How to increase price value of your car


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10 tips to increase the price of my Used Car

Although the car cannot be considered an investment, when it comes to selling it, it does become a bearer ticket that we can take better advantage of if we give it, in addition to proper maintenance, a cat’s hand at key points.

The beginning of the year is difficult for the sale of new cars, which is why pre-owned cars are more popular, especially when the market for new cars has fallen in numbers. So we give you the following tips which will help you get a better price at the time you sell your used car online in New Zealand.

Things to do before selling your car

Polished and waxed

As they say, love is born from sight. Before taking photos and advertising it on solo autos.MX, we recommend that you give it a polished and waxed one. Although it is advisable to wax it at each change of season, polishing it is recommended once a year or, if you see the color somewhat opaque, you can do it before the sale.

This allows you to remove those little washing streaks, acid rain, or wear and tear from dust and bad weather, especially if you don’t wash it often and let it stay dirty.

Detailed at a glance

Just as important to repair all those stubs or small bumps. That can detract from the buyer’s confidence that you are not a careful owner and can punish the sale price. Repairing rims and fascia will allow you to continue enchanting from the first impact, which will be positive.

Headlights and gaskets

This is a key point to show that you are a careful owner. On cars with high mileage, the headlights can dim, making them look old and unkempt. Several products can help you restore the shine in headlights and skulls. In the same way, check the gaskets of doors, hood, and trunk. In addition to helping you improve soundproofing, it is logically a necessary insulator from environmental conditions.


While we are not going to recommend that you lie about the mileage (really, never do), we do ask that you give it a good interior wash. Be particularly careful under the seats or between seams and joints, because you can even boast to the buyer that you are so neat that you clean every corner. Also take care of the sky and visors, as well as seat belts. The latter just wipe them with a damp cloth.


Engine washing can be key to maintaining the perception of a well-maintained car. Opening a chest in which old leaves and rust or water stains are observed will not give much confidence.

Improve performance

If you have a car with several thousand km on top, it is recommended that you use products such as Recurs, which through nanoparticles works as a re-catalyst that will protect the friction parts of the engine much better, it can help you reduce polluting emissions and operating noise as well improves compression. You could even trust the buyer to start the engine cold to give you confidence.

Change of materials

Changing the skin of the steering wheel and gear lever can be a great success that can cost you around two thousand pesos, but it will greatly improve the interior perception of the vehicle. They are one of the elements that wear out the most in daily use, so giving them proper maintenance can be a sensible option.

Bleed the air conditioner

In cars with well-accumulated kilometers, it is possible that the air conditioning has lost its effectiveness. Even if it smells musty when you turn it on, it may have become infected with fungi and bacteria; also, if it takes time to cool or heat up, it may be that the filters are clogged or, if it fills the windows with mist, it has lost effectiveness. Experts indicate that each year, a car loses between 15 and 20% of the gas that runs through the air conditioning, so do the math.

Advertise it on a trusted site

At Auto for Trade, we care about offering a reliable site to buy and sell your car, taking care of personal data with tools such as a secure plate that covers, through artificial intelligence, the plates to protect the data or where we can grant you a private and unique number to advertise your car.

What paper do i need to sell my car?

But none of the above will help you if you do not have the papers and the service plan in order. It is vitally important to understand that payments and maintenance services are not optional, doing so on time is to protect, in the long term, the value of your car that loses between 15 and 25% of its value during the first year of use, and around 10% for each additional year.


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