4 Plex Plugins to Make Plex Seedbox Service The Best


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If you are a heavy torrent user then you must know the importance of a seedbox while torrenting.

Aside from providing high-speed downloading and uploading, this remote hosting server aims to provide users with the best torrenting experience.

Top seedbox brands even come along with many apps that you can use for a seamless user experience. One such app is the Plex app which allows users to transform their seedbox into their very own media server.

The demand for Plex seedbox service has increased over the years which is why more and more seedbox providers are even offering Plex optimized hosting plans.

Despite seamless service, some users fail to utilize the maximum benefit it. Mainly because they have no idea about the Plex plugins that could make the Plex seedbox service even better.

Here we have listed some Plex Plugins that you must install to enjoy the best Plex seedbox experience.


This one is the most popular Plex plugin available that helps the users to manage the Plex seedbox server and the entire media library. WebTools is a group of tools that you can use to assess the server and control its functionality.

One of the most appealing tool modules that we would like to mention from the collection of tools in WebTools is the UAS (Unsupported App Store).

This particular module enables the users to search for Plex plugins that no longer exist in Plex and help them download and install.

Other than that, their tons of other efficient logging tools that enable the users to monitor Plex activity, playlist management tools, and more.


If you like to track the activities of your Plex media server and keep an eye on other users then Tautulli is the plugin that you need to install. This amazing plugin tool is regularly updated and maintained to give users relentless functions.

With features like watch history, streaming trends graphs/charts, media library breakdown statistics, real-time user data, etc you can take control and monitor your Plex server usage.

  Trakt Scrobbler

Get to enjoy the Plex media server like a real streaming server with the Trakt Scrobbler plugin. you’ll have better control over your media files once you use this plugin tool.

For example, say you left off a show in the middle of somewhere and now you have no idea where you stopped in the first place, with the help of this plugin you can track your progress of shows and channels that you are watching in your library.

The plugin also enables the users with a rating system so that you can rate the shows, and movies as per your liking. That’s not all, Trakt Scrobbler also helps you to sync all of your server data between other supported applications such as Emby, Kodi, and more.


If you have a seedbox that is shared with other users then you must find it exhausting to manage download & upload requests then Ombi is the plugin tool you need to install. This one is a self-hosted plugin system that hooks up the users with a web portal.

Here the users can request the media that they would like to access their Plex Media Server. This allows the users to put up requests in a systematic way rather than pinging you now and then.

Also, the user who puts up the request will be alerted through email as soon as the content is available in the media library.


The above enumerated are some of the great Plex plugins that definitely make the Plex seedbox service a great experience. So, what are you waiting for?

Start utilizing your top seedbox brand to the fullest by installing these Plex plugins now.


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