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Resources and Guide for learning Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

We live a fast-paced life with the similar objective of making it big in the real world. The moment one finishes their studies, they begin looking for jobs to secure a position in the market. Amidst all of the people applying for work in the corporate sector, the ones who actually get it are well-versed with the complexities of finance and its analysis.

In the courses offered by colleges and institutions, the practical know-how of the subjects seems to be missing a lot of times. Hence, students learn basic theory knowledge but lack the skills required for professional work in the industry.

This finances-related knowledge doesn’t only help in landing up at a job but also helps make better financial decisions. So, here are a few resources that can come to some use for the curious minds eager to learn the intricacies of financial analysis.

Online Financial Analysis courses

There are several websites and organizations providing online courses in finance and data analytics. These may be free or paid courses. Few of them even let one have a free trial month and continue the course on finding it informative and helpful. Coursera, Udemy, Skillfin Learning, etc. offer expert sessions with specialization in financial analysis, data analysis, business analysis, etc. These platforms could be of two kinds:

Deals with tutoring in different fields such as finance, graphics, computers, etc.

Deals purely with business and finance-related courses

These courses are aimed at creating a strong base for accounting, finance, investments, and business valuation. The course is done in modules with tutorials and lectures spread across the program. They have qualifications upon completion of the course and assist in the creation of solid resumes and CVs.

Excel Courses

Reading, processing, and evaluating business data in the best possible way necessitates technical expertise.  Excel is used across countries for serving this purpose. It’s a versatile tool that, when used correctly, yields excellent performance. There are online and offline courses available to learn Excel and the various features it is equipped with. These are usually short modules working with computer-aided methods.

Since the technology keeps getting better and updates are made on a daily basis, a lot of new functions are added. Keeping track of the same and being mindful of ever-changing functionality is helpful.

Presentation Skills

The business world is a fast-paced environment where everybody needs to be noticed. In order to do the same, it is important to have a strong personality with a voice loud enough to be heard. The financial and data analytics needs to be presented to higher authorities. This means the presentation should be clear giving a detailed view of the data interpreted.

Courses with industry experts help learn how to make impactful presentations. They teach the fundamentals as well as give exercises to test the learnings. In addition to that, there are courses by professionals that deal with personality development, soft skills improvement, communication skills, etc.

Books on finance

Books have always been the go-to tools when it comes to learning. In this field too, there are several books written by financial analysts and experts. A few of them are The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham and George Soros’ The Alchemy of Finance.

These are done in utter detail and one can go through them thoroughly in their own time. They come as an aid to practical learning and can be used as a reference or completely self-help finance books.

Other than hard copies being sold in the markets, there are several e-books and papers published on digital media. These can be downloaded as softcopy and used similarly. Various sites for the same are AccountingTools, CorporateFinanceInstitute, Researchgate, etc.

Blogs by Finance analysts

It is still preferable to learn from others who have excelled at what they do. There are several people from the industry who regularly write for blogs and keep updating the situation in the market. They have a closer view of the stuff going and the skills needed. Their insight on these things can prove very helpful and help in better understanding.

Look for the credibility of these experts, follow them, subscribe to their blogs or websites, and stay updated with whatever they are posting. Several organizations and training providers have connected with these experts and offer them a platform to share their work with the learners.

Training Centres

Other than the multiple online platforms, there is still a vast majority of people opting for offline courses in classroom scenarios. They offer real-time projects and have a direct connection with the pupils. In choosing the best training center, go with the ones that offer CFA degrees.

Though it is not allowed by institutions other than the Indian Association of Investment Professionals (IAIP). They are only authorized to give a Chartered Financial Analyst degree. But the number of reputed training providers is increasing with good placement and ranks.

These offer tactical skills along with a competitive edge. The real-time exposure helps gain an idea of how things happen in current scenarios.

Courses by bank institutions

There are several training programs offered by banking and investment institutions. They have tie-ups with institutions and experts to provide in-depth knowledge of the functioning of these organizations. These are mostly done by bulge bracket banks.

Their courses are very diverse with various specializations relating to different aspects of these banking institutions. Finance modeling, economics, trading, and investing are a few of them. This knowledge will keep them up to date as well as making contacts.

Company data for Finance Analysis

Amidst all of the above-mentioned resources, the one common resource is company data and examples to practice upon. They could be difficult to find as companies don’t publish their data publicly but there are several practice papers and preparatory guide books that consist of similar examples.

Solving such problems along with a good hold on mathematics can help go a long way.

The resources available for learning financial analysis are huge so make the decision wisely and become financially independent.



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