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In terms of wickets taken, let’s look at some of the most popular ten players throughout all significant international formats of cricket—Tests, ODIs, plus T20Is. In terms of international formats, it is Muttiah Muralitharan who tops the list having 1347 wickets. 

The top 10 finest wicket-takers throughout all formats will be listed here. Readers can also check out separate rankings for the highest number of wickets obtained by players throughout tests and ODIs. Every cricket bowler aspires to be on this list because it will enable them to take one of the most wickets plus win many more games as a consequence of their wicket-taking. Most of them are also excellent rank holders in ICC world cup 20.

The bowlers included on this list represent some of the best international bowlers that could ever play the match of cricket. Their performances have left quite a lasting impression on the sport that all cricket supporters will never forget them. Let’s examine the top 10 cricketers in terms of wickets in international competition. 

Muttiah Muralitharan at 1347 wickets

When it comes to getting the most wickets throughout international cricket, this renowned spin bowler representing Sri Lanka is way ahead of everyone. The most wickets in each of his respective formats of cricket, 534 ODI wickets, 800 test wickets, plus 13 T20I wickets, were all taken by Muttiah Muralitharan. He has always been one of the fantastic match-winners as well as one of the best spinners. An exceptional player. 

Shane Watson at 1001 wickets

Shane Warne is indeed the Picasso when we talk about bowling, especially if it was a form of art.  Astonishingly, he has collected 708 test wickets plus 293 ODI wickets. Warne misled almost all of the batters he encountered. The fact that he’ll now retire will make the hitters sigh with relief. 

Anil Kumble at 956 wickets

Third here on the list and among India’s greatest match-winners is this champion Indian cricket team’s leg spinner. Kumble has taken 619 test wickets with 337 ODI wickets demonstrating his adaptability and versatility. 

Glen McGrath at 949 wickets

The fact that the very first pace bowler here on the list is unmistakably evidenced that he was among the best fast bowlers of all time and that his swing was breathtaking to see.  Throughout McGrath’s career, he took 549 test wickets, some 381 ODI wickets, and 5 T20I wickets. If, by any chance, this format had existed when Glenn was at his best, he might have taken more wickets overall. 

James Anderson, who has 927 wickets to his credit

Even though Jimmy Anderson remains the best recognized for his success throughout the test format, overall, his record concerning a white ball game is not as strong. He has taken 640 test wickets to date, and with his age, fitness level, and desire to participate in test cricket, Anderson will undoubtedly take more test wickets. Additionally, he has 18 wickets during T20I matches and 269 ODI wickets. 

Wasim Akram at 916 wickets

The best left-handed fast bowler that could ever play the game of cricket, with a stunning reverse swing. He outwitted the hitters throughout the test format, where he picked up almost 414 wickets, while also serving as the very Sultan of Swing there in the ODI format, where he amassed 502 wickets throughout his long career. Watching Wasim Akram was enjoyable. 

Shaun Pollock, with 916 wickets

As the first South African bowler to appear on this list, Pollock has proved to be among the finest of a long run of outstanding fast bowlers. He amassed 421 wickets throughout the test format, 393 there in the ODI format, demonstrating his excellence in both formats while also claiming 15 victims throughout the T20I format. 

Waqar Younis at 789 wickets

He was always the best and fastest bowler from Pakistan, in addition to the legendary Wasim Akram. Opposition batters also feared him because he was known to bowl practically from the boundary at speeds of over 145 kph. Throughout the most extended match format, he took 373 wickets, whereas his devastating pace forced 416 batters out in the ODI game format. 

Stuart Broad, with 780 wickets

He is arguably the one and only bowler on the list to have played across three game forms for an extended length of time while also having taken many wickets in each. He has a total of 537 wickets throughout the test format, some 178 wickets throughout the ODI format, plus 65 throughout the T20I format, among the finest totals in the world. Stuart has only played in 178 ODIs. 

Chaminda Vaas at 761 wickets

Another outstanding left-arm pace bowler representing Sri Lanka is the final bowler on this list. Vass was an extremely clever bowler who took many wickets with his cleverness. In test matches, he claimed 355 victims; in ODI matches, he claimed 400; and in some T20 matches, he dismissed six batsmen. 

The bowlers have also been creating new deliveries daily because of T20 cricket. Before, bowlers would bounce, outswing, inswing, and york the ball. But while the franchise league was established, specifically, for utilization of slower deliveries had already increased. Now, aside from the standard ball, every bowler seems to have at least two other options. In the T20 format of cricket, cutters, as well as knuckleball, had also been proven lethal weapons. Several bowlers are dominating the T20 international competition. 

Let’s not forget to mention Shakib-Al-Hasan, who collected ith 122 wickets during 104 games, this Bangladeshi team all-rounder Shakib-Al-Hasan leads the T20 league in wicket-taking. He represents the only person from Bangladesh listed. One of the top all-around players in the game right now is Shakib.

In 2006 against Zimbabwe, Shakib-Al-Hasan made his debut for Bangladesh in such a T20 match. He has been competing at the highest possible level for the past 16 years.


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