What is the best topic for a project in English literature?


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English literature project topics start broad and become more specific as your project is developed. You can get almost anywhere by selecting one of the topics. Considering the literature course, you’re writing for will help you choose your general topic. When deciding how to proceed with it when it comes to narrowing it down, it can be helpful to first know your general topic and then what type of essay or paper (argumentative, persuasive, etc.) you’re researching for.

Choosing the appropriate project topic is the most crucial aspect of this project. If you make the wrong choice, you risk failing the course or, worse yet, regretting it and having to switch midway through. Remember, this isn’t set in stone. As you conduct research, your topic may evolve and ultimately change.

Choosing a topic is the first step, and the final step is a literature review. A literature review is the most important part of any research project (Sutton, 2016). It could build a connection between the previous and current research (dissertationproposal, 2022).

Thus, For your final English dissertation help, consider the following list of English literature project topics.

Best English literature project topics

The following are the best topic for an English literature project from a bachelor dissertation help uk based service that can be used:

  1. Women Surgeons in the United Kingdom, 1860-1918

This project aims to investigate how the entry of women into the medical field led to changes in how the public and professional worlds view the art of surgical procedures and the surgeon. To determine how women’s operating practices influenced their professional and public reputations, the study includes the methods women underwent, their involvement in contentious surgical procedures, and their ups and downs. How did the medical woman’s quest for professional equality be aided, and how did the practice of surgery hamper it?

Surgical Risk and Responsibility

How were risk and responsibility conceived in the late Edwardian and Victorian periods, when surgery could be seen as both safe (due to advances in surgery science) and increasingly risky (due to greater experimentation)?

Medical Women’s Representation in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

This project investigates women surgeons’ cultural, social, and self-representation from the nineteenth century to the end of World War I.

Caribbean City Representations

Even though urban settings like Kingston, Jamaica, and Port of Spain, Trinidad are frequently referenced in the region’s novels, short stories, and poetry, rural folk culture has frequently been the focus of critical discussions of Anglophone Caribbean literature. This project aims to investigate the influence of urban life on the literary traditions of an Anglophone Caribbean.

Anglophone Caribbean Literature and Popular Music

This project will investigate how calypso and reggae, two popular music genres from the Anglophone Caribbean, have influenced and engaged with literary writing in the region. The project will look into how these musical genres have influenced Caribbean fiction and poetry, taking into account both their regional significance and their global appeal.

Cartoons from the New Yorker and American Culture

This project will examine how The New Yorker, one of America’s most well-known magazines, depicts American society and culture through cartoons.

Mental Health in American Culture in the Twentieth Century

The focus of this field of study, which can be categorized according to time frame or literary genre, will be on how mental illness was portrayed in popular culture in America during a specific era of the 20th century. The project could center on gender and sexual identity, family relationships, the workplace, institutional treatment, or autobiographical accounts of illness.

Protest in America

Since World War II, a specific protest movement has gained traction in the United States. This project will examine one of these movements, such as the Occupy Wall Street movement, the 1960s Peace Movement, the Weather Underground or the Weather Underground. It will specifically examine how politics, activism, and cultural expression intersect by analyzing primary source documents.

Shakespearean Inns of Court Drama

From the middle of the 16th century to the early 17th century, this project will look at the growth of the drama at the Inns of Court, examining how its development was influenced by its urban setting and proximity to commercial theaters and political hotspots. The role of professional theatre companies (such as Lord Chamberlain’s Men) in shaping Inns’ drama will be central to the dissertation.

In the Modern World, Ancient Poetry

This project will examine how three modern female writers engage with classical poetry, particularly in how they use epic and lyric forms. Memorial (2011) by Alice Oswald will be read concerning Homer’s Iliad, while Nox (2010) by Anne Carson and Catulla et al. (2011) by Tiffany Atkinson will be read in response to Roman elegy.

Tragedy and Milton

This project will look at how Milton expressed and experimented with the tragedy genre throughout his writing career, starting with the early poem “Il Penseroso” (circa 1630) and ending with one of his final publications, Samson Agonistes (c. 1665-7). It will be fascinating to examine how Milton’s works were influenced by classical and Reformation biblical tragedies, particularly Euripides and Seneca.

The Post-9/11 Novel: Language and Silence

This project aims to examine how literature responds to trauma and global terrorism.

The Gothic Novel and the Theatre

Some work on gothic theatre was done in the mid-18th and early 19th centuries, and there is a substantial body of criticism on gothic novels from this period. The goal of this project is to examine the gothic novel’s theatricality. The connections between novels and stage adaptations, the use of theatrical devices in gothic fiction, and allusions to theatrical traditions, such as Shakespeare, could all be topics of the study, or it could concentrate on just one or a combination of them.


There are countless topics in English literature that you can look into for that book or other piece you’ve been reading. It is advised to start broad and work toward making it much more specific and engaging for your readers as you develop ideas for your essay’s next project topic on English literature. Hopefully, the topics mentioned above may help you to build your topic or select any of the above.

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