How to make a logo on Android app


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 How to make a logo on Android for online shop logos, companies, services, organizations, and others, you can make very easily. The logo is a very important chapter as a brand identity. People will usually see and notice your company from a logo.

 If you want to create an online shop that sells one specific item, then it is certain that the logo you will create will not be far from the image of a basket, car, motorbike, skateboard, or clothing. The same thing was done to create logos in certain service sectors.

How to make a logo on Android for an online shop or service company will be much more practical to do via a smartphone compared to making it on a PC. 

You can draw a logo anywhere when an idea comes up. But the most important thing is what Android logo maker application is right for your needs?

How to make a logo on Android

Design app Graphic Design is an Android logo maker application that has many graphic elements for creating designs. This free application is easy to use and equipped with many features and tools that are complete enough to make a logo on Android even easier. 

You can draw and create logos on canvas with many sizes up to A 4. Using icon elements, text, add brand logo templates to import SVG into the editor. And for sure, because it will be transparent or in png format.

  1. Install the Design app Graphic Design application from the Play store.
  2. Open the application then sign up to create an account.
  3. Tap the + icon to add elements. Here I am trying to add a user icon for the logo that I will create.
  4. After the icon is selected, change the color according to what you want.
  5. To add a pen stroke to the logo, you can select a text element then enter your company name or online shop name. Then tap the Add Text button.
  6. Then edit the text starting from Bold, Italic, Underscore to change the color.
  7. Don’t forget to adjust the placement by sliding it so that it looks neat and looks professional.
  8. After the logo has been successfully created it’s time to save it.
  9. Tap the three dots icon in the upper corner then tap Save & Download.
  10. Wait for the response process then tap the Save icon.
  11. Next, tap the Download Large button so that the logo is large.
  12. If you are unable to save the logo that was created into the smartphone gallery, you can open the logo in a browser by selecting View Online.
  13. After that, tap for a few seconds until the Save Image option appears.

As a jewelry tip when you create a logo on Android using the Design app Graphic Design application, you should use an internet connection via wifi or a 4G network so the process isn’t slow.

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