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A Detailed Guide to NextGen EHR Software 2021

NextGen EHR Software

About NextGen EHR Software

NextGen EHR Software is solely dedicated to assisting ambulatory care providers of all sizes. According to NextGen EHR reviews, the software is also suitable for small-sized practices. The software integrates with a Practice Management System, a Patient portal, and a Medical Billing solution to help you streamline your workflow.

NextGen offers cloud-based software, which means you can access it anywhere and at any time through the web. This software also includes free training, allowing your practice employees to learn how to use the system quickly. Furthermore, it provides award-winning customer service.

NextGen Office is a fully integrated practice management solution that includes specialty-specific content, a claims clearinghouse, and an easy-to-use patient portal. It works on any tablet, laptop (Apple or Windows), is touch-screen enabled, compatible with all browsers, and is HIPAA compliant.

NextGen Office grew from a company that was founded in 1998 by two doctors with one goal – to make medical offices run more efficiently. Company founders designed a solution to accommodate physician and staff workflow with easy-to-use, affordable technology that adapts to the provider’s workflow and is accessible from anywhere. Now more than 124,000 providers across the United States use solutions provided by NextGen Healthcare.

Benefits of Using NextGen EHR Software

According to NextGen EHR reviews, the top benefits of using the software include

  • It allows you to give more time to your patients providing higher standard care.
  • It offers streamlined clinical, administrative, and financial operations
  • It promotes better economic outcomes for healthcare providers.
  • It assists in providing a better work-life balance for medical practitioners.

Top Features of NextGen EHR Software

The NextGen EHR offers various features for your practice proficiency. Let’s dig in to find out about the top features of the software.


One of the top features of NextGen EHR is that it connects to various EHRs and healthcare data platforms. This interoperability allows you to work with hospitals and other healthcare providers who aren’t using NextGen. You can accept data from non-NextGen providers to ensure a complete health history of your patient, or you can send data to assist with patient care management.

Patient Registration

The time-consuming chore of entering patient data is no longer necessary with NextGen EHR. The software’s real-time insurance eligibility check can automatically fill the essential fields when registering a new patient.

You can automatically fill in the patient’s name, date of birth, insurance number, and other vital information with the help of this software. NextGen can also generate a patient chart using data obtained from the insurance company.

Integrated Software

You can also get access to charts and lab data almost instantly using NextGen EHR Software. The EHR also connects to various other healthcare platforms and information systems, facilitating interoperability and health data interchange.

Billing and Reporting

NextGen EHR is a one-stop shop for all of your practice’s needs. You can manage the entire patient visit lifecycle in one location, from scheduling to billing and payment. You can track key performance indicators using built-in reporting and analytics capabilities to help your business function more smoothly.

NextGen also streamlines billing and financial management by alerting you about potential coding problems and assisting you in tracking pending accounts receivables, allowing you to run a more efficient practice.

Mobile App

NextGen also claims that you can access its mobile solutions from any internet-enabled device. The NextGen EHR reviews suggest that this feature helps you optimize clinical documentation and workflows for increased efficiency.

Your private medical information is also kept safe on their servers. The straightforward cloud-based design of these mobile solutions complements your existing healthcare workflows.

Not only that, but these solutions are an important, integrated addition to your EHR system, allowing you to be more productive every day. During the NextGen EHR demo, you should make it apparent whether NextGen mobile workflow allows your team to access, generate, and share critical clinical content, write e-prescriptions, and view schedules.


NextGen EHR Software offers a built-in e-prescribing feature that also helps you detect drug interactions, dosage issues, and patient allergies. Thanks to this feature, you can write prescriptions and send them to your patient’s preferred pharmacies. Patients can then pick it up at their convenience.

Population Health Management

The population health management solutions from NextGen EHR combine patient data from several sources for analysis. With valuable insights, you can increase patient engagement, healthcare efficiency, and cut expenses.

Population health solutions use advanced analytics to extract relevant insights from administrative, clinical, and financial data. Its outreach engine allows you to notify patients about any gaps in their care. You can better monitor, group, manage, and document patients using this rich data to optimize disease management.


Using Your Health File, NextGen EHR, and the patient portal, NextGen enables e-visit, a virtual office visit between you and your patient. You can conduct the meeting via videoconference, phone, or internet chat. E-visits are inexpensive and simple to set up.

During the NextGen EHR demo, you can check if this feature allows your patients to communicate and make payments with ease through payment processing partners. Overall, this functionality increases safety and provides you with access to patients who cannot travel due to a medical condition, age, or distance, or who are experiencing an unprecedented health crisis; COVID 19.

NextGen EHR Demo

It is crucial to schedule an EHR demo before making the purchase. The demo prepares you to evaluate all functionalities and make an informed selection based on your practice’s needs. It also allows you to put the solution through its trials to assess how well it fits into your healthcare environment.

Hence, we suggest you arrange a NextGen EHR Demo to decide better whether the software suits your practices’ needs or not.

NextGen EHR Pricing

The NextGen EHR pricing varies depending on the number of physicians in your practice who use the system and the number of claims submitted each month. Doctors and nurse practitioners have different pricing tiers. You can request to know the pricing by contacting the vendor.

NextGen provides pre-and post-implementation assistance. The price of the system includes training. An instructor leads virtual pre-implementation training sessions. Sessions are intended as personalized training based on each staff member’s individual responsibilities in the workplace. You also receive post-launch assistance to get help with any software concerns.

Final Thoughts about NextGen EHR Software

Overall, the integrated NextGen EHR software enhances productivity, financial outcomes, information interchange, and the patient experience. This EHR system has time-saving shortcuts and customized templates, among other features. Despite a minor learning curve, most users can rapidly grasp the system’s fundamentals.



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