10 SEO Tips to Enhance Your Magento E-commerce Website


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Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that is enabling millions of businesses to develop their e-commerce websites.

The platform, which was acquired by Adobe Inc for US$1.68 billion in May 2018, is now one of the most trustworthy and popular e-commerce platforms.

A large number of new and existing online businesses are choosing this platform and investing in professional e-commerce SEO services.

If you are considering using this platform, you will need to understand the SEO tactics to make your online business successful.

Taking the help of an expert and reliable e-commerce SEO provider can help a lot. This blog post discusses ten tips to enhance the Magento SEO tips and improve a website.

1. Update the latest version of Magento

The latest versions of Magento come with a lot of useful features and enhancements. The most recent open-source version is Magento 2.4.3-p1.

The newest version has better security, several bug fixes, improved caching and speed, superior mobile theme management, and many more enhancements.

The latest version also increases page load speed by up to 50 percent and can handle nearly 40 percent more orders at an hourly rate.

It also has a much more streamlined checkout process compared to the previous version. All the attributes result in better SEO and customer satisfaction.

2. Use HTTPS encryption and SSL Certificate

HTTPS encryption means that a website is secured and has an SSL Certificate. A secured website is a ranking factor and ranks better compared to unsecured websites with no SSL Certificate.

Many online shoppers and savvy web users look for the SSL certificate at the browser address bar.

If it has “HTTPS://” and a padlock icon, then they proceed. Investing in HTTPS encryption and an SSL certificate is the best thing one can do to secure a website and optimize the Magento website for the search engine result page.

3. Use responsive web design and optimize for mobile devices

Making a website mobile-friendly must be the norm in the present time when more than half of the traffic comes from mobile users.

To make sure that the site works well on mobile devices and personal computers use responsive web design that will adapt the site layout as per the screen size.

Take extra steps to optimize the website for mobile devices to provide the majority of visitors with an excellent user experience.

4. Optimize URLs and make them SEO-friendly

A website’s (or a web page’s) URL plays a key role in informing search engines what the site (or the page) is all about. It is also a minor ranking factor that Google uses while accessing a site’s (or a page’s) relevance to a query.

It is also necessary to optimize URLs and make them as SEO-friendly as possible to enhance user experience and make them more appealing and easy to remember for the target audience.

Users don’t like to see a URL with random letters, numbers, and stray characters. Magento enables users to optimize URLs to classify categories and products.

5. Perform thorough keyword research

The most important aspect of any SEO strategy is keyword research. It helps webmasters and digital marketers find relevant and high-quality keywords and apply them in their SEO campaigns.

To optimize your Magento website, perform keyword research. Some things are best left to experts. If possible, invest in professional e-commerce SEO services to select the best keywords for the SEO campaign.

6. Optimize meta tags

Meta tags, which include the title as well as meta description, also affect search engine rankings. Optimizing meta tags will enable a website to rank high in SERP.

Create SEO-friendly titles with the primary keyword and keep the length between 50 to 60 characters.

Add the primary keyword and a secondary keyword in the meta descriptions and keep the length between 50 to 160 characters.

7. Create original content and product descriptions

When creating content, make sure that the text is original and unique. Many e-commerce websites have similar or the same descriptions of products that sell through multi-channels. Due to duplicate content and a lack of useful product information, those websites don’t rank well.

Creating unique product descriptions and providing valuable information can help a site to appear in search engine results and attract more customers.

8. Optimize product images

Optimizing product images is a crucial aspect of SEO efforts. These enable a website to tell what the picture is all about, save on storage, and reduce its load time.

The very first thing users need to do is to select the suitable formats of images. JPEGs and JPGs are suitable compared to PNGs and other formats.

It is necessary to compress a high-definition image, which will reduce the image and pixel size but won’t affect its resolution. Finally, they should provide an alt-text to the image and include the primary keyword in it.

9. Enhance internal linking network

Internal URLs link to other web pages in a website. E-commerce websites, in particular, provide enormous internal linking opportunities. Users can interlink related product pages and can enhance their cross-selling abilities.

Internal backlinks on a Magento website enable search engine bots to crawl through the site and know the relevant pages. It will also simplify navigation and enhance the user experience.

10. Implement schema markup

Implementing schema markup will enable the website to display product information, reviews, prices, availability, and images. It will enhance the site’s visibility in SERP as well as boost its CTR.

Using SEO extensions such as SEO Suite Ultimate, SEO Toolkit, or ReloadSEO can help with the implementation of schema markup. Speaking of reviews, it is also equally important to add them as it will give credibility to the website and bolster the SEO efforts.

To summarize

Over the years, Magento has emerged as one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. With so many online businesses using it, SEO has become a necessity for every business’s success.

It is crucial for every e-commerce website built on the Magento platform to invest time and effort in SEO. Taking the help of professional SEO providers will also help a lot.


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