9 Top Latest Link Building Tools to Use in 2022


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When you start a new business, company, or organization, digital marketing is the main activity you need to make your business a success.

Whether you are a newbie in the business world or an expert, you need equally professional tools and an expert team. There are several procedures for establishing a business, including social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), graphic design, and many more.

A new business or an older one requires digital marketing. Today, strengthening your online presence is necessary because the customer is on the internet platforms.

Nowadays, there is not even a single company that doesn’t include digital marketing (content marketing, online paid campaigns, email marketing, and social media marketing practices) to make their brand famous online worldwide.

To streamline each process and procedure, it is necessary to use some software or tools to gain better results in the long run. These tools make your business and your lives easier. 

Indeed. People and prospects on the internet need branded and quality products. If you have successfully built a brand or are a brand on the market, people will easily buy products from you.

They search the search engines for the top-ranked products. Generally, you need different tools when you perform different activities for your business and its development.

Especially when we talk about SEO, link building plays an important role in keyword seeding. Hence, today we will discuss the best link-building tools that can help you build your brand well online. 

The link-building process takes time and a lot of work. A professional SEO company can help you do so, and yes, with the right strategy and a bit of patience, you definitely can do so. Let us know all the reliable SEO tools that can be used in 2022!

9 Top Latest Link Building Tools to Use in 2022

1. Ahrefs

Considered one of the best link-building tools, Ahrefs is the largest backlink index tool that can effectively carry out SEO procedures. It is the best and most used tool by SEO professionals and experts. It is a simple and easy-to-use tool, even for those with no idea about technical procedures.

In addition, it has advanced features and functionalities that can help your website to the top search ranking. It is an extremely robust keyword, and they include research tools, content strategy tools, ranking tracking, report analysis, and many more.

It also helps in facilitating and carrying out technical SEO audits. Similarly, you can also explore what your competitors are doing and follow strategies to beat them.

You can do this with the help of the Link Intersect tool. A professional SEO company in your region can help you with the Ahrefs SEO tool.

2. Buzzstream

Get more and more backlinks, organic traffic, genuine viewer coverage, and many more. It is time to say goodbye to tedious, monotonous, ineffective email and SEO procedures and get the best.

Buzzstream is one of the most preferred digital SEO tools to scale up your link-building campaigns and other marketing procedures. Professional SEO companies use this tool to actively send emails to prospects regularly.

A company can track conversations, manage multiple campaigns, and perform various activities with this tool. Businesses can shift from normal Gmail and spreadsheets to this professional or best link-building tool for SEO.

Businesses can save a lot of effort and time by getting high-quality links for their websites. One of the best things about Buzzstream is that it is a customizable tool with advanced features, and you can use them as per your website needs. In addition, it has an excellent report generation and analysis function. 

3. Linkody

Do you want a user-friendly and advanced backlink tracker? If you are looking for a user-friendly and pocket-friendly tool for your SEO process, Linkody is one of them.

Professional SEO companies have extensively used Linkody to get excellent SEO results. It has a simple and basic user interface and the best link index.

The package price is reasonable and ranges from $.15 to $.140 per month. Users can see the exact pages that are continuously getting most of the backlinks.

This feature is very useful for reverse engineering techniques and shows what is best for the website. It is the best link-building tool that any professional SEO company can use.

4. SEMrush

The name that is eminent in the world of SEO practices is SEMrush. It is an all-in-one marketing toolkit used by most marketing and SEO professionals. If you wish to have an easy backlink research procedure, SEMrush is a tool to use.

It is distinctive and well known primarily for competitor analysis, keyword research, keyword seeding, and high-quality backlinks. Additionally, there are lots more advanced tools like the Link Building feature.

Similarly, a professional SEO company can gain data on which domains the competitors have received strong backlinks.

Likewise, once you add the link or URL to the website, SEMrush generates a report with accuracy.

It also has advanced features and metrics such as categories of referring domains, backlink types (image, text, frame, form, and much more), top anchors, nations, and regions where the backlinks came from, link attributes, and more.

If you want to obtain accurate reports and keyword analysis, these functionalities are also available in the SEMrush tools. Isn’t this amazing?

5. Respona

Respona is another well-built tool to consider when performing SEO link-building procedures. It is an all-in-one blogger outreach platform with all the important tools to perform marketing.

Everything can be done in this tool effectively, from launching email campaigns to building quality links, calculating sales, and performing marketing.

If you wish to streamline your prospects and marketing procedures and metrics, you can use Respona. Likewise, it is integrated with Google’s search engine.

It helps you find the genuine prospects for your business and also helps you dig out all the information about those prospects. The Responsa interface guides you through every step. This includes guiding you through setting up a successful marketing or email campaign.

It also helps keep track of the performance and lets you understand the status of conversations between each prospect. It is one of the best link-building tools you can ever use. 

6. Majestic SEO tool

Do you want to know who links to and visits your website? The Majestic tool is the one. Majestic SEO helps map and observe the website and gather the Link Intelligence data that a business needs to dominate the niche market. Additionally, it is a budget-friendly tool.

It is considered one of the best link-building tools as it has its metrics set up, and these are Trust Flow, which determines the quality of the backlinks of web pages and websites. The more the Trust Flow score, the better quality of the links are generated. 

The Citation Flow feature determines only the number of backlinks but pays less attention to the quality. Visibility flow is used to dig out genuine and awesome high quality and stylish backlinks to improve the visibility and overall working of the website.

The last one is the topical trust flow which is a feature that determines the topical relevance in the same category. In this way, your website can get a lot of relevant content.

It is a fashionable, stylish, latest, and best SEO link-building tool for SMEs and Fortune 500 companies. You must have a strategy to make use of metrics effectively, and you can get positive results in the long run.

7. BuzzSumo

If you wish to have a top-notch content marketing strategy for your business, you can go for the BuzzSumo tool. Used by professional SEO companies, BuzzSumo is one that can create great content marketing and content curation strategies for your business.

The interesting thing is that this tool can also be used to plan SEO procedures that include keyword seeding, link building, and many more. It helps in attracting users’ attention, and also helps in increasing their engagement, and also helps them in increasing natural quality backlinks.

If you wish to know the ongoing trends in content creation, SEO, or marketing fields, you can use this tool. It can be used anytime to make your SEO and other business practices a success. 

8. Google, the search engine king

When we consider search engine and SEO practices, Google is the King forever. If you don’t have any paid SEO or marketing tools, you still have Google’s support extensively.

If you are working on building backlinks, there are several features and functionalities that you need to take care of.

These include instituting searching the title tags for words. Brackets help you put content or words in brackets, a site feature limiting the results to a specific domain.

Moreover, it has a file-type feature that gives you results for PDF, DOCX, and TXT only. Additionally, several other features and functionalities can be used to obtain better results.

Google is the king of all, and you must use Google and its tools extensively to make your SEO and marketing massive successes. It is more time-consuming and has less complicated SEO and marketing methods and tools. 

9. Link Centaur

When we practice SEO, the goal is always getting google backlinks to the website. Along with getting good quality backlinks for the website, it is necessary to index them well. If they are not indexed appropriately, all your effort will go in vain.

Many backlinking index tools are available, but the best is Link Centaur. It is a user-friendly tool.

All you need to do is create an account, set up a campaign, and just add links. You can add up to 20 backlinks per day. You’re all set now.  

Final Words

Many professional SEO companies are available to help you, but you need to do your research well and know how to use these SEO tools for a better result.

There are still more tools available for your use, and interestingly, every tool has a free basic version for 15 days or a month. You can explore all the functionalities and ultimately select the best one.


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