New agricultural machines with their names and uses


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Know the best cultivators and how to choose the best harvesting machines.

cultivator is used for a powerful and easy farming process. Those help in secondary tillage. As the name refers, the frames with teeth (also shanks) can pierce the soil by dragging their teeth. The rotary tiller is also a very useful machine in this aspect.

Cultivators can easily stir and pulverize the soil of a large field, either before planting or after the crop has started growing, and also kill weeds. The cultivators are developed and designed to disturb the soil in some careful patterns, sparing the crop plants but disrupting the harmful weeds.

Cultivators with the toothed type are similar in form to chisel ploughs, but their targets are different. Cultivator teeth usually work near the surface, mainly for weed control, whereas chisel plough shanks work deep under the surface area, breaking up the hardpan. The process of cultivating also takes much less power per shank than that of the chisel ploughing.

The small toothed cultivators are pulled or driven by a single person are used as a good garden tool for small-scale gardening, such as for the use of a household or small market gardens. Similarly, good rotary tillers combine the functions of both harrow and cultivator into one powerful multitasking machine.

Cultivators are mainly either self-propelled or drawn as an attachment behind the two-wheeled or four-wheeled tractors. For two-wheel tractors, they are usually fixed rigidly and powered via couplings to the transmission of the tractor. And as for the four-wheel tractors they are usually attached by a three-pointed hitch and driven by a power take-off. The drawbar hook-up is commonly used throughout the world.

The cultivator is very useful in removing harmful weeds from cultivation. In short, we can easily view that cultivator is a machine that is being used for loosening the soil while farming.

There are various types of cultivators produced by the quality agriculture equipment manufacturer are:

  • Spring Tyne Cultivator: In this, a double-row roller is attached to the back of the cultivator to prepare a perfect seedbed.
  • Rigid Tyne Cultivator: It is useful for loosening the soil quickly and economically. It is good for subsoil cultivation and helps in cultivating hard soils.
  • Rigid Tyne Shovel Type Cultivator: It has a rectangular frame, and spades joined to tyne with bands and hook assembly. It is used for breaking and mixing air in the soil to prepare a perfect seedbed. These also help in the process of weeding.
  • Bar Point Cultivator: It helps in scrapping, weeding, and aerating the soil without any extra effort.
The main usage of Cultivators:
  • Preparing the seedbed without any extra effort.
  • Warm the Soil by aerating process.
  • Control and remove the harmful weeds.
  • Mixing and absorbing the soil very well.

Some of the best cultivators in India are:

  • John Deere Heavy Duty Rigid Type
  • Mahindra Duckfoot 3 Row cultivator
  • Sonalika 11 TYNE
  • Liver Type cultivator
  • Mahindra 9 Tynes cultivator
  • RAI agriculture tractor cultivator
  • Boraste’s Aditi agricultural cultivator
  • Viswakarma 11 Tyne folding type cultivator, 72 inches.

Modern technology is used to improve the number of production practices employed by our efficient farmers. It helps in using the hybrid seeds of a selected variety of a particular crop, usage of powerful and advanced equipment, and lots of energy subsidies like irrigation water, fertilizers, and good pesticides. The most common types of equipment and machinery are needed for farming are, tractors, balers, combines, planters, sprayers, ploughs, and mowers.

Farming is no longer a procedure of small scale; therefore, it should be done with huge machines over large areas of hectares. This can help in the means that the world has access to any kind of food, which is needed at any time.

Let’s take a look at some very useful modern machines that can drastically increase the efficiency and production of farming procedures across the world.

Example of some harvesting machines:

Small-scale Potato Harvesting machine:

This machine can easily dig potatoes from the soil by separating the soil and the roots. It can work very well on small scale but separates the soil easily to reduce the difficulties in the harvesting of potato.  Even though the process tells about a small-scale machine, the same procedure and technology are used to harvest potatoes in tractor-towed rigs at even a greater scale.


Automatic In row weeder machine:

Weeding is a very essential practice in agriculture. Growth of harmful weeds can hinder the healthy growth of crops which can lead to the problem like, unavailability of proper nutrients. This special machine can quickly and effectively remove the weeds without worrying about hurting the crops. If your fields get overgrown with unwanted things, it can assist the weeds and invasive species to harm your valuable crop and leave the farmer with a huge loss. Pesticides and weedicides are used commonly in agriculture, but many have to face problems with the possibly harmful chemicals hidden within the field.

Carrot harvester and separator machine:

This machine is very similar to the potato harvester but can offer ease in harvesting carrot from the farming ground along with the roots which are rooted deep inside. The machine is a blessing for the farmers in harvesting as it can emulsify the rate of the harvesting of a carrot than before.


The combine harvester:

 A combine harvester is a very effective and time-saving machine for the processes of farming like, reaping, threshing, and winnowing the crops. Combine Harvester is one of the best equipment that is used in the process of harvesting various kinds of crops like barley, wheat, oats, corns, and some other crops. There are many well-known harvester-combines manufacturers in India, who are very efficient in producing these machines within your budget.

These machines can easily enhance and improve production in some or way thus reducing the labor and automatically increasing the economy of the agricultural countries. No matter how advanced they become but they can always be the supporter of the bright future of Indian agriculture in their own special and effective ways.



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