7 Tips on How to Shop at Shopee Shipped Directly From China


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– Just sharing one of the shopping experiences at Shopee, exclusive goods sent from China are quite satisfying. Some time ago I was looking for a type 5630 LED strip light product.

I checked almost all online malls in Indonesia and it turned out that the product was available at one of the Shopee sellers. At first, I didn’t buy it exclusively because the seller was in China and was worried if the item I ordered didn’t match the description.

After I searched the shop, as a result, there was no other choice but to send chat and ask questions directly. As a result, he told me to look at some positive reviews to explain that the seller was not lying.

It’s reassuring, which in the end I bought the product by paying at Shopee via Indomaret. After the payment verification process is complete, I just contact the seller, I hope the package will be packed neatly and safely.

Tips on Shopping at Shopee Goods Shipped From China

One of the advantages of Shopee that I like is that besides often holding shop shopping promos, ongkir, many sellers exclusively send packages from China. Of course, these shopee sellers from abroad show a much cheaper product compared to local sellers. There are some online shopping tips for shopee if you are really interested in buying exclusive items from China.

7 Tips on How to Shop at Shopee Shipped Directly From China

1. Send Message or Chat

Make sure you chat and ask around first. Just use Indonesian, the reason is that they seem to know exactly what our country is or maybe Indonesians who live there.

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2. Select Local Seller

If the price of the product you are going to buy does not differ much from local sellers, you should not buy from China. The reason, of course, is to facilitate the return process if the product is damaged or unsuitable.

3. Buy products that will be used in the next 30 days

Don’t buy the products you need right away. Yes, the reason is the delivery process is quite long. I myself sent goods from the city of Shenzen starting January 27 and February 15, the package from China just arrived home.

4. See Store Reputation

Open the store then check the best-selling items and pay attention to reviews or comments given by consumers.

5. Must be extra patient

Make sure you look at the delivery time or process. When shopping at a shopee for goods from abroad, each store will convey a different description. There is a 10-day shipping process even up to 14 days.

6. Longer Shipping Holidays

Do not order products when holidays or holidays in China resemble Chinese New Year. Your goods will be stuck because you face a long day off.

7. Always Check Shipping Process

Make sure you always track Shopee packages via LWE ID. Because this courier service is widely used by shopee sellers from China.

The shopping experience at a shopee for goods from China has to be extra resilient because the delivery process is quite long. Later your package will be sent by courier LWE from China. If you have landed in Jakarta, the package will be forwarded by JNE to be sent to your home address.


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