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Isn’t it hard finding movies or shows streaming sites like Vumoo and even if we find a site that actually streams movies and shows which are rather rare cases, they will ask you to make an account or add a credit card, and sometimes they even ask you to pay monthly membership fees? Believe me, most of such sites who particularly ask you for such kind of membership are generally fraud and have no such features like movie series, shows, upcoming events et cetera.


Fortunately, there are tons of Vumoo alternatives that allow you to stream free movies online without having to sign up and without having to spend time.

After a lot of searching and finding. Amazing top 10 brings you the best Vumoo alternatives. This list is for people who are passionate about movies. This post provides every movie lover the best experience on movies. Most of the sites in the list provide all the movie & cast information you may need including ratings, trailers, plot, movie cast posters, reviews from reliable sources, etc. All the websites in the list contain different categories of movies and shows.

Top 10 alternatives to Vumoo

  1. Putlocker
  2. Viooz
  3. All
  4. YesMovies
  5. Niter
  6. Moviezoin
  7. FilesLoop
  8. MegaShare
  9. Stream
  10. new movies

Best Sites Like Vumoo to Watch Movies

1• Putlocker. to

Putlocker is one such site that provides you online movie streaming for free. Not only this, but Putlocker also provides you the details of upcoming events, latest shows, live broadcasts, etc. Putlocker stands in this list because of its high and better functioning

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With said that, you can watch your favorite movies and shows online, that too for free. Here, you can discover thousands of the latest movies online. Why is Putlocker the best site? Well! the answer to this is, streaming of movies with no survey, no sign-up, no downloads, and no fees. Isn’t this great. In my opinion, you must try Putlocker.

Ahan! we cannot go without an extra feature, now can we? Putlocker is not only good with streaming thousands of movies but it also provides you searches without any particular keyword. So, you don’t have to worry if you don’t remember the full name of the movie, Putlockers will do that for you.

Visit Putlocker

2• Viooz


Viooz, just like Putlocker is a website that offers visitors free streaming movies, shows, live events, etc. Just select the one you want to watch and click on the title. The video will load and start to stream shortly.

Movie today are huge in size, most probably a movie, taking the minimum expectation, is almost 1GB in size, with said that, it can extend to almost 8 GB. Then all those processes Like downloading, waiting for the downloads and then finally watching. It is just a waste of time. Well, this is the reason why streaming sites are here for us and Viooz is one of the best.

Visit Viooz

3. Alluc. ee

Why Alluc.Does ee stand in this list? Okay! Think of a site containing almost 80 million streaming links from over 700 VOD services plus, it also is a video coaster and a file host. What will this kind of site call? Well, if not best I don’t know what to call it.

Don’t be amused, yes! Alluc does contain 80 million movies and yes! It is undoubtedly a genuine site.

images 83

The feature called automatic crawler visits millions of pages every day to find every kind of video from around the world. Not only this, Alluc searches all general video hosting places like YouTube, Vimeo, vid. me, google drive, Openload, DailyMotion… as well as movie & tv-show streaming sites such as Hulu, iTunes, amazon, google play, Comcast, and many more! This is what makes it to the top of the list

Visit Alluc

4. YesMovies


Do you ever feel like watching a show or movies but you don’t have a TV in front of you? If so, the first place you should visit is Yesmovies, why? Well, it is the fastest surfing site. Their massive selection of free movie streaming app allows you to quickly find a solution that will make it easy for you to enjoy premium movies and TV shows for free from any of your devices.

Yes, movies justify their name as it says “yes to movies”. Yes, the movie stands in this top 10 alternatives to the Vumoo list because YesMovies has a beautiful layout that helps you find your favorite movie simply.


The best thing about the Yes movie is, it does not take much time in loading or buffering, each movie loads as faster as it could. Yes! This feature does depend on the internet quality you are having. If it is decent, every movie or show will load instantly, making Yes Movies one of the top movie sites on the internet. Check it out now!

Explore the whole site, there you will be finding the list of top movie streaming apps for Android and IOS  phones or tablets.

Visit YesMovies

5. Niter

Niter is one of the Vumoo alternatives that look mostly like Netflix.


If you’re a Netflix addict and you love their interface, Niter is going to be very simple for you to navigate. You can easily sort the available movies by genre or you can simply type in the name of the movie that you’re looking for.


Niter has a massive selection of available movies and TV series, making it one of the best movie streaming sites available on the internet.

Visit Niter

6. MovieZion

download 27

MovieZion is a video-sharing website, where you can find the latest videos from the web. It does not host any content on its servers. You can watch free movies only at MovieZion in high quality, and its database is updated daily. Just browse to the Latest movies section and get started.


MovieZion adds latest movies as soon as they are available on the web, and sometimes movies are available on MovieZion even before it has been released. Check our upcoming movies sections to watch free movies online.

Visit MovieZoin


Filesloop is the best place to search for various free movies & any other music videos to watch and download.  Use the search tab to search your desired movies. Afterward, users will get a list containing links to download the content.

Filesloop is a file hosting and Torrents Meta-Search Engine and downloader. Filesloop lets users search their desired contents and download torrents and files from various file hosting sites.

Visit FilesLoop


8. MegaShare

Watch Movies Online Free on MegaShare. Now Full Free Movies. No registration is required. It has its own application which makes things much easier.

megashare 59445

It allows sharing your movies, music, pictures, documents with your friend quickly and easily as well as download or stream what you receive.

You can also access your account to download, stream and share the files located in it.

Visit Megashare

9. Streamza

Streamza is a BitTorrent service that offers access to gazillions of the torrent on your device, let it alone be phones, tablets, desktop or even a TV set.

Streamza offers the user an easy to handle system, splendid remote BitTorrent at your disposal, matched with online storage and streaming functions.


Streamza has currently diversified its support in these platforms:

Starting with iPhone 4, 4S, 5 with IOS 6.0 or higher iPad (version 2 and later), with IOS 6.0 or higher it went to AppleTV through AirPlay (any black-box version).

Also, Streamza provides it support to laptop or desktop PC with Chrome, Firefox, Safari browser. In the case of Chrome and Firefox, the Flash player is required.

Stream also not disappoint Other gadgets like Android phones and tablets, might partially work.

Visit Streamza

10. NewMovies


The next one in the list of 10 best alternatives to Vumoo is “NewMovies”. This amazing site not only provides you latest movie as it states “New movies” but also provides tv’s popular shows. Just when you thought life is way expensive than your salary, NewMovie bought its exclusive “free streaming offer” i.e., you can, now watch your favorite movie or show for free.

This site is the best in terms of quality. First, it provides you new movies and shows that of good quality as well! Mind-boggling!! Must say.

Moreover, the site is way easy. You can watch your favorite shows and movies in mere easy steps as it offers you to select from the genres; you can pick from categories like a thriller, short, family, animation, etc.

Try it here NewMovies

So guys this was the list, created to help you out in watching and enjoying movies online for free. Well obviously these are not only the sites that could be used to view movies online but these were the major ones that have some heavy standing between the crowd of other online sites. Well if you think I missed some really good ones that should be added to the list of top 10 sites like Vumoo do comment below.


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