Things to Know Before Choosing Sick Tree Treatment Services


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Most popular lendingtree health services providers provide lendingtree treatment services & tree plant healthcare-related information in this article.

While visiting for a property purchase, people always get attracted to one common thing and that is greenery and trees. Who doesn’t like to have trees in their backyard or front of their house? Everyone wants to have fresh air in the morning and fresh fruits during the season.

But not every tree is fruitful, some trees also occur be problematic due to certain reasons like they are much near the house, or they are sick, or if they block the sun rays. However, these trees are not always a deal-breaker because these things can be avoided or can be improved with help.

In some old properties, due to lack of care, the trees become brown and sick. So, these types of trees need extra care just like human beings. There are many tree doctors available to provide Best Sick Tree Treatment Services to make your tree healthy and happy.

There are certain reasons why some trees get sick like disease, not getting enough water, due to some insects, etc. It is very important to know the reason behind the tree’s sickness because this is how you will be able to take proper treatment. An arborist can find the sickness of the trees deeply and will check for the following:

  • Any dangerous branches which needed to be removed.
  • Whether the roots are too strong or not or if they are damaging properties of the foundation.
  • Whether the tree has been infected by some bacteria or viruses, or any dying signs.
  • Check the distance between your house and trees.

How to check the sickness of the tree on your own?

If you can appoint an Arborist at a moment and need to do a quick check on your own. Whether the trees are healthy or not, the following signs will help you to point out a few things:

  • Sick trees will have dead branches or they might be dead, fallen, or bend towards a lower direction.
  • Half leaves on the tree or very few leaves, or the leaves have completely fallen off and the tree doesn’t have any followers or looks pale.
  • Insects are the most common reason for tree sickness. Attack of insects, leaves will have eaten and you will notice big and small holes in the leaves, its branches, bark, etc.
  • Changes in the color of the leaves despite the season.
  • Leaves have dark spots.
  • The structure of the tree is unstable, not very strong.

With the help of the above-discussed signs, you will be able to identify the tree’s problem. Sometimes, it is not necessary to have all the symptoms to consider it as sick. Anyone or two symptoms is enough for it to be considered problematic and then you can start further treatment or can contact your seller.

How to Treat a Tree’s Sickness?

You love your new property but the only drawbacks are the unhealthy trees creating problems in your purchase. Therefore, there are several Best Sick Tree Treatment Services available through which you can make the tree healthy and fruitful with just simple steps. You can take help from outside or you can do it by yourself if you want to purchase that property.

Avoid using High Nitrogen Fertilizers and Toxic Chemical Pesticides-

Many toxic fertilizers and chemicals have harmful substances which kill the beneficial elements of the tree. Avoid using them and use more natural and herbal fertilizers.

Also, there are many good insects present in the soil and root of the tree which helps it in growing more, these fertilizers and chemicals kill those good insects and stop any further growth of the same.

Insects need a good environment where they can grow more and perform their functions to make the tree healthy. Therefore it is necessary to use a fertilizer that is of good quality, doesn’t kill important insects, microbes, and beneficial elements, and provides the required amount of nutrients and important things to the tree.

Some synthetic chemicals and fertilizers are also very unbalanced, have a lot of salt, and have destructive properties which are not good for the tree to survive and grow. Thus, strictly avoid all these chemical substances for your plants and trees for a healthy and fruitful garden.

Remove Excess Soil-

This is very important because sometimes due to excess soil, a tree doesn’t get a proper amount of oxygen and can die. Some trees are planted deep inside the ground so their roots get covered in eroded soil which stops them from getting proper oxygen and important nutrients.

Excess soil can also lead to the presence of moisture in the bark and branches of the tree which gives home to various bacteria which make your tree sick and unhealthy.

Remove the soil which is bad for the tree and let the roots breathe fresh air for a while. Just like humans, trees also need oxygen to survive, covering the roots with soil will make a negative impact on the tree.

Removing soil from the root is not an easy job as the roots are planted very deep inside the ground and it becomes very hard because it has been planted for so many years.  You can take help from professional tools and equipment to remove the soil like an air spade or air knife.

Expose the roots to the sun and let them breathe properly. This will improve the condition of the tree. This procedure should be followed for every tree even if it’s not sick because some trees show late symptoms so precautions have to be taken before.

Use organic substances-

Organic and herbal substances are very important and necessary things for the tree to survive for long years. Use substances like rock minerals and sugar. Rock minerals could be of many types like greensand, Azomite, lava sand, etc. Sugar increases the microbes and speeds up the process.

These substances help the tree to grow rapidly but in a healthy way. There are many products available in the market which you can use in the tree. Check the ingredients very well and make sure it doesn’t have any chemical content because it may react with the soil and cause damage to the roots.

Sugar is very good for the root of the tree as it increases the microbes inside the soil. Some people use tea bags which also work the same. Use the products as mentioned in the instruction manual of the outer packaging and do not over-apply the layers because it may give the opposite results.

Since these products are a little costly and no one wants to invest more money on trees, you can use a small amount of the product every time you use it, this will also do its work very efficiently.

Cut off the dead branches-

Cutting dead branches reduces the infection and bacteria to grow further on another part of the tree. If there is any insect infestation on one side and the other side is completely safe then you can remove the infected part and save another part from getting infected.

Pruning and trimming the leaves also helps the tree to grow well. It removes the dead area and allows the tree to grow more in that particular part.

Trimming improves the air circulation in every part of the branches and also makes the health of the tree better. It also makes it look more green and beautiful, when you trim the leaves of the tree, it gets enough air and allows the blooming of flowers and fruits.

If the branches of the tree are very close to your house, window or doors then it’s very necessary to cut them off because some branches have sharp ends which can cause severe damage to your family members, especially kids.

Proper watering of your trees-

This is the most common and vital matter which people ignore while taking care of their trees. When trees become full-grown and fruitful people avoid watering them and depend on the weather for watering, but your tree needs water throughout the weather or season. Water your tree when it’s hot and not raining outside.

Watering the trees is a very essential step to make them healthy and survive in the environment. Water removes the dirt from the soil and makes the soil wet which enables them to get enough oxygen and other important elements. Besides this, large and big trees need a lot of water to grow fruits and flowers. If you don’t give them enough water then their roots will get dry and the tree will die soon.


Saving a sick tree is a difficult task but also very necessary if you want to live in an environment that gives fresh air. If you don’t have enough knowledge, take professional help, or ask some expert for suggestions.

Carefully inspect the tree for any sick symptoms. Saving a tree will give you so many benefits for long years and will also help you in improving your health.


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