How to natively watch Netflix on Linux?


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How to natively watch Netflix on Linux? As we all know, Netflix is ​​the most popular and most used movie and TV streaming service in the world (we’ve talked a lot about that here), and you can access it across platforms and at any time using a simple internet connection. Connection.

What many clans do not know is that Linux users can have great difficulty accessing Netflix and watching their favorite movies and series on an active system. This is because there are still no official measures or applications that make it possible to use the service on Linux.

Of course, there is always a way around these situations, and if you are using Linux or plan to use Linux sometime, it’s a good idea to remember how to deal with them. To do this, check out our tips on this topic!

Using Netflix on Linux

Previously, Linux users had to install additional packages on the system to make Netflix think it was running on a Windows PC. This method worked as normal, but of course, it wasn’t easy to do these kinds of things just to use the service you paid for.

This happened because Netflix used Silverlight signal technology in its video players, which was required to install the service on computers. Silverlight was developed by Microsoft and did not have an official version for Linux, other alternatives were not compatible with Netflix.

Recently, the company changed the situation a bit and now has HTML5 technology in its players, but there were still restrictions imposed by the companies that owned the copyright to the movies and series distributed by the service. Thank goodness Ubuntu (one of the most popular Linux distributions) has teamed up with Netflix to keep the service running normally on an active system.

After that, you can go in and watch Netflix in Google Chrome without any problem as it has the file necessary for the service to run on Linux. Note that this does not apply to Chromium, which is an honest read of the browser code commonly used by Linux users.

It should also be noted that no other browser currently offers the ability to watch Netflix over Linux. The closest to this is Firefox, which is working on offering the same functionality in future updates.

To watch movies and series on Linux, simply visit the Google Chrome website to download the browser (if you don’t already have it on your computer) and go to the Netflix website as normal. With an updated browser, you should enjoy the streaming service without any difficulties.

Also, find in AppTuts:

In case you’re wondering, this feature works very well on the latest versions of Ubuntu and other popular Linux distributions, so you can start watching Netflix without any hassle.

Did you like the notification that Netflix is ​​finally offering Linux support? So leave your comment and let us know if you got to the streaming service with no problem or if you have any questions.

Netflix will be able to host its games directly on the App Store for iOS

TEN Netflix has officially entered the gaming world with a gaming service for android users. As we well know, apple poses strong barriers against such initiatives (including Xbox cloud games and GeForce Now, among others), which prevents iOS users from having the same access to system games as Google.

Speaking of a possible application for iPhones and iPods, the information gathered by Bloomberg (introduced by The Verge) states that the App Store policy simply won’t allow Netflix to offer its games, as it already does on android.

TEN apple does not allow third-party apps to act as a gaming bridge, which also prevents cloud-based gaming on their devices. The only way, then, is to offer games as a web application. The way out, for the full form of the app, would be a rule change by apple or an unlikely exemption from Netflix.

The vehicle also claims that the Netflix solution will host your games directly on the App Store. It won’t be like on android where you can access your games directly from the Netflix app. Android games are presented in the Netflix application directed to download on the Google Play Store.

TEN Netflix would offer its games to its players, but without the “all-in-one” formula it wanted to propose in its app, thereby increasing the value of its catalog. The anticipation of the experts, in this case, is that Netflix will end up following the steps of GoogleMicrosoft, and Nvidia and run your games in the cloud. This again would be a great solution for android but something is forbidden in the app store but with the ability to use browsers.


I will show you how to install and run the Kali system on your Android phone. We can use Kali to crack Wi-Fi passwords, but it has many other useful features as well. The hardware configuration requirements for Kali’s system are not high, so if you have an old phone you can try installing it.

Download the Kali installation file

Open your phone’s browser and go to the official Kali website, then hit the download button in the lower-left corner.

Then look for the “Live Boot” icon on the newly opened page, click on it and enter; this will allow us to try the entire Kali system on our existing android system.

On the next page, change the top tab to 32bit and select Kali 2021.4a as the first choice, then click the Download button to start downloading the Kali ISO image.

If the configuration of your phone is not too advanced, the simplified version of the Kali system is recommended.

Install the Bochs app on your Android phone

To install Kali, go to Google Play and search for “Bochs” and then select the “Install” button to start the process.

After installing Bochs, go to the application interface and check the “ata0-master” option, then select “cdrom” from the drop-down menu.

Finally, on the right, click the “Select” button and in the popup, locate the Kali image file we just downloaded in iso format and then load it into it.

Select “cdrom” from the drop-down menu next to the “Run” button at the bottom.

After completing the above steps, go to the “Configuration” tab at the top of the panel and drag the slider in the “RAM” selection left and right to set the amount of memory you want to allocate. Once the setup is complete, click the green “Start” button in the upper right corner of the window to start the installation and wait for the Kali system to load.

To open the virtual keyboard at this point, just click the button in the upper left corner of the window.

Then press the number keys in the lower-left corner of the virtual keyboard.

At this point, we can use the up-down keys or the left and right keys to select the options, then click the “ABC” key again in the lower-left corner of the virtual keyboard to complete the selection, then press the Enter key.

Please be patient as the first installation may take a long time. To exit Kali, simply press “Home” and exit the Bochs software.


As Bochs is an open-source emulator, you don’t need administrator privileges to install Kali with it, therefore you can use the installed Kali system without worrying about damaging your phone.

That ends this article, if you have any questions during the procedure, please leave a message in the comments section below, good luck.


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