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Submit sitemap to google search console -Complete guide 2022

Submit sitemap

Sitemaps are an essential part of your website. While it may not be as bright as your website’s homepage, it is useful for directing Google bots to check your website content, links, etc. Referring to your site helps you rank higher in the Google SERPs.

Without a sitemap, Google bots will be lost, and your chances of being ranked high. Imagine being a content creator.

Each week, you produce many videos or art pieces that you post on various websites. In this case, your main goal is to bring home traffic to your website to make money through sales, show ads, or serve visitors who directly support you.

You want your website to be clean, organized, and easy to navigate. A site map can help you with that. Maybe you are a web designer or editor — hired to redesign a company website, to rebuild from the ground up. For large companies with many different streams of revenue and products offered, it may be challenging to keep them organized.

If you do not know where to begin, you can get fantastic website development services from top agencies.

Let’s learn: How to submit a sitemap to the google search console

What is a Website Sitemap?

In simple terms, a site map uses two main functions. First, they help web designers and programmers to plan a website design. Think of it as a demo that shows which links to a web page will go to which pages and from which pages you can go next from there.

This site mapping function may seem obvious, or needless to say, but it is essential to remember. Sometimes, when you start something new, it can be easy to forget even the most superficial aspects of the task.

Web designers and programmers have a lot to think about by fixing broken code, filling out each page, and designing beauty schemes.

What a website looks like in the beginning may obscure how it works. When this happens, websites are a bit awkward and are harder to navigate than it is to enjoy exploring.

The second function is less specific but equally important. Web searchers — bots used by browsers to pinpoint and index all different websites across the Internet — use site maps to update their indexes. This means it makes websites easier to find, makes the search more accessible, and easier to use.

Quick Tips to Improve Your Website Sitemap

Now that we have discovered the value of website sitemaps, let’s take a quick look at the various steps you can take to make your site maps better and more accurate.

  • Use relevant tools and plugins.
  • Review your page structure
  • Prioritize your web page carefully
  • Code your URLs for greater accuracy
  • Pick high-quality pages in your Sitemap

Create a Sitemap:

When you create a site map, you tell search engines which URLs you choose to display in search results. These are canonical URLs.

If you have the same content accessible under different URLs, select the URL of your choice and place that on the site map instead of all the URLs that lead to the same content.

Once you have decided which URLs to include in the Sitemap, select one of the following methods to create a sitemap, depending on your site layout and size:

  • Let your CMS generate a site map for you.
  • For Sitemaps with fewer than twelve URLs, you can create your Sitemap.
  • For Sitemaps with more than a dozen URLs, automatically generate a sitemap.

What Types of Website Sitemaps are There?

Now that you understand the basics of a site map, it is time to teach you what different types of sitemaps are. There are many website sitemaps, and none are better than the others.

Each one has its function, its good and bad lists, and it will be put together to make it fit any situation. For planning purposes and clarity, when discussing various site maps, specific terms will be used.

If you are talking about a host page or a page that can be accessed by other pages, the host page will be called a parent or parent page. Pages from the parent page will be pages for kids.

  • Visual sitemaps
  • XML sitemap
  • Image sitemaps
  • HTML sitemaps
  • Video sitemaps
  • News sitemaps
  • Mobile sitemaps
  • Text sitemaps

How to Submit a Sitemap

Submitting a sitemap to Google is easy:

  • Sign in to your Google Search Console.
  • In the sidebar, select your website.
  • Click on ‘Sitemaps.’ The ‘Sitemaps’ menu is under the ‘Reference’ section.
  • Remove outdated or invalid site maps (if available.)
  • To add a new sitemap, enter your website address for example Tooliyo.com/sitemap.xml
  • Click Submit.

Submit Your Sitemaps to Search Engine

Our plugin can create site maps for different sections of your website. That makes it easier for search engines to understand the structure of your site. We combine all individual site maps into a site map index.

You should only submit a site-based index link that is automatically updated as you add, delete, or modify your content. The same site map index is used by our add-ons such as Yoast SEO: News and Yoast SEO: Local.

A perfect site layout makes your content easy to find. Yoast SEO Premium contains a few features that help you customize your site. By giving your website site development, you get the benefits of your SEO, your visitors, and search engines.

Why are Sitemaps Important

  • Your website does not have good internal links: Sitemaps help you to start building internal links. Google clarifies your website using the site map as a guide rather than links you do not have.
  • Your website is comprehensive and has many pages: The bigger the website, the longer it takes Google to crawl and index. Sitemap speeds up the process.
  • Your website is new or has no external links: It may be challenging to find it. The Sitemap shows Google what’s on your site without relying on external links that bring in traffic from elsewhere.


Site maps are essential for Google to identify your site, first and foremost. However, they also benefit you and your users.

You can use your site map to understand the content on your website better and help your users navigate better on the site. Use our Site Inspection Tool to ensure that your site maps are optimized.



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