Surrogacy Process for Intended Parents

When a couple wants to become parents, all of them may not find that everything is okay. For example, the wife may be unable to carry a baby in her womb because of some problem in her uterus, or her ovum may not be fertile enough. In this case, they can go through the surrogacy process as intended parents. Here is the step-by-step surrogacy process for intended parents:

Research, Call, Consult, and Confirm Agreement

First, research what type of surrogate you will need, one who will go through in vivo or one who will take an embryo in vitro fertilization. There are surrogacy agencies, consultants, and attorneys both in the USA and in other countries like India and Thailand. If you have financial difficulties, you can choose a cheap alternative to fly to India or Thailand for a foreign surrogate. But it includes low quality of healthcare, a surrogate speaking in a different language, complexity with the law of that country regarding surrogacy etcetera. Choosing a surrogate agency in the US is safer though expensive. The best option is flying to California if your state is not California. There are many world-class and reputed surrogacy agencies in California that intended parents come here to choose a surrogate mother for their sperm or embryo. Choose an agency that matches your family and financial condition and call them. They will give you an appointment and accordingly consult with them which is free of cost. They will explain to you everything about the surrogacy process there in detail. If you can make the decision then, tell them upon which they will give you a form to fill up and take your sign in the agreement paper. Then, the search for a surrogate mother will be begun by the agency.

Matching and Meeting a Surrogate

The officials in the surrogacy agency will inform you as soon as they find out a surrogate who matches your choice. They will share the profile of the chosen surrogate with you which includes her application, photo of her and her family, her background, and why she chose surrogacy. If you are agreed with the agency about the selected one to be your selected one also, you can move forward to meet her. The reproduction possibility officials of the agency will help you and the surrogate to ask and answer questions. You can do it either online or physically. After your meeting, if the surrogate and both of you – husband and wife agree, that means both the parties agree. Then you can be ready to be the intended parents and the surrogate can be prepared to be an intended mother.

Transfer Fund for the Surrogate

Transfer fund to Surrogacy Fund Management so that the bills and expenses at different stages of her gestational period can be paid. By doing so, you can easily visit and build a sound relationship with your surrogate where there will be no financial talking. Visit at gestación subrogada precio to learn more details about global surrogacy costs.

Medical Screening

A woman needs physical fitness before being a surrogate mother. For this, she has to appear in a whole day-long medical screening which includes blood tests, urine tests, drug tests, a saline sonogram, emotional screening, and psychological screening. All these medical screenings are done by highly qualifies specialist doctors in a clinic.

Embryo Transfer

Before transferring the embryo to the surrogate, she has to take four weeks of medication with a weekly blood test and bi-weekly ultrasound test by your chosen clinic to make sure that her uterus is ready for embryo transfer. After these 4 weeks, if the doctors declared her fit for embryo transfer, the surrogacy agency will hire a luxury hotel near the clinic for her post embryo transfer rest, or you as the intended parents can arrange it. After the embryo is transferred to the womb of the surrogate by the doctors in the clinic, she is kept under close observation in a highly facilitated specialized clinic for the surrogacy. If pregnancy is confirmed, fertility doctors gradually release her medication and guide her to a natural diet in order to allow the growth of the baby.

Pregnancy of the Surrogate Mother Continues

The surrogate mother lulls her growing baby in her body, undergoes physical agonies and uneasiness throughout weeks after weeks. The first heartbeat of the baby is confirmed through ultrasound within around 6 weeks. Then the fertility doctors hand her over to the obstetricians or gynecologists at around 12 weeks. Within 16th to 20th weeks the intended parents have to make legal documents ready and represent them in the court through a surrogacy attorney mentioning everything about their becoming intended parents and the surrogate’s biological or birth mother of the upcoming baby.

Delivery of the Surrogate

As the day of labor approaches, the surrogate will inform you. It is social if you can visit her then every couple of days. On the delivery date, the surrogacy agency will call you to come. At once come to the clinic and ensure the health and medical insurance of the surrogate mother and also of the baby. During and after the successful delivery, you can smile and take photos.

Receiving Baby by the Intended Parents

Make sure the surrogate can take some days of rest after her labor. This is the lady who has risked her life and sacrificed her time to gift you the most precious thing on earth – a child. How beautiful it is when a baby smiles during sleep! – Just imagine it. Then take permission from the surrogate and the agency to take your baby to your home. Both of them will generously let you begin a new family as intended parents.


This is the age of science of technology. Embryo by in vitro fertilization technology was first implanted and became successful in 1986. Since then, surrogacy without the eggs of the surrogate has been possible. Every man or woman on earth has the desire to become a parent. It is now possible for everyone if you came across the above writing about the surrogacy process for intended parents.

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