When Should I Replace My Roof? A to z instruction


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What is the difference between renovation and repair of the roof?

Roof renovation

The wear and tear of your roof results in the appearance of foams and a loss of waterproofing. In this case, the roof renovation involves the application of an anti-foam treatment and a water repellent product to considerably improve its life and its strength. Note that this operation is only possible when the materials and the frame are in good condition.

Roof repair

If the tiles that make up your roof are too degraded and there is a lot of infiltration, applying a water-repellent treatment will not be sufficient. In this case, roof repair work is required.

Regardless of the type of material your roof is made of, replacing the roofing and insulating the roof are essential steps in ensuring that your home is waterproof.

You should know that in the worst case, successive infiltration may have damaged the frame, in which case  Top Rated Roofing Contractor in Richardson, TX  will be able to provide you with a solution adapted and lasting to your situation.

What regulations should be followed when repairing the roof?

Local Urban Plan

The repair of the roof is a heavy operation that is framed by a strict regulatory system.

Each municipality adopts a Local Urban Plan which sets the standards to which the various constructions that take place in their territory must correspond. Your roofing work may be subject to special requirements in terms of colors, slopes, or materials.

Asbestos diagnosis

Asbestos is an insulator that was used in most homes before 1997. If your home was built after that date, there are no particular risks.

An Asbestos Diagnosis is recommended in the case of an old roof to assess the composition of the materials that make it up. It should be noted that a damaged roof promotes the diffusion of asbestos particles within the home, through water infiltration and drafts.

As part of an asbestos roof cleaning operation, Many Roofing Company has developed the asbestos bell in its laboratories, which considerably reduces the exposure of technicians and the surrounding environment to harmful fibers.

Damaged materials

The materials that make up your roof guarantee its waterproofing and protect you from the development of plants on your ceilings and walls. Water infiltration caused by a cracked roof is a nutritious breeding ground for the development of these molds. In the long term, it is the integrity of the frame that threatens the stability of your home.

Finally, redoing your roof is an opportunity to save energy since heat loss is favored when your roof is damaged. replace roof slate or Cover replacement

Roof tiles

Tile is one of the most used coverings in France. Whether concrete or terracotta, the tile has great strength and a lifespan of several decades. If you want a particularly insulating and fire-resistant blanket, choose this type of material.

You should know that the repair of a tiled roof can be partial: it is possible to replace the elements separately.

Shingle blanket

The shingle is made of a thin layer of glass fibers enclosed between two bitumen layers. Once installed, it offers a visual rendering similar to tile or slate depending on the shape. If this material is inexpensive and has good UV resistance, be aware that its thermal insulation is poor.

The installation of insulation is therefore necessary to avoid heat loss.

Steel tank cover

A steel deck roof has the advantage of being particularly resistant to plants. Its metal structure requires less maintenance since it is not mandatory to apply an anti-foam treatment.

Steel deck panels come in the form of metal plates that can adapt to many types of roofs. It is an inexpensive material that has good weather resistance.

  • Slate roofs:
  • Natural slates

Natural slate is an elegant material suitable for sloping roofs, especially in western France. It has excellent thermal properties and durability.

The installation of a natural slate roof is complex and requires special know-how. The installation of a wooden frame is necessary to be able to superimpose them and guarantee an optimal seal. Note that this coating is expensive and can exceed 200 $ per m².

Fiber cement slates

Synthetic fiber cement slate no longer contains asbestos since 1997. Its installation is subject to a water repellent treatment as well as the application of an anti-foam product to ensure its longevity. If your roof is well maintained, fiber cement can last over a century.

The price per m² of this material is lower than for natural slate and as proof, it is generally between 80 $ and 100 $.

  • Roof replacement cost:
  • Price of a TPO or EPDM roof:

The roofs in TPO or EPDM are covered with a material that is a synthetic rubber that has a high resistance to the rays of the sun and perfectly withstands our winters. It has a lifespan of over 50 years and is very environmentally friendly from manufacture to the end of its life.

This type of roof is available in white, which reduces heat capture. When compared to other types of petroleum roofing, EPDM roofing is often considered the least polluting and the most durable.

On the negative side, the fact that it is a single layer can make it more fragile, the cost is somewhat high since the installation is very specialized and the joints can weaken over time. The cost is between $ 7.50 and $ 9.50 per square foot and the lifespan is 25 to 35 years.

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Price of an elastomer roof :

Elastomeric roofing is a type that is often chosen in Canada because installation is possible almost year-round. In addition to this, it has many advantages such as being double-layered or more resistant for accessible roofs. Its lifespan is 25 to 35 years and requires little maintenance, it is often defined as a good investment.

On the negative side, the installation requires specialists and carries a certain risk of fire. This material is also not recycled in Quebec and is not very ecological, coming from asphalt. Regarding its cost, it is quite expensive, around $ 10 per square foot.

Price of a multi-layer roof (gravel and bitumen):

The once very popular multi-layered gravel and asphalt roofing seems to be giving away more and more to elastomer and TPO or EPDM. It is for the simple reason that this type of roofing requires more regular maintenance by forcing you to check the caulk, gravel, sheet metal flashing, annual drain cleaning, etc.

In addition to this maintenance, multilayer is a relatively economical choice and gravel acts as a barrier that slows down the contraction of the asphalt during sudden temperature changes.

Price of a green roof:

The green roof or the green roof is more and more popular thanks to all these ecological advantages. It is also popular in a context where people are erecting more and more terraces on the roofs.

There are two types of green roofs: extensive, either without cultivation, and intensive, with a vegetable patch or a garden terrace.

The latter requires more maintenance but can allow you to grow your fruits and vegetables for example. In addition to its useful and aesthetic appearance, it has many advantages being very resistant to humidity and perfectly withstanding winds and winter.

Finally, it is a very interesting investment, because it greatly increases the value of your home and its lifespan is still around 30 years.

Now regarding the disadvantages of this type of roofing, the two main ones are cost and weight. Indeed, the green roof is very heavy and it is therefore important to have the structure of the house checked before starting the work, costs can be linked to a modification of the structure with the engineer and the transfer of load which will have to be done to support the difference in weight.

Even if your structure can accommodate this type of roof, there are many elements to consider in the costs, including materials, access to the roof, and maintenance.

It is difficult to estimate a cost, but it is possible to estimate that for an extensive roof, the cost can be around $ 15 to $ 25 / ft2 and $ 25 to $ 40 / ft2 for an intensive roof. However, it should not be forgotten that the installation of this type of roof includes the installation of the various membranes, a drainage and moisture retention system, and also the soil and the purchase of plants.

  • green roof with plants on a house
  • Beware of the “too good to be true” price

Some unscrupulous roofers lure customers in with very low prices and then charge extras after the roof is removed, taking their customers off. If the offer you’re making sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Your roof probably protects your most important asset, it must be done right.


Replacing a roof is a detailed process. We use a comprehensive roof replacement process and follow each step to the letter to create a functional roof that will protect your home for many eons to come. In this article, we break down our roof replacement process so you can understand what goes into building a roof.


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