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Places to Shop in Kolkata to Satisfy the Shopaholic in You


Kolkata is known as the ‘City of Joy, and it is called so for all the right reasons. The city showcases happy vibes and a celebrating spirit no matter what. And when you visit the city, you will be left amazed by how this metropolitan is developing despite its people having a slow-paced lifestyle. 

There are many tourist attractions in Kolkata, but when you are done with the sightseeing activities, you might want to get something, maybe a souvenir or some unique clothes or jewelry pieces that will make your trip to this city memorable. So, if you want to pick your favorites, check out these places to shop in Kolkata during your visit. 

Dakshinapan Shopping Center

If you or anybody in your family is into handicrafts, you can check out the famous Dakshinapan Shopping Center. This has a number of stores that sell a wide range of collections of handlooms and handicrafts from all over India. It is one of the best places to shop in Kolkata, as you can get almost everything at a reasonable price. There are many gift shops within the shopping complex, so if you are looking for some souvenirs, you are sorted. 

Where: It is located on Ghariahat Road. 

New Market 

One of the most popular places to shop in Kolkata, New Market is also the oldest market in the city. With 2000+ small stalls, you will find almost everything here. There is a wide range of sarees available at the shops, most of which mainly sell Bengali sarees. Some best-selling varieties include Tant, Jamdani, Tasar Silk, etc.

Smaller shops for handbags, handcrafted jewelry, etc., are put up during the evening, so if you want to get any of these, plan your visit accordingly. You might have to improve your bargaining skills as the shop owners will quote a higher price. And in between all this, if you get hungry, you will find many options to eat at the eateries within the market. 

Where: It is located at Lindsay Street.

Bara Bazaar 

One of the most bustling places to shop in Kolkata, Bara Bazaar is a one-stop shop for all your fashion requirements. It is very similar to Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, famous for budget shopping in Kolkata. From cosmetics, clothes, and jewelry to spices, decor, and toys, you will find everything here at a very affordable price. Also, don’t forget to check out the mouth-watering street food at this market during your trip. 

Where: It is located nearby Mahatma Gandhi Road Metro Station. 

College Street 

If you are into reading books, you must visit College Street. It is the largest book market in the country. Nearly all students are studying in Kolkata shop for books here. You would not find a similar market anywhere else in the city.

Also, you can visit the Indian Coffee House in this market, which is a great hanging spot for students. Order some of your favorites and relish mouth-watering delicacies while shopping for fantastic books. No matter which author or edition, you will find almost every book published in this market. 

Where: It is located on Park Street. 

Gariahat Market

Most tourists call the Gariahat Market a shopper’s paradise. With hundreds of shops selling jewelry, clothes, gadgets, handicrafts, etc., it almost sounds right to call it so. Apart from the small shops, it also has numerous outlets of popular brands. No matter your budget, you can quickly get whatever you want, according to your preference. When you get hungry after a lot of walking, you can visit any restaurants nearby to satisfy your food cravings. 

Where: It is located at Rash Behari Ave in Ekdalia, Ballygunge. 

Hatibagan Market

Once a popular place for animal lovers to pick an array of birds and animals, Hatibagan Market has now transformed into one of the most popular places to shop in Kolkata. It has numerous small shops, cinema halls, and stalls that delight every budget shopper.

There are a few branded stores here, and you can get anything from here. Hatibagan Market is one of the best shopping places in Kolkata and is worth your visit during your trip to this vibrant city. If you are a foodie, you can also explore the countless small eateries here and indulge in freshly made local delicacies. 

Where: It is located on Shri Aurobindo Sarani Road.

Burrabazar Market

If you want to purchase something in bulk and at affordable prices, you must head to the oldest wholesale market in Kolkata, the Burrabazar Market. It is also one of the most prominent places to shop in Kolkata and attracts a lot of crowds, especially around festivals. Furthermore, this place is divided into four parts: Fancypatti, Tullapatti, Chinipatti, and Dhotipatti. This market wears a different look on special occasions, with sweets seen in abundance, the sale of puja paraphernalia, and embellished clothes and footwear stocked to attract customers. 

Where: It is located near the M. G. Road metro station.

Quest Mall

Quest Mall is one of the most popular places to shop in Kolkata. It was built in 2013 and had been attracting many visitors. With many stores selling a range of products from cosmetics and jewelry to clothes and footwear, it also has a multiplex for movie buffs. The INOX at this mall has six screens. If you get hungry while strolling inside the mall and shopping for essentials, you can head to the food courts to enjoy an array of delicacies. There are also gaming areas, so if you go with kids, they will be entertained.  
Where: It is located at Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Beck Bagan Row.

Mani Square Shopping Mall

The mall is located on the Manicktala main road and has an array of favorite brands like Adidas, United Colors of Benetton, Levis, Lee Cooper, and Spencer’s. The brand was inaugurated in the year 2008. A multiplex, various food outlets, and gaming zones add to the charisma.

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There are many other popular places to shop in Kolkata, and you can visit any to get your hands on some of the unique things in this city. Comment below and let us know which markets you would like to visit during your trip. 

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