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Which Is The Best Social Channel For PPC Advertising?

We all know PPC or pay-per-click advertising is right for every business. Whether you have a good budget or a limited budget, pay-per-click marketing practice is always a good scope for digital marketing.

Now, PPC advertising can be performed on several marketing channels including search engines and social media networks. Very often we find the experts at a PPC marketing company in Delhi prioritize social channels to run a PPC ad campaign. This is because, people nowadays spend more time on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Hence, the demand for social PPC advertising is growing with pace.

Can’t decide which is the best social channel for PPC advertising? Continue reading the article for more details.

Top 4 social channels where you can perform PPC advertising

  1. Facebook ads: Facebook is the most dominating platform on the internet today. Around 2.45 billion people are active on Facebook every month and most of them use the mobile app to browse their profile and newsfeed. Therefore, advertising a brand on this channel is definitely a wise concept.

Apart from the follower base, you can use Facebook to get the right audience in no time. By using the advanced filters, you can target the right audience, capture quality leads, nourish them, and build high conversions. The options include demographics, customer interests, customer behaviors, and many more.


Moreover, Facebook allows advertisers to create brand ads in multiple formats. It can be a video ad, image ad, carousel ad, canvas ad, in-stream videos, etc. The ads are displayed on the newsfeed, messenger apps, and many more.

  1. Instagram ads: Next to Facebook is the trending Instagram. It has 1 billion monthly active users making it another most popular advertising platform for marketers. Being a part of the Facebook company, Instagram has similar advertising features to the former. You can use this platform to make automatic placements, targeting multiple places in one campaign.

Instagram and Facebook placements can be combined. If you want you can post the ads on the newsfeed and stories of both platforms. Or else, you can even submit them separately.


Instagram ads come up with multiple formats. These include a single image, video ads, carousel ads, and collection ads. The pricing of these ads is made based on bidding, cost per the desired action, ad quality, and estimated action rates.

  1. Twitter ads: Another popular social channel where you can run your business advertisements is your Twitter. Almost 330 monthly users are found active on this platform, making it a popular networking partner for the business.

You can use Twitter to run promoted tweets that are nothing but flexible ad formats. These ads include both text and other media files to make them more appealing and engaging.

Twitter ads are displayed on both and Twitter app. You can run image ads, video ads, GIF ads, and other ad formats that can turn the ad most creative.


  1. LinkedIn ads: LinkedIn is a platform for professionals. For B2B business, this is a perfect platform to submit ads and capture leads or make high conversions. More than 500 million people are attached to this platform. Hence, it is likely to gain the attention of the right audience through business ads.

Whether you choose the LinkedIn app or browse the LinkedIn site, LinkedIn ads are available for both the viewers. In fact, these ads can also be placed on the LinkedIn Audience Network that contains thousands of mobile sites, mobile apps, and ad exchanges. Talking about the ad format, image ads and video ads can be easily run on this platform.

The Bottom Line

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are good for running paid ads. The best thing is no matter which channel you choose, you can end up promoting your brand to a huge audience. Millions of users are found online every day. And a majority of them prefer to use the social media search bar to find a brand or anything related to a brand. Hence, finding real prospects and generating conversions are easy cups of tea.


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