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Before buying any rug online or in the rug stores, it’s important to know about the rug materials. Rug materials determine the durability, construction, and look of the entire rug.

 Perhaps cotton and wool are good materials for low traffic areas such as bedrooms, but the animal hide is good for outdoors. Additionally, read the rug material guide or the mentioned labels before final purchase.

 Undoubtedly rugs are an easy way to transform the tone and look of any room. Rugs develop the feeling of warmth and provide a cozy environment.  Hence if you are trying to hunt a new rug, confused a bit? Don’t worry.  Moreover, Just stick with the post till the end to read all the details. 

Common online rug materials 

Rugs exist in a wide variety of materials and fibers. Every rug material has certain advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of whatever you are thinking, either its durability, care, maintenance, or simply the look. Rug materials acquaint yourself a lot. It’s quite overwhelming that rug materials are the important aspects to consider. However, because of high durability, some materials are more preferable.

 In short, if you are seriously looking for tying up the entire room, read the below guide. Once you get to know about all the details, it would be very easy to buy rugs online.

 Rug materials 

These are the commonly available rug materials. Natural and synthetic rug materials have been in use for so long. Certainly, you are not aware of the pros and cons of all rug materials. Better to know about all. Let’s have a quick go-through.

Materials  Pros  Cons  Best place to use 
wool It is highly resistant to stains and dust Prone to frequent shedding  firstly in Living rooms, dining rooms, secondly bedrooms
Cotton  High-end durability, cost-friendly  Colors fade away fast Kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms
Jute  Good texture, add personality to the room It can easily absorb the stains  Living rooms, bedrooms 
seagrass Easy maintenance and cleaning  Coarse or a bit rough however good in texture  Living rooms, mudrooms, laundries 
Silk  Soft texture, luxurious look More expensive, more delicate  Bedrooms 
Animal hide  Excellent for high traffic areas Costly, it reacts to all the little spills. again a  good option anyhow. Homes, offices, and hotels 
fur Not highly expensive  Hard to vacuum  Bedrooms, kitchens 
Synthetics  Washable, both my hands and in machine Not environment friendly though highly purchased  Bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms 



Wool is generally used in the rug’s construction. In the case of handwoven and hand-tufted rugs, wool gives a soft and plush look. Wool rugs are either hand-knotted, hand-loomed, or machine-made. Sometimes wool is mixed with some synthetic fibers to get the rugs with a long lifespan.

Wools rugs are amazingly durable and stain-resistant. Above all, they are also resistant to fire and spills. No question, these rugs keep on shedding even the six months after their placement. For proper cleaning, you may consult professional cleaners. Handwashing the wool rugs are also a good choice. consequently, If you are looking to buy wool rugs online, always ask about the dealer’s quality of wool. 


Rugs derived from cotton are highly durable, soft, plush, and affordable. Cotton rugs are additionally constructed with funky colors and dramatic designs. However, colors usually fade over time. Cotton rugs are a favorite choice for homeowners. Cotton rugs are durable with a soft texture. These rugs are rarely mixed with the other materials. As far as the cleaning of cotton rugs is concerned, keep in mind they are machine washable. In particular cotton is an ideal choice for lounges as well.


Rugs from JuteJute provide a coastal look to your room. These rugs are capable of adding a unique texture and develop a personality to even simple places. Jute is a natural fiber and can be easily loomed with cotton.

Jute rugs require regular cleaning for a long lifespan. Again, this material is undoubtedly highly sustainable.  First and foremost, never apply the hard beaters of vacuum on the rug surface. If there are some tough stains on the jute rug, you can also clean them in the machine.  Secondly, Try cleaning them after frequent intervals.


Just like Jute and bamboo material, seagrass is also a natural fiber. This material provides a unique and beautiful texture to all the spaces. Indeed it is perfect for layering. No question that seagrass is an environmentally friendly material.

Besides everything These rugs work best in the mudroom. one interesting fact about them is that you can buy the rugs online. Highly durable and highly stain resistant. For cleaning seagrass rugs, you can use simple mops. Perhaps, easy cleaning is the major factor behind opting for this option. Along with other combinations these rugs present a good and ideal look.


Rugs based on silk are expensive and need extra care. These rugs cannot bear a fuss. Try placing the silk rugs in the low traffic areas, i.e.bedrooms. Generally, these rugs can have easy wear down. Moreover,  try getting a professional cleaning for the silk rugs.

 Be clear about the fact, silk rugs cannot bear tough cleaning or harsh vacuum.  consequently, always clean with a soft vacuum. Silk rugs are particularly designed for low-traffic places. You can get silk rugs online as well.

Animal hide

Usually, rugs from the animal hide are mostly handcrafted. Animal furs and hides are wonderful for adding richness and texture to any room. These are good for high traffic areas beyond imagination. Certainly, You can use the animal hide rugs additionally in homes, offices, and hotels. These rugs are not good at absorbing spills. They are not only durable but also liked by massive population

Furthermore, you can use a vacuum machine for good cleaning. Hide rugs stain resistance is not good enough. Use soap, warm water, and a mixture of vinegar to deal with the stains. Unfortunately, Getting these rugs online is a hectic process. 

Faux fur

Faux fur is a good alternative to furs and hide. Rugs by faux fur offer a soft, smooth touch. These rugs are not easy to clean. keep in mind faux fur rugs have a high pile height and are highly difficult to vacuum. Most importantly these rugs are great in providing warmth.

However, you can clean these rugs with a simple mixture of laundry soap and cold water.  Additionally, you can hand wash the rug and can dry it in the sunlight or high wind. Always ask the rug dealer about the cleaning criteria if you are buying the rugs online.

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Synthetic materials

Human-made materials are also known as the synthetics for rugs—polyester, nylon, viscose, polypropylene. Synthetic materials are effortless and do not need extensive care. Polypropylene rugs require the least maintenance. 

Besides being so flexible, synthetic rugs are perfect for heavy traffic areas. Detergents are perfect for washing synthetic rugs.  Last but not the least, synthetic rugs usually own a high pile height, and so they can be easily cleaned. In short, these rugs are remarkably good.


 Rug material selection is an easy task. If you are going to buy the rugs online, keep in mind certain specific considerations. Furthermore never ignore the area for which you are buying the rug. Properly take the size measurements. Think simultaneously about colors and patterns. Last but not least, always consider the lifestyle and buy the best suitable rug. 


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