Home Games How to Change PSN Name on PS4: 5 Steps 

How to Change PSN Name on PS4: 5 Steps 

How to Change PSN Name on PS4: 5 Steps 

Are u facing PSN name change issues?. I suppose that you are a new play station user, i-e you recently bought a play station and don’t have much knowledge about its settings and how to use it, and how to change PSN name on PS4. It’s not a shame that you are unaware of these settings, just read this guide to the end and for sure you will know the method to change the PSN Name on PS4.

Change PSN Name using Computer

If you are using a desktop computer or a laptop, it is recommended to use Google Chrome, Opera, or Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer as your web browser.



  • Once you have signed in to your PlayStation Network Account, from the menu select your PSN Profile.


  • Next, click the Edit button that’s right next to your PSN Online ID.


  • Either read through all the terms and conditions and then go to the end to proceed to the next step or just directly go to the end to process to setup up the next step it’s up to you because without accepting the terms and conditions you cannot proceed further.
  • Simply enter the new PSN Name that you want it to appear on your profile.
  • In the end, follow the simple instructions to complete this process to change PSN Name for your PS4.
  • And finally, it’s done. Your PSN Name on the PlayStation Network is changed.

Change PSN Name using PS 4 (PlayStation 4)

If you want to change your PSN name through your PlayStation 4, then follow these steps to do so,

  1. Now, to change your PSN Name, Turn on your PS4 directly go to the Home menu. Once you are in the Home menu, go to the Settings.
  2. After you enter the Settings, go to Account Management and then to Account Information.
  3. Choose your own Profile that you are using and then select your Online ID.
  4. Enter a new PSN Name/Online ID that you wish to appear on your PSN Network. You will see a lot of self-generated suggestions for your PSN Name, you can also choose one from those if you don’t have one already in your mind.
  5. In the end, follow the simple instructions to complete this process to change PSN Name on PS4.
  6. And finally, it’s done. Your PSN Name on the PlayStation Network changed successfully.

Whether I will face Any Problems If I Change My PSN Name on PS4 or not?

If you will change your PSN name from the old one to a new one, that depends.

Most of the games had released on or after April 1st, 2018 — and meanwhile these game developers gave their users an option to change their PSN Name to a New Name, and that caused no issue of displaying the name on the PSN network. Whereas, the older brands or the older developers still faced some issues while displaying the name if the users changed their PSN Name from the old one to the new.


By changing the PSN name to a new name, in most of the games, the major issue that occurred is that the older name popped up while you are in the game instead of the new one. Along with that one of the critical problem that you might face is that by changing your PSN Name, this may cause some serious problems like loss of your data, that is your saved contents, your leaderboard status and most important among them is that you may even lose the of access your paid DLC content.

A few of the vintage games such as BloodborneGrand Theft Auto V, Warframe, Uncharted 4 are such games that may have some serious issues with the changed PSN Name.

Before changing your PSN Name on PS4 to a new name, think twice because you might face some serious issues, but if you have already changed your PSN Name on PS4 and different bugs have appeared in the game, then simply revert it and that will definitely fix the bugs.

That’s all on. If you still have any problem related to this topic then feel free to ask down below in the comment section. Also, you can like us on Facebook so you never miss an update. If this tutorial helped you please share it with your friends.



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