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Most practicing healing therapy among Muslims: Benefits of Hijama therapy

Hijama therapy

Healing therapy is complementary medicine based on the fact that vital energy passes through the human body. For example, cupping, also known as a Hijama therapy, is effective for diseases of the lungs like asthma. In this treatment, to create suction, the therapist puts cups on the skin. It helps to ease the pain, inflammation.

It is a form of massage of deep tissues. So people get this relaxation therapy. It is Sunnah in Islam to use this therapy to get relief of diseases.

All you need to know about Hijama therapy

It is an alternative medicine type that was used in ancient times. It is used to eliminate harmful toxins from the organs of the body and body tissues. The therapist sets cups on the skin, and then suction creates, the tissues beneath the cup drawn up and cause swelling, which increases blood flow in the affected areas of the body. When body flow increased, cups attract the toxins and get them away from the tissues and organs.

In Islamic countries, Hijama therapy is recommended in the Al-Qanun Fi’l-Tibb, Canon of Medicine, to treat menstrual conditions. To follow the Daoist model of holism, cupping therapy is using in Chinese medicine. Holism believes that the systems and all their properties should be viewed together, not like a collection of parts. It is the oldest method of healing that Egyptians used in ancient times.

Following are the different types of cups that are using for Hijama therapy:

  • Suction cups
  • Wooden cups
  • Facial cups
  • Nabhi pump
  • Glass cups
  • Hijama cups

Following are the types of Hijama cupping therapy:

  • Dry Cupping
  • Wet Cupping
  • Oil Cupping
  • Fire Cupping
  • Flash Cupping
  • Deep Tissue Cupping

Indications and Contraindication of Hijama Therapy:

This therapy is directed at both kinds of people, healthy and unhealthy. Healthy patients are used to treating aging and rejuvenation purposes. We can treat some localized diseases by cupping therapy like lower back pain, knee pain, and joints pain. We can also use it to treat systemic illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes mellitus and treat skin diseases, digestive, reproductive, and some allergic conditions.

Contraindications are dislocated joints, muscle dystrophy, bleeding disorders, fractured bones, open wound ulcers, and excessive swelling.

Difference between dry and wet cupping therapy:

In this traditional treatment of dry cupping, the therapist sets a flammable substance in the cup, such as paper, alcohol, herbs, and burns it. When the fire diminishes, the cup puts on the skin in an upside-down direction. The skin raises up into the cup when the cup cools down, and a vacuum is created. In this way, the skin will get red, and blood vessels get to expand. The cup is placing for 3 minutes. This treatment includes 3-5 cups.

Wet cupping is a cup put on the skin, and blood is drawn out when skin is punctured. In addition, wet cupping helps to clear the heavy metals from the kidneys. In both techniques, round bruises appeared on your skin that will clear up after around ten days.

For which purposes Hijama therapy is beneficial

Following are the hijama therapy benefits:

  1. It helps to reduce inflammation of the organs and pain
  2. Hijama helps in the circulation of blood, by which the flow of blood improves
  3. It can use as a deep tissue massage for the relaxation purpose
  4. Cupping is an effective and safe treatment to use and also inexpensive
  5. It provides strengthens to the immune system
  6. The healing process for both localized and systemic diseases
  7. Hijama reduces anxiety and depression
  8. It helps to reduce scars and stretch marks on the body
  9. Cupping can also clear congestion and helpful for patients with asthma
  10. It can cause clearness of blockage of colon and valuable for good digestion

Who can perform Hijama Therapy?

Cupping therapy is easy to use and safe. Anyone can perform it because it is unregulated. But you must take precautions if you or your therapist did not have any training in a modality. But if you do not have any practice and do not know how to do it, you can go to a good physiotherapist. Choose a good physiotherapist or hijama specialist that have all the correct information about Hijama therapy. You can get the information about therapy methods from any Hakeem online if you want to do it yourself.

Side Effects of Cupping Therapy

Following are the side effects of cupping therapy:

  • Burns
  • Bruises
  • Skin infections
  • Mild discomfort
Hijama Therapy is a forgotten Sunnah

Hijama medication cupping therapy is an Islamic, holistic, healing, and natural treatment. Because of modern medicines and surgery, we forgot our valuable history. It is the practice of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We need to establish this practice. Allah told Prophet Muhammad about Hijama therapy and instructed him to establish this therapy among all the amazing miracles.

“I did not pass by an Angel from the Angels on the Night Journey except that they all said to me; ‘Upon you is cupping (hijama), O Muhammad'” (Sahih; Sunan Ibn Majah º3477)

It was declared the best medicine by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that:

“Cupping is the most helpful procedure for human beings to cure themselves.” (Sahih al-Bukhari º5357)

Hijama is the Islamic version of the modern cupping method. It helps to return the body to a normal state. It helps to remove acidity and create a healthy alkaline environment in the body. Natural remedy, and if you are healthy, you should practice this therapy for 2 to 4 years to maintain the body’s excellent maintenance. 


We need to use hijama therapy to eliminate the side effects of modern medicines and chemicals. We can use this treatment to treat untreatable conditions that current medication cannot treat. This treatment is inexpensive so that every person can avail of it quickly.

Hijama benefits are far more than modern treatments, so we should choose the natural treatment over current. Cupping can cause side effects such as persistent skin discoloration, scars, burns, and infections, and may worsen eczema or psoriasis.




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