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7 Mobile Trends That Are Dominating in 2021

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There’s very little travel to be excited about in 2021, given that the country is experiencing a second wave of COVID-19. Being under lockdown also means that we dine out less and in general get out less, leaving us with very little incentive to shop for clothes and accessories.

With no travel, no shopping, no outings, and little to no actual social interaction, the spotlight is on tech to stir things up and make 2021 exciting.

Here are 7 mobile trends to explore and possibly catch on to in 2021.

Small phones with big features :

Apple played the catalyst to this trend with the iPhone SE, launched in April 2020, and the iPhone 12 Mini launched at the tail end of 2020. Now, we are witnessing other brands follow suit. Examples include the Google Pixel 4A and the Samsung Galaxy S10E, both launched towards the end of 2020. These phones also come with big features. The Google Pixel 4A, for example, comes with 6GB RAM and is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G chip.

Dart Charging is no longer premium :

About a year and a half ago, buyers had to break the bank in order to get a smartphone that boasted fast charging or dart charging. Buyers did their best; they saved up, opted for mobile exchange offers to bring down the cost, and threw in whatever card offers and discounts they could, just so that they could own a phone with dart charging capability.

However, this is a much-needed feature in today’s context, where people have grown habituated to having their phones in hand 24 x 7. Many users feel like their phones are an extension of their anatomy.

Given that our phones entertain us, are linked to our work, help us navigate, help us keep abreast with news, monitor the pandemic situation, and provide us with our only window to the world, users cannot be blamed.

Brands have risen to the occasion, and now, Dart Charging is being made available across price segments. For example, the Redmi 9i, the Redmi 9A, and the Redmi 9 Power, all priced under Rs. 10,000 come with a 10W Dart Charging feature. Similarly, mid-range Samsung mobile phones like the Galaxy M21 and the Galaxy M31 also come with 15W Dart Charging ability.

Synced homes 

This trend was picking up even prior to the pandemic and received a big boost as people began spending more time in their homes. From lighting to appliances, high-end air-conditioners, and even home security devices, people are using their mobile phones to control their home environment.

For example, new-age security cameras can be synced with your mobile phone so that you can not only view but also communicate — via a voice feature — with people at your front door or your gate, or wherever the camera is placed.

FinTech :

Mobile users across the country are showing an increasing uptake for mobile payment gateways and mobile wallets. Paytm, Google Pay, and MPesa have made payments more convenient. Mobile technology has additionally changed the investment landscape.

Now, people are able to even undertake complicated investments like stock trading from their smartphones. Many stockbrokers and finance companies have launched mobile trading apps that can be downloaded for free. Users can get trading and Demat accounts off the ground within hours via virtual verification and syncing with already existing bank accounts.

Large RAM size :

With all of these big things happening via smartphones, not to mention increased use since people are stuck at home, there is a resounding demand for large RAM sizes. Mid-range and premium phone buyers want smartphones that boast 6GB and 8GB RAM.

The most basic standard is now 4GB. People want phones that run smoothly and allow them to multitask with ease. They have no time to wait for tasks to load, and they certainly do not have the bandwidth to put up with errors like, “Sorry not enough space to complete this task”.  Since RAM determines a device’s ability to multitask with ease, having a large RAM size is now a trend.


You might not see these as commonly in Samsung mobile phones, but brands like Redmi do often pack GPUs into devices as a quick route to the young mobile user’s heart. This is because young mobile users, stereotypes aside, tend to enjoy gaming and as a result, need phones that can provide a superlative gaming experience.

A dedicated graphics processing unit is integral to a gaming-friendly phone. If you are a gaming enthusiast of any age group, you will definitely delight in this trend. One might also expect this trend to pick up as more and more school-goers get mobile phones as a means to attend virtual classes. This demographic sure does love its gaming!

Biometrics :

Finger-print readers and facial recognition attributes are also becoming pervasive in mobile devices.

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