marketing strategy for air conditioning company

marketing strategy for air conditioning company

4 Proven HVAC Marketing Strategies To Improve Online Sales Of Your Business


Running an HVAC business online and offline might be an easy job. However, running an HVAC business successfully is equally challenging. It doesn’t matter whether the economy is booming or is in recession, HVAC companies never get influenced by the market behavior. Irrespective of the market health, HVAC companies can do well if they have a good brand presence and a significant growth in conversions.

Now, the question is – if the company is a newbie or say, if the company has recently updated its business to the online mode, it may face difficulty to a great extent. However, worry not, if you are reading this particular article. It is all about how to conduct HVAC marketing online.

Take a look at the following strategies and make improvements likely in your online sales.

4 Proven HVAC marketing strategies to two-fold the increase in your business sales

  1. Local search engine marketing: Local SEO or search engine optimization makes a key base to the HVAC online business. Like other online businesses, HVAC outlets also demand a better ranking on the search engine. This is something very essential if you want your potential clients to get in touch with you whenever they make a relevant search based on your keywords.

Local SEO improves the local search results of the business. Is your business name listed on Google My Business? If yes, your next step is to make your business appear on the local search results and Google Maps.

To attain this with perfection, you have to work on certain things. First of all, you need to add authentic information related to your business. Include contact details to all your web pages, search for local directories based on your niche and enlist your name, use schema markup code, build local links to define your geographic area, generate Google reviews, and create local content based on specific keywords.

All these are required to improve your local search engine optimization and enhance your brand visibility on local searches.

  1. Start with Google Ads: Many businesses prefer running PPC ads like display ads, social media ads, and many more. We would suggest having Google Ads to generate quality leads for your business.

Remember, Google is the only platform where you will find millions of targeted audiences every day. When a potential client is looking for an HVAC service, he will go browsing on Google to find a solution to the query. Instead of going online on social media, he will type the keyword on the Google search bar to get the best results. Hence, running Google ads will be more effective than running other display ads.

Google ads keep you on the top of SERPs, giving you the reason to enjoy high ROI and excellent traffic. This is the best way to generate qualified local customer leads for your business which you can nourish for better conversions. To create an ad with perfection, make sure you include possible keywords, audience demographic, and geographic location. All these will help you to drive more sales and more calls.


  1. Don’t miss out on Google local service Ads: HVAC business needs to be prioritized locally. Instead of focusing on your global clients, find the right customers who are exactly in and around your area. They need you more than the global clientele.

To ensure driving the right audience from your local searches, create Google local service ads. The best thing about these ads is you can advertise your HVAC services within your budget.

Like other Google Ads, local service ads also appear whenever a relevant search query is made. Although these ads are hard to create, you have to put proper information to generate proper leads and improve your sales. The prominent factors of these local service ads on Google include business name, phone number, operating hours, and ratings and reviews. Based on the geographic location, the ad appears to the users.


  1. Encourage online reviews: Online reviews are very much important when you are securing your brand’s reputation online. It determines whether the brand is good for hiring services and signing contracts.

Potential clients tend to go through online reviews and recommendations before setting up a deal with the agency. Even if it is an HVAC service, they prefer browsing Google reviews or Yelp reviews to find a better understanding of the business.

Hence, having a good set of positive reviews is essential. You can ask you are happy customers to share their experiences on your online page. At the end of every service, you can send a feedback mail encouraging your customers to leave a review. In this way, you can collect a good number of positive reviews and end up building a strong reputation online.

However, just having a good set of reviews is enough. You even have an idea on how to manage them, monitor them, and reply to them wisely. Be it the positive reviews or negative reviews, you must keep track of them and respond instantaneously.


Google your HVAC business. Is it showing a high ranking on Google? If yes, you are likely to gain huge traffic, high conversions, and a good reputation in no time. Otherwise, you have to work on the search engine ranking of your site along with your online reputation to bring the optimal result.


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