Tips to Save Money on Granite Countertops


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Without any doubt, the kitchen is one of the main focal points. Starting from the flooring to countertops and cabinets, everything certainly matters a lot. If you are deciding things for your kitchen remodeling, granite countertops are indeed the main priority.

Unquestionably there are many countertop choices. However, if you are looking for some granite countertops, moreover, the cost is the main parameter. This is overwhelmingly the main factor under consideration. Despite the fact, Granite is expensive, there are still many ways for efficient buying. There are many granite shops, but for having the best experience, go for the granite countertops in Sterling VA.

Benefits of Granite Countertops

There is no need to rush. This process is quite a time taking. Have some patience and do some thorough research. Granite slabs add an incredible look to the entire kitchen. Because the Granite is derived from the rocks. Being a natural material, it is too much costly.

Furthermore, there are almost more than 200 colors for granite countertops. You can easily select the one that goes perfectly with your kitchen cabinetry. It is no wonder that you get stressed out while finding a perfect choice. However, given below are the tips that will help you buy the granite counters in Sterling, VA.

  • Thorough prior research
  • Go for wholesale choices
  • Don’t buy leftovers
  • Local boneyards will help
  • Select common colors
  • Buy from local countertop dealers
  • Thorough prior research

As you know,  granite kitchen countertops are available almost in all countertop stores. You can find them in box boxes or the form of long wide slabs. As a matter of fact, they are easily accessible at the nearby fabricator’s shop. Remember, never buy the countertops from the very first company you came across. Take appropriate time, do thorough research. Consider all the available options. Ask them about the prices and discuss everything they offer.

Black Galaxy Granite Countertop

You can ask friends and relatives who have recently purchased the countertops. Ask them all the questions. Ask them about their satisfaction level. Get free quotes from different dealers. Always buy from properly licensed sources. Don’t get towards the low prices, as they are obviously of lower quality.

  • Go for wholesale granite countertops

As with other home accessories for a remodeling project, the bulk purchase will help you economize better. This is a great option if you have a commercial kitchen or an unusually larger one. Granite is an incredible choice for both bathrooms and kitchens. The wholesale dealers will help you in buying the best granite countertops.

  • Don’t buy leftovers

To make sure that you are buying right, make sure to buy the countertops in one slab. Don’t buy the leftovers. However, buying the entire slab will help you in using the leftover in other remodeling projects. Anyhow, don’t throw this material. Indeed it will help you out in preparing an attractive kitchen island. Moreover, you can also use it to differentiate between the kitchen and dining zones.

  • Local boneyards will help

Do you have a small size kitchen? Is buying a kitchen countertop with the right color consistency is not a big deal for you. Perhaps, there is no need to splurge in this case. For small kitchens, premium granite stores are not necessary. Have a visit to your nearby boneyard. Although they do not have a big collection, you can easily get an antique at this place.

  • Select common colors

Granite countertops are highly affordable these days. These countertops have a big contribution in creating an incredible effect. With the revolution in technology granite countertops, today are now available in a variety of colors. Undoubtedly rare colors are still expensive. You can easily save money by having granite countertops in Sterling, VA. You can opt for not rare and common choices—no question at all for complex veining and spatial patterns you have to spend more.

  • Buy from local countertop dealers

Local buying is indeed a good idea. It’s a great idea to ask the local suppliers to provide you the best granite countertops. Therefore, When you look at the local shops’ options, you will certainly not have to spend a lot on shipping and installation costs. No question at all Granite is fragile and will get damaged on traveling a high distance. Local buying wild cost you less as compared to buying the granite countertops from other places.


Perhaps, these are all the best pieces of advice. As mentioned above, you can use these tips and tricks to buy efficiently. You can talk about your budget to the local dealers. However, making a partnership with fabricators will help out you a lot. No doubt, if you do not want to splurge on your kitchen remodel, all the tips mentioned above will serve you like the golden rules for buying a countertop.


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