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Here Is A Complete Guide To Resolve Quickbooks Error H505

Quickbooks Error H505
Here Is A Complete Guide To Resolve Quickbooks Error H505

Intuit created QuickBooks to be the leading accounting software for global business leaders. The QuickBooks software is primarily targeted at mid-sized businesses, associations, and companies.

You can use it to track inventory and multiuser mode. In the last few years, many users have reported H series errors. The most frequent error is QuickBooks error H505 …!.

This error may cause you to see the following message on your screen:

Error code: H505

Error Description The company file is located on another computer and QuickBooks needs to be connected.

What’s the QuickBooks Error Code H505?

The image below is similar to the one that appears on your desktop.

QuickBooks Error Code H505 appears when the user attempts to access company files or data on another machine. The computer may not have the proper setup or require additional installation.

Hosting settings issues are the reason for H series errors. This error code is displayed because one or more users’ computers have been set to use the QuickBooks server. The user’s computers may function in multi-user mode.

However, only the server can be used to communicate in this way. The company file server should be the only machine that can act as the host.

What causes error code H505 in QuickBooks?

You can see the full list of causes of error code H505 in QuickBooks.

  • Firewall blocks all incoming and outgoing communications to the company file
  • Configurations for hosting are incorrect or not correct
  • QuickBooks files/folders can’t be scanned with the Database server.
  • Files that are incorrect, missing, damaged, or misplaced
  • If QuickBooks can’t trace the IP address, it is not a problem.
  • If the QuickBooks DBXX server is down
  • Incorrect DNS settings.

Signs & Symptoms of QuickBooks Error H505

  • Multi-user mode is the first possible symptom.
  • The QuickBooks program window also crashes.
  • The system crashes again and again
  • Windows may also become unresponsive or freeze frequently.
  • The user fails to open the QuickBooks company file on the server
  • The screen displays the error code H505.

Here Is A Complete Guide To Resolve Quickbooks Error H505

You can fix the QuickBooks Error code H505 by following these steps:

Solution 1 – Use QuickBooks File Doctor

Simply download and run the QuickBooks File Doctor from the server. This will automatically remove all H-series and multiuser errors. Apply the solution if the QuickBooks Error Code is H505 persists.

Solution 2: Verify services & hosting

Step 1 – First, verify the services

How Works

  • You should ensure that QuickBooksDBXX and QBCFMonitor are up and running
    Click the “Windows” or ” Start” button
    Insert the key ” Windows+R” keys
    In the run box, type ” MS” and press ” Enter”.
  • Search for ” QBXX service in the service window

It is possible that the QuickBooksDBXX service may not be visible.
Verify that the Database Server Manager has been installed on your server
If the user is running the entire program on the server, open QuickBooks. Verify that the hosting is enabled at the end

  • To confirm that the startup type and service status have begun, open the “
  • QuickBooksDBXX service.
  • Click the ” recovery” tab
  • Save your changes

Step 2 – Verify the hosting

  • On each hosting computer, open ” QB”.
  • Next, go to ” ” and then ” Utility”.
  • You will see Multi-User Access on the list. This means the computer cannot host the file.
  • You can choose “Stop hosting multi-user access” if you see it.
  • Go to the Company
  • Select “File must be closed window”
  • Click “Yes!”

Solution 3 – Editing the host file

  • To open the Run window, press the ” Windows +R” keys.
  • To open Command Prompt, simply type “cmd”,, and then hit ” Enter”.
  • Next, type “ipconfig/all”, and then hit enter to execute the command
  • The last step is to record the IP Address and hostname. Repeat the above process for any multi-user system.

Solution 4 – Check hosting and services

  1. Verify that is hosted
  2. Open QuickBooks on each workstation (this does not include the server or hosting computer).
  3. Next, select File and then press Utilities
  4. If Host Multi-user Access is shown on the list, this computer is not hosting your Company file.
  5. You can then move on to the next computer if you see Host Multiuser Access at the workstation. This does not alter anything.
  6. If you see “Stop Hosting Multi-user Access,” then click on that option
  7. Repeat steps 1 through 3 on each computer.

Verify QuickBooks Services

  • To begin, open the RUN box and then press WindowsKey+ R
  • Click Enter and type MSC. Next, type MSC and click Enter.
  • Scroll down to search for the QuickBooksDBXX service in the services window
  • Double-click on the QuickBooksDBXX option and confirm that the Startup Type is set to
  • Automatic. Then, Repair Standing can be started or stopped.
  • Click on the Recovery tab
  • You can restart QuickBooksDBXXservice mechanically if you observe a failure. Repeat the process for any subsequent failures.
  • Save changes by pressing OK
  • For the QBCFMonitorService you will need to follow steps 1-6
  • Next, open QuickBooks in multi-user mode on each affected digital computer
  • If the problem persists, you can create a QuickBooksDBXX server that is part of the administrator cluster with acceptable permissions.

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Solution 4 – Verify that the Services Are Running Properly

  • Click on the Start button to access all services on your system. Search for Run the dialog box.
  • In the dialogue box, enter “services.msc”. Wait until you see the service list.
  • Windows 10 users can open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+ Shift + Esc.

After the services list has been opened, follow these commands:

  • QuickbooksDBXX can be found by clicking on the Name column. You can sort it alphabetically by clicking on the Sort button.
  • Next, right-click the service and click Properties.
  • Find the Startup type, and set it to Automatic. Make sure that the service status is set to Running or Started.
  • If you see the status is Stopped, click on the Start button in the Proper window.
  • Click on the recovery tab. Select the First Failure option, and then click on Restart the Service.
  • This will allow you to restart the service immediately. For other failures, follow the same procedure.

Services will now start without interruptions. If you click on Start, you might get the following error:

“Windows couldn’t start QuickbooksDBXX on Local Computer. Error 1079 – The account used for this service is different from other services in the same process.

Follow the steps below if you get the message:

  • Go to Log On tab, then click on Browser.
  • Enter your computer’s name in the “Enter an object name to choose” field and click on Check Names.
  • Click OK and enter the administrator password if prompted.
  • Click OK to close the window.
  • Next, return to QuickbooksDBXX properties and click Start.
  • Check that the service is working properly by closing all windows.

Final Note

We now come to the conclusion of this article. We hope the above information will assist in fixing the error code H505. Despite all of the above solutions, it may still be an error.

The PC might not have been configured properly or need additional installation. Errors with the H series are caused by problems with the hosting settings.

Because one or more users’ PCs have been configured to use the QuickBooks server, this error code is visible. Computers owned by the user may operate in multi-user mode. The only device that can be used to interact in this manner is the server.



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