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Can I eliminate my energy bill with solar panels in 2021

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The most effective way to reduce your electricity bill is to switch to an alternative energy generation system. To better understand the electrical installation, discover various concepts and equipment on this site. Solar is the most efficient and affordable way to save money today.

Even when your solar energy system remains connected to the traditional electricity grid, its use can definitely reduce your electricity bill. The utility company may not only charge you for the electricity you use, but they may also charge you a monthly demand charge.

This is why adopting PV technology may not completely eliminate your electricity bills, as long as you are tied to the grid.

Install photovoltaic panels

Among the energy renovation work to be done in your home for sale, we could not miss the photovoltaic panels! Who says improving the energy performance of your home, says lowering the energy consumption of the home.

The installation of photovoltaic panels is therefore an excellent solution to improve the energy performance of a home that does not directly lower the DPE (Energy Performance Diagnosis) but which, in its use, amounts to consuming 100% energy. free: that of the sun.

Thanks to a photovoltaic installation, you have two solutions: either you consume the solar production yourself, or you sell the excess energy produced to EDF OA. In any case, these are savings on the energy bill! For buying solar panels you can visit solvingsolar.com

Making a photovoltaic cell

The treatment of the sand makes it possible to purify the silicon which is heated and reduced in a furnace. The silicon obtained is said to be 98% pure metallurgical silicon. This silicon is then chemically purified and results in liquid silicon of electronic quality.

Subsequently, this pure silicon will be enriched in doping elements: P, As, Sb, or B, during the doping step, in order to be able to transform it into a P or N-type semiconductor. After various treatments of the silicon three types of silicon cells are obtained: Amorphous, monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon cells.

Photovoltaic inverter

The main role of inverters is to transform the direct current produced by the photovoltaic power plant into alternating current for injection into the grid.

Solar energy

Once exposed to light, the photovoltaic cell sucks the energy of light photons. These set electrons in motion which generate a continuous electric current.

Polycrystalline panel

It has a lower cost than the monocrystalline panel. It generates an output of 100 Wp (peak Watt) per m². These solar panels are the fact that it does not work well if the sunshine rate is low.

  • Change your habits to reduce your daily electricity consumption
  • To reduce the amount of your electricity bill, two solutions are available to you:
  • Reduce your electricity consumption;
  • Produce some of the electricity you use.
  • To reduce your electricity consumption, there is a multitude of easy-to-adopt tips.

I’m sure you know the simplest of them: turning off the lights when you leave a room, turning off your electronic devices rather than leaving them on standby, etc.

  • Let’s take a look at some other lesser-known habits to adopt today.
  • Heating intelligently
  • Electric heating is often one of the most important sources of energy consumption in your home.

For most of our customers, it represents around 35% of their electricity consumption. Lowering the temperature of your heating is, therefore, a good idea to reduce your bill.

  • So, at what temperature should you set your heating?
  • The ideal temperature is 19 ° C in the living rooms (living room, kitchen, dining room, etc.).
  • If you are not cautious, you can even go down to 18 ° C.
  • In the rooms, 17 ° C is sufficient.

Do Solar Panels Increase Home Value?

Short answer? Yes, installing solar panels will increase the market value of your home at least in the cost of the system. According to the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory, every $ 1 in savings generated from a solar energy system will add $ 20 to the market value of your home when you decide to sell.

Not only will you notice an increase in the value of your home, but a solar energy system will also help you sell your home 20% faster than residences without solar panels.

Solar panel owners are seeing an increase in their property values ​​over comparative homes in their neighborhoods. The main reason for this increase in market value is that solar panel homes offer a definite financial benefit to future owners.

Hybrid solar panel

The hybrid solar panel or mixed solar collector has two functions simultaneously. It works like a photovoltaic collector by the production of electricity and as a thermal collector, it produces heat.

Solar thermal collector

It is a device whose function is to capture solar energy given by radiation and pass it to a coolant, gas or liquid, in the form of heat. There are many types of hybrid solar panel see more solar panels from solvingsolar.com

Choose photovoltaic self-consumption to save energy

Photovoltaic self-consumption allows you to consume your own solar energy production. The photovoltaic self-consumption system ensures that part of the electricity needs are covered and allows significant energy savings to be made.

The installation of photovoltaic panels for self-consumption has several advantages:

Energy savings and in euros: the cost price of the KhW produced for own consumption is less expensive than the KhW purchased from your distributor.

Ecological and environmentally friendly infrastructure: the electricity produced comes from renewable energy. It is an ecological alternative to polluting fossil fuels.

Solar kits can be installed anywhere, even on city rooftops.

Photovoltaic self-consumption represents a source of energy produced locally for and by each home.

Recommended Articles

1 – The power/types of photovoltaic modules:

The monocrystalline photovoltaic solar panel offers slightly higher performance but is more expensive. This technology is suitable for limited available surfaces.

The polycrystalline photovoltaic solar panel: It is the most used module since it offers a good quality/price ratio. If the available area is not limited, it may be more advantageous to use this module.

Amorphous photovoltaic solar panel: It is generally suitable for weak or diffuse sunlight.

2 – The choice of the type of photovoltaic inverter:

Conventional inverters or micro-inverters.

3 – Sunstroke:

It is the solar radiation received by the panel during a certain period. It depends on the orientation and inclination of the panels and the geographic location of the solar kit.

4 – The savings generated by solar panels:

The owner of the photovoltaic solar panels can reduce their electricity bill and/or resell their unconsumed production to their electricity distributor.

How many solar panels are for my project? Sizing

Before making the purchase, it is important to know and understand the performance of a photovoltaic solar panel and calculate the daily needs of your house.

  • The calculation of the performance of solar equipment depends on 2 criteria:
  • Profitability of my photovoltaic installation

The calculation of the profitability of solar equipment depends on several factors such as the cost price of the devices, the subsidies granted by the local authorities, and the rate of purchase of electricity from the grid. Find more details to calculate the profitability of your solar kit.

The price of electricity is going to increase

The increase in the price of electricity is inevitable and officially announced by the State. It is estimated that it adds around 50 euros a year to household electricity bills.

Do you want to avoid increases in your electricity bills? Our website offers you different solutions to produce and consume your own electricity.

What are the application fees?

If you look at your electricity bill, you will see a charge for the total amount of energy consumed or, in many cases, an energy premium for the excess energy produced by your Sibel energy photovoltaic solar panel system. Along with this amount, you will also see the application fee.

It refers to the rate of use of electricity over a given period and this tax is billed at the highest average over a 15-minute interval of the current month. In other words, the power company calculates the maximum amount of electrical energy consumed over a given period and charges a monthly fee to cover the demand.

This royalty is intended to ensure that the production and transmission capacity of the utility company is sufficient to meet peaks in demand.

How can solar power against high demand charges?

The amount you pay for demand is based on the rate at which you have used energy in the previous month, and even a single spike in a 15-minute period can result in high monthly charges.

So, for solar panel owners looking to further reduce their electricity bills, it may be helpful to regulate energy consumption as much as possible so that the panels produce enough energy to provide electricity in times of need. point. It also depends on the installation of the photovoltaic solar panels.

If your system can provide enough PV electricity, you will be able to reduce the rate at which you draw power from the grid. This will reduce demand charges and lower electricity bills. Switching to another tariff with reduced application fees may also be an option.

This will result in higher energy use costs, but if your solar system is producing excess energy, you can resell it to offset those costs.

Use of a battery storage system to reduce application costs

Ultimately, to reduce the amount charged for demand and lower electricity bills, you need to control your peaks in energy use. Using a battery system to store energy when the weather is cloudy or dark can help, especially if you choose a demand response system.

These systems detect when energy consumption is increasing and intervene during those times to power the battery rather than the grid. While most battery-powered storage systems can only deliver enough power for a short time, they can be effective in eliminating or reducing load spikes.

The other way to reduce application costs is to make sure your solar panel system is sized and configured correctly to meet your needs. Whether you are considering adopting solar technology or have already installed a distribution panel in your home or business, a professional solar company can help you assess your needs and determine the most economical size and configuration.


In the United States, several studies have already shown the link between the installation of solar panels, and the realization of a capital gain when the house is sold.

According to this first survey of 2015, houses equipped with solar panels systematically make it possible to realize a capital gain on the sale.

Although this added value varies significantly from state to state, it is on average equivalent to the purchase price of solar panels.

She also points out that the added value varies from state to state, depending on the average price of a solar installation in that state.



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