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Keep an eye on kids by tracking their mobiles

Every parent these days want to track kids and want to keep an eye on their cell phone activities to the fullest. The digital security of children is necessary these days. They are unaware of the dangers of the Wild West web. Parents are insecure because of stranger’s dangers and inappropriate activities of kids on cellphone installed social media apps and browsers. Therefore, parents want to protect kids by tracking their mobiles.

Now the question arises, is it possible for parents tracking kid’s mobile devices to safeguard them online by keeping an eye on them secretly.

How to track a phone to keep an eye on kids?

You can keep an eye on kids by tracking their mobile phones connected to cyberspace using the mobile tracker.

You can use it to monitor and track kids’ online activities, but you have to choose one of the best cell phone tracking apps in the business these days. Mobile devices have become advanced and coming up with the latest OS versions. So, you have to have a kind of tool that discovers every activity on the cellphone connected to cyberspace. 

Choose the best mobile tracker using the following steps:

  • There are certain things that you need to consider for the mobile tracker. You have to know about the following things about the best mobile tracker software.
  • You have to consider following things on a cell phone monitoring app you cannot monitor the target cellphone device properly.
  • Feature-rich phone tracker
  • Easy to install on the target device
  • Compatible with latest OS versions of cellphones
  • Remain hidden and undetectable on the target device
  • Secure web control panel to navigate tracking features

How to choose the best cellphone tracker?

You need to go to the official webpage of the cellphone monitoring software.  Subscribe to TheOneSpy for getting your hands on the best tracking app for cellphones. Get physical access to the kid’s phone and start the installation process. Further, complete the activation process and log in to the web control panel by using credentials.

You can activate the following features for tracking the mobile devices of your kids secretly and remotely.

Best TheOneSpy Features to keep an eye on kid’s mobile

Live screen recording

Users can record live mobile screens and record short videos of the cell phone screen using screen recorder software. Users can watch live videos of the phone screen and keep an eye on the kid’s phone. You can perform tracking of mobiles and get to know what kids are doing on the phone screen.

Social media messenger spy

IM’s chat spy is one of the best tools to monitor and watch social messenger’s logs. You can monitor text messages, chat, media, voice, and video call logs. Further, save the data to the dashboard.

Surround recorder

Users can record surroundings by keep control over the cellphone microphone. You can record and then listen to the surrounding voices, chat, sounds, and many more.

GPS location tracking

Parents can get to know about the hidden whereabouts of the kids when they are hanging out with friends at nowhere. Users can track live GPS location, location history, and route map and create a fence around a certain place on MAP and get a notification.

Record calls

Users can record live mobile phone calls incoming and outgoing using call recording software. Further, send the data of the calls to the web control panel. You can download the call data at any point in time by using an online dashboard.

Read messages

Parents can track kid’s cell phone devices connected to cyberspace and read sent and received messages using text messages tracking software.

Why do parents need to keep an eye on kid’s cellphones?

Internet, cellphone access, and social media apps and websites have made parents insecure about kid’s online safety. They want to safeguard kids from online predators, like cyberbullies, stalkers, and sexual predators. Further, parents want to prevent kids from inappropriate activities, like exposure to porn, online dating, and drug abuse. That’s why parents are reluctant enough to keep an eye on kids.


TheOneSpy mobile tracker is the best tracking app for mobile phones that enable parents to keep an eye on kid’s cellphone activities to the fullest.



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