if you want to alter the API for a particular client or business needs, it is not a perfect solution. Initially, a third-party API will fulfill your own needs. It will be the most effective and safest solution.


Scratch offers to design, developing and implementing new features to your app. But when you have an option of using an API why will you use scratch.

For example, you can just use Google maps instead of maps provided by scraps. There is no need to reinvent the will. Third-party API is reliable. They will also offer you the required data you need to run your business.

NO NEED TO MAINTAIN:- Third-party apps also help in maintaining. As you are not the owner you don’t have to take responsibility for its maintenance.

HELP APPROACH ANY ISSUE:- Sometimes developers cannot reach out to customers and other issues. You can reach out to them very easily by using a third-party API.

TOP API USE CASES:- API performs different actions. Below are the points why you should use a third party API:-

USING FEATURES OF OTHER SERVICES:- APIs use features of other services. For example, some APIs use PayPal’s Braintree as their payment pathway.


When you integrate your application with a third-party API you can easily get others’ service information. You can offer your users real-time travel data, schedules of trains and flights, booking tickets by integrating with other third-party apps. Your users will be amazed. They will promote your app after having a pleasant experience.

GETTING EXPRESS TO OTHER SERVICES DATA AND MOBILE DEVICE FEATURES:- Instagram and Facebook use the phone’s camera API to click pictures. This way you can avail new features to your application and get access to other mobile device features and other services. You don’t have to take help from scratch.


if you are deciding to integrate a third-party API with your mobile application then consider the following points as a checklist.


before using an API for your mobile app development, always check if the API depends on a replaceable role in your app or it will be the centerpiece of your app.


account assistant and stable API works well. Check whether the chosen API is stable and flexible. For this, you can check the previous clients of that particular API. You will get a clear picture of the API.


using a deep user-based API is always influential for you and your business. Popular AP ise are much more credible. When users will love your interface they will use your app more. Social login APIs like Facebook and Google help to log in to other apps easily.

So you can enhance the functionality of your mobile application by integrating third-party API. This is very cost-effective and time-saving. APIs will help your app to stand uniquely in the market. Get more info about mobile dating app development.


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