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How To Save On home taxes 2021


Two essential parties must be involved in any transaction to sell a property: the seller and the buyer. Yes, selling a house can also involve expenses for those who wish to sell the property.

Is it possible to lower the tax bill when selling a house?

Truth is, yes. there are different ways to low and avoid your taxes. However, each tax will have a different method. The income statement consists of three elements. These are how the profits are calculated from the sale of the house, the possibility to offset gains and losses, and the exemptions that Treasury allows for certain cases.

Although it is true, there are not enough. Taxes to be paid Both when buying and selling a house, the latter is more difficult to determine. The following are some of the things you should know. Taxes are to be paid when you sell a house. They are generally described as Capital gains.

The municipal tax and the personal income tax that must be paid to Treasury are both included. However, the seller may also have to pay other expenses. IBI, garbage fee, and notary fees are all included. Explore This quick guide will show you how to calculate the costs and taxes involved in selling your house.

Individual income tax

The Personal Income Tax When talking about real estate transactions between individuals. The tax (IRPF), is the first thing that comes to mind. It is also one of the taxes you must pay when you sell your home. Tax is levied on capital gains resulting from the sale of a house It must be included on the Income Statement.

How is capital gain calculated for personal income tax purposes? It is generally the following:

Difference between the sale price and the purchase price. It is worth adding the taxes you paid to buy the house (VAT, Property Transfer tax. And any possible investments or improvements) to the purchase price. You will then pay the difference between the purchase price and the sale price.

There is more. The value of your sale for personal income tax purposes will be determined by subtracting the cost of expenses and taxes (the municipal capital gains, for instance). The capital gain that you will have the Treasury pay will be the difference between these two. If the result is negative, this tax will not be charged to you.

Types that are progressive

You can see that not all operations produce the same results. Therefore, the taxes you have to pay for the sale of your home as personal income tax is not the same. The administration proposes to use a progressive rate in this instance for capital gains and losses that are between 19 and 23%.

  • Earnings up to 6,000 Euros are eligible for 19%
  • Earnings between 6,000-50,000 Euros: 21%
  • Income over 50,000 Euros are eligible for 23%

If the sale of the house results in a capital loss It will not be required to pay taxes This ‘handicap,’ however, may be offset by profits in subsequent years.

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Exemptions from the tax that are included in the personal income tax for selling your house

There are some exceptions to the Personal Income Tax, which is one tax you will have to pay when you sell your home. It is ‘avoided’ when there is no capital gain. We will also be exempted from personal income tax These are the scenarios you might see:

  • Reinvest in your habitual residence: If you sell your habitual residence to purchase another house with the same purpose, you won’t have to pay into the IRPF. This will allow you to make the new investment for a period not less than two years. The Income Statement must reflect your intention to receive the tax benefit.
  • Persons over 65 or in a dependency situation.
  • There are over 65s who don’t sell their primary home but instead use the profits to purchase a life insurance policy.

It is common to mistakenly believe that personal income tax is not applicable to the sale of a home. The property must be declared by the person who receives it. Inheritance Tax and Donations Tax It is not sold, but the person who transmits it must also pay personal income tax. The Treasury recognizes that there is a capital gain even though there has been no sale and therefore it is necessary for them to pay taxes.

Municipal capital gain

The second part of the taxes that must be paid when you sell your home so-called municipal gain Or, the identical, Tax on the increase in urban land value (ITU). It is one the greatest forgotten, but it is something that sellers must accept. However, if there is an agreement between the buyers and sellers, the buyer can assume it.

The Tax on the Increased Value of Urban Lands (IIVTNU) has a municipal nature. It is dependent on the various City Councils. This tribute was not without controversy. Until the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the opposite, the administration demanded municipal capital gains even though there was no capital gain.

In practice, however, Municipal capital gains are used to increase the land’s value The cadastral value and years of ownership determine the calculation. The calculation is affected by the local administration. This Law Regulating Local Finance governs the calculation.

When selling your house, there are some obligations you should consider

Other considerations, in addition to taxes, must also be considered. Before the seller can execute the transaction, he must have all taxes paid in full for the year the transaction was completed. Real Estate Tax Or Garbage Tax The most popular.

While taxes are not an issue when you sell your house. The seller will have to cover certain registration and notary fees related to the cancellation of the mortgage loan on your house.

It is not uncommon for the agency that handles the proceedings. To request funds for the cancellation of any debts that may be attached to the house.

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